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Menagerie #1: Menagerie by Rachel Vincent
Menagerie #1: Menagerie

Debbie Haupt, October 5, 2015

Wow pretty much sums up this debut in a new dark fantasy/adult fairytale series for #1 NYT bestseller, Rachel Vincent. She drew me immediately into her improbable yet vibrant and convincing dystopian domain, where she spins a timely, brutal morality tale of ethnic cleansing and forced slavery with a definite holocaust feel. She acquainted me with a stable of sentient mythological beings from many societies not just Greek and Roman and spellbound me with a masterful narrative that’s frightening and beautifully eloquent. Her portrayal of her strong, courageous and tragic star, Delilah is amazing, and her enigmatic handler, Gallagher is a true mystery. Her carnival captives are humbling and her other co-stars, good, evil and indifferent ring breathtakingly true. I love the brilliant light of hope she puts in such a devastating pit of despair and that she leaves some questions unanswered. I can’t wait for book two.

In a world that’s become intolerant of its non-human species where at best they’re carnival freaks, at worse bait in a safari type game park or forgotten in the bowels of a government asylum, small town, girl-next-door, Delilah Marlow visits Metzger’s Traveling Menagerie for her 25th birthday. When she witnesses the brutal mistreatment of a juvenile werewolf in their custody something monumentally monstrous happens and she suddenly goes from patron to prisoner, from a trusted citizen to abhorred mutant. Believing her whole life she’s human, ignorant as to how she transformed or what she is beneath her human facade and now herself a caged act in the Menagerie, Delilah must learn to choose her battles carefully and learn who is an ally and who is her enemy. She’s determined to escape and to help her fellow captives, and just hopes she’s strong enough to survive whatever her captors and fate have in store for her.
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Lick (Stage Dive Novel) by Kylie Scott
Lick (Stage Dive Novel)

Debbie Haupt, November 18, 2014

First don't let the genre header up there scare you this is NOT Erotica, it's steamy yes but it's very Tame for e-rom.
Second it's a MUST READ for all New Adult Fans which is the correct genre that should be listed

What happens when; what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas?
What was supposed to be an exciting trip to Vegas to celebrate her 21st birthday turns Evelyn Thomas’ life upside down when upon waking up in her hotel room hung-over, not remembering the night before she finds herself married to Rock-N-Roll’s favorite son. And feeling like Alice down the looking-hole all of a sudden this nobody coffee house worker is paparazzi fodder.
David Ferris might be a famous rock star but all he really wants is a good woman who really gets him and who won’t take him for granted. He thought he found love at first sight in a totally sexy fascinating package in Evelyn even if she is a country music fan. Until his heart breaks the next morning when he realizes she doesn't remember him, their getting married or anything from the night before.
After clearing a few of their personal hurdles they decide to give their marriage a try and that’s when all hell really breaks lose.

Kylie Scott’s debut for her Stage Dive series may be classified New Adult but will attract fans from many genres. Her illuminating and at times profound narrative flows beautifully is a fantastic mix of humor and drama but does contain a fair amount of timely expletives. The stars are a vulnerable under his steel façade lead guitarist and a bold barista who is much older than her years. The rest of the band make the perfect co-stars and give readers hints to future tales. The romance is perfectly imperfect and very believable, especially the paparazzi following a totally unprepared Evelyn. The love scenes are sensual, exciting and sizzling.
This is the first Kylie Scott novel I’ve read but I know it will not be my last.
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A Home for Christmas by Deborah Grace Staley
A Home for Christmas

Debbie Haupt, November 15, 2014

Start a new Christmas tradition by reading Deborah Grace Staley’s A Home for Christmas. It’s not new, published in 2004, but it will become a favorite read for many Christmases to come.
Welcome to Angel Ridge Tennessee a place where it’s said that miracles happen on Christmas Eve. Come and witness just such a miracle. Big city doctor Janice Thornton longs for a home and the love of a family she’s long been denied. Angel Ridge’s own Blake Ferguson has the loving parents and siblings but longs for a family of his own. Can these two seemingly opposites set aside their fears and find that Christmas Miracle?

