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Already Gone by John Rector
Already Gone

FNORDinc, October 28, 2011

John Rector has brought a very strong novel to the table and put it down in front of you. You should be picking up what he is putting down.

Before picking up this novel, grab an industrial fan and place it in front of you facing away. When the novelized shit hits it, you will minimize the blow-back you experience.

Within five pages of the opening, the ring finger of Jake Reese has been forcibly removed by a pressure instrument that is not intended to be used for surgery. Bolt cutters, normally tasked to leveraging solid metal into separate pieces, had no trouble going through the bone and flesh of Jake’s finger. Jake goes home to his wife, with his wallet intact, and his pride scuffed, and in a terrible amount of confused pain. What the heck just happened, why was it “Nothing personal” as the attacker stated while walking away.

Rector’s “Already Gone” just gets better from there. I will not summarize anything further, in fear I could introduce spoilers.

What I can advise is that I was kept rabidly interested, a captive audience from cover to cover. Mystery/Thrillers of this kind have a high risk of coming off as heavy handed; they risk a big opening and poor closing; they risk formulaic story lines. This book has surpassed all the risk and achieved all of the reward that a hard hitting story aspires to. It is solid beginning to end.

I doubt that this book will become a best seller immediately, heck, there are so many books on the market that it could never achieve this status. I have high hopes though and I believe this is going to be a sleeper hit. Get in on the ground floor and read it early. Ensure that you are one of the cool people on the cutting edge of excellent fiction. After all, reading is a popularity game, right? You want to be cool…

Highly suggested!

This book was provided to me free by the publisher (thank