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Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs by Sharon Sakson
Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs

Abbyraffles, August 10, 2009

Had me breathless
By Maureen "Maureen" (Pemberton)I got this book for Christmas. I didn't intend to read it right away, but once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. The stories were some of the most well-written stories I've ever encountered, and I read a lot. It turned out to be full of things I never knew; I never knew there is a patron saint of dogs. I never knew the Aztecs believed in the healing power of dogs and raised their own breed. I had heard vague stories about dogs detecting cancer, but this book laid it out and explained the whole thing. Turns out that even though scientists like their airplanes swept by bomb-sniffing dogs, they won't believe those same dogs can tell doctors which sample contains bladder cancer or lung cancer. So doctors like the ones at the Pine Street Clinic don't get funding for their projects, which could save all of our lives!
My family gave me this book because they know my favorite writer is Temple Grandin. She recommends this book. I could see why. It is clearly written, as her books are, and every story is backed up with scientific evidence. Reading about how devoted these dogs are to their owners, how concerned they were every day about telling the owner if they were going to have a seizure or if they detected cancer or even just comforting the owner with their presence almost made me cry. Why do dogs do that? We are not always that nice to them.
If you like dogs, you'll like this book.

By New Jersey Mom (New Jersey)
Everyone by now is familiar with stories of the amazing powers of therapy dogs: the old person in the nursing home whose blood pressure drops when they pet a visiting dog; the frightened child in the hospital who is willing to endure a painful treatment with a dog by her side; the abused or autistic child that will talk to a dog when they won't open up to an adult. But this book on the "healing power of dogs" goes far far beyond that.

Ranging across time and culture, Sharon Sakson, in her engaging and lively style, tells stories that seem almost too amazing for belief. Except that she documents them with the hardest possible scientific evidence. If you are one of those people who believe that the bond between human and dog is far more profound than the word "pet" can ever convey, then this is the perfect book for you. And even if you're a person who places dogs in the same category as goldfish, but you enjoy a fascinating well-told story, you'll enjoy this book tremendously.

This book is surprisingly good. The new discoveries about dogs are fascinating. I loved the stories about ordinary dogs who love their owners so much they are able to figure out when something is wrong with them, like the dogs who alert to seizures or migraines, and the dogs who detect cancer in breath or urine samples at a rate better than any known test. This book makes you think, again and again, Aren't dogs wonderful? They give us so much. I started reading this book and couldn't put it down. I'm giving it to all my dog loving friends for Christmas. And let's face it, any book recommended by Temple Grandin has got to be good. She is the goddess of all dog writing.

By C. J. Jones "CJ Jones" (San Jose, CA)
To be honest with you, I thought it would be much like the other books out there that talk about the wonderful ways that animals affect our lives; which is great. I thought I'd read a chapter last night, then maybe another tonight etc. Well, once I started to read it, I couldn't stop. It is a great book!! My one chapter tonight plan; well, I finally had to stop so I could get to bed or I wouldn't have gotten up for work this morning. I am about half way through the book already. It is a great book!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Paws to Read this Book!
By Emily L. Derby "dog lady"
I just recently completed this book and was positively amazed at its power. Once I picked it up, I found myself sneaking around so that I would be able to read it uninterrupted. The content blends little known information on dog history and lore with the most awesome stories. I indeed believe that to be able to draw the audience into the words on the page is a gift and Ms. Sakson is certainly gifted. I laughed at some of the stories, smiled and of course, shed a tear at some of the other "tails" that were shared. When I reached the end of the book, I looked for more pages, but there were not any. I am always able to tell the best books whenI am left wanting more and I was looking!

5.0 out of 5 stars A book for all dog lovers, May 28, 2008
By Neil S. Plakcy "Neil Plakcy" (Hollywood, FL) -
This was really an amazing book-- I learned so much about dogs and how much they can help us. Sharon Sakson makes the science understandable, and her ability to get you into the lives of people and their dogs is just amazing. Truly a book I couldn't put down.

Neil Plakcy, author of Mahu Fire: A Hawaiian Mystery

5.0 out of 5 stars So warm, so touching--you'll be saddened when it ends, March 5, 2008
By Jeri Nevermind "loves to read" (Idaho)
This review is from: Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs
What a wonderful book! The writing is great, and it blends heart tugging stories about the love between owners and their dogs with interesting snippits from scientific studies. There are also entertaining stories about dogs and their connection with people throughout history.

Ever heard of St. Roch? Turns out he is the patron saint of dogs. He was starving to death when a dog began to bring him loaves of bread.

I expect everyone who reads the story of Toaster, the Mexican hairless who learned to warm and comfort a handicapped woman, will fall in love with him.

Really, unless you have a heart made of stone you will love this book.