Deborah gives us a yuletide novel filled with great characters, characters that you’ll come to care about, find yourself cheering on, crying and laughing with. She’s a talented storyteller, which becomes apparent as she spins her holiday tale. Her love story is sweet and touching with a hint of old fashioned chivalry and morals that I find refreshing. Is it sappy, you bet. Will you need tissues, most definitely. Will you put it on a shelf and revisit it every holiday season, without a doubt.
So light the fire, heat up the cocoa and in between viewings of It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street, wrap the blanket around you and settle in to enjoy yet another Holiday Tradition in A Home for Christmas
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A Christmas Hope
A Christmas Hope

Debbie Haupt, November 14, 2014

Nora Conners left Linden Corners NY years ago with stars in her eyes and dreams on her horizons. Now with the stars faded and the dreams that didn’t come true, she’s come home with her son in tow. Not for a visit, she’s staying and the former attorney’s gone into the antique business and she’s got her first customer and a big job to do for him.
Thomas Van Diver’s come home to Linden Corners too, he’s been gone for all but five of his 84 years. But he’s back with a promise to find a memory and perhaps some of the innocence of childhood that he knew here. He’s here to find a certain Christmas book, a very special edition of a certain Christmas book and he’s hoping that Nora can help him find it.

The funny thing about Linden Corners is that Christmas is a special time here where the residents tilt at windmills, believe in fate and most of all believe and take care of each other. Nora and Thomas have secrets, losses and hopes and in Linden Corners NY might just be where they find what they’re searching for.
If I had to choose one word to describe Joseph’s Pittman’s town and residents it would be Americana. Thank God I don’t have to choose because then I couldn’t tell you that no one depicts small town America quite like him. Where the characters quirky and conventional alike shine like no others. Where hope reins supreme as he once again gives readers a Christmas tale full of love, loss, and hope. We not only get to reunite with the characters he’s introduced us to but we meet some new and wonderful folks who’ve come to different yet equally important forks in their road through life who’re changed dramatically by this community of caring and committed residents. If you’re looking for a feel good novel, your look is over. Mr. Pittman, I can’t wait until your next tale from bucolic Linden Corners.
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The Rogue by Claire Delacroix
The Rogue

Debbie Haupt, November 13, 2014

This is for the audible and kindle editon
Five years ago Ysabella gave her love to Merlyn of Ravensmuir, she knew the rumors, she heard the whispers but he somehow just moved her, it didn’t take long for him to show his true colors, his true nature so Ysabella left Ravensmuir and left “The Rogue”. Merlyn has always had to live down the reputation set by his father, he wants to be known as an honorable man, but it’s hard to do especially when your own wife doesn’t believe you. Well it’s been five long years without her, and now he needs her, he still has deep feelings for her and it’s now or never because someone wants to silence “The Rogue” forever.
You know there are so many great contemporary romances out there that I sometimes forget just how passionate historical romance can be, and this author is the Queen of historical romance as far as I’m concerned. It takes a certain kind of magic to describe to a media savvy world the interior of a 12th Century keep, to make her readers use their imagination when picturing characters of that era and no one does it better than Ms. Delacroix. So it’s very fortunate we are that her Ravensmuir series is being re-released for the Kindle right now with the cover that shows Merlyn as the rogue he truly is. She takes us to her imaginary castle in a real Scotland at a long ago time, she gives us a history text book worthy plot, with Oscar worthy characters. The first thing you’ll notice is the antiquated dialogue that fits right in with the times and which shows off effectively her history background. She introduces us to her historically accurate men, women and children she showcases the hard life, the cruelty but she shows us that even in the mean old middle ages love still not only survives but conquers all. Her hero and heroine are head butting, one moment and cleaving to each other the next, does it work, you bet it does. Her romance is of second chances, my favorite, it’s sweet while at the same time heady and innocence mixed with potent sexuality. The love scenes are daydream like and impressionistic and then she’ll hit us up side the head with in your face earthy, visceral action, but she does shade it with innuendo and adult language and it won’t offend any true romance lover.
If you’ve forgotten the allure of historical romance or if you just want to fall in love again with the old fashioned kind of knight and lady then come back to Ravensmuir, come back to Scotland, come back to “The Rogue” and come back to Clair Delacroix. You’ll be glad you did.

Audible Exclusive
The Narrator, Ashley Klanac is wonderful. Her voice is soothing and strong and she varies it perfectly for the different characters and inflections. I was especially excited to hear some of the word pronunciations that escaped me when I read the book.
The audible experience is a richer more involved feeling. You feel like you’re actually in the scene with the characters. If you haven’t read The Rogue this is a fantastic way to experience it the first time and if you’ve already had the pleasure of these character’s company it’s a fabulous way to reacquaint with them. I highly recommend this.
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