Neema -
This review is from: Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs
I bought it as part of my research into Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy and it has been such an inspiration! The author has found so many wonderful true stories about dogs and people who are really making a difference, and she writes about them is such a beautiful way. Dogs do not receive enough credit for all the ways in which they help humans, from detecting cancer and warning their owners of seizures to helping abused children though their ordeals in court and providing comfort to people in institutions. I now talk about this book with everyone I meet!

By Ms. Leila M. Anichini-downen (Byram NJ USA)
This review is from: Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs
I savored every moment of this book. Sharon Sakson enthusiam for her subject comes trough and makes the pages fly. Parts of it almost read like a triller-- you can't wait to find out what happen next. She combines a ton of fascinating research with wonderful storie of incredible dogs. The book isn't exactly was I expetect-I thought it would be a bunch of stories about therapy dgs. but it is much more than that. It is engagingly written and the information is so interesting that it turns out to ba a book you can't put down.
She does a great job of making the scientific information interesting and useful. it is all so interesting and some time surprising, that I was never bored, even though I thought I knew plenty on this subject.
And if you like this book, you should really go back and read her first book, Paws & Reflect: A special Bond Between man and Dog. some of the stories are Hilarious.Ans so well-written

astounding, June 20, 2009

This book initiated a paradigm shift in my way of thinking about dogs and their abilities. Far from "dumb" pack animals, the anecdotes recounted by Ms. Sakson reveal dogs as highly sensitive to the physical and mental states of humans. She details a cognitive world dissimiliar from our own, yet wonderfully delicate and precise in its own way. I was particularly impressed with the canine capacity to detect various physical ailments,--in many cases long before available advanced scientific methods. This is a good read for both those who love and those who are rather indifferent to the canine species. I suggest it highly!
Peter SanPaolo
Foxcroft Borzoi
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Paws to Protect: Dogs Saving Lives and Restoring Hope by Sharon Sakson
Paws to Protect: Dogs Saving Lives and Restoring Hope

Abbyraffles, November 7, 2008

I learned so much from reading this wonderful book. The stories of dogs from World War I and World War II illustrate the hardships of those wars. Stubby the Pit Bull protected his troops in France in WWI. Smoky the Yorkshire Terrier helped build an airstrip in the Pacific in WWII. A really caring soldier rescued a Dalmatian from Dalmatia during the Serbian-Bosnia War. The Vietnam veterans have done so much to make the army treat their dogs like soldiers, not spent bullets. There is so much heroism in this book, I can read it again and again.
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Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs by Sharon Sakson
Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs

Abbyraffles, November 7, 2008

This book is fantastic. It's about dogs just like yours who emotionally support their owners and also let them know when something is wrong with their health. It's also about the amazing things some dogs can do, like tell their owners they have cancer and get them to the doctor long before any known laboratory test or xray can pick up on the fact that the person has cancer. Other dogs know when their owners are going to have a heart attack or seizure and warn them well in advance to take their medicine and lie down.
The story about Fluffy, the Iraqi dog who switched sides and started guarding American soldiers, is so touching.
I thought I knew a lot about the healing power of dogs, but this book taught me 99% more. It's also really fun to read, with a lovely style.
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Brussels Griffons (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals) by Sharon R. Sakson
Brussels Griffons (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

Abbyraffles, November 7, 2008

Probably the best book on any breed. There is so much information here that is specific to the little Brussels Griffon, such a wonderful, intelligent breed. This author covers everything you really would want to know, even how to catch them if they runaway, why they rub their faces in pillows, how to teach them, just tons of information you are not going to get from anyone except a real expert in the breed. If you have any interest at all in this breed, you should buy this book. I have all the books written on this breed, and this is the best one.
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Paws and Reflect: Exploring the Bond Between Gay Men and Their Dogs by Neil Plakcy and Sharon Sakson
Paws and Reflect: Exploring the Bond Between Gay Men and Their Dogs

Abbyraffles, January 22, 2007

This book is funny, sweet, heartwarming, hysterical, and rambunctious. You'd think that you'd know what to expect in a book of stories about men and their dogs, and yet each story contains some kind of a surprise. Not to mention the big surprises, like how his brother's dog convinced a guy to be honest about being gay, or how the guy in the last story figured out how to housebreak a Dachshund who seemed to hate him. There are also lots of small surprises, like how a series of Beagles adopted from Beagle rescue gave one man the determination to go on living, because they had soldiered on despite abuse and painful lives. Or how the host of an Animal Planet show believes in "pets in pairs" because species need their own species. Or how Edward Albee, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright for his honest, nasty, turn-you-inside-out plays, is actually a softhearted schmutz when it comes to his dogs. There are many things in these stores that make a person paws and reflect.
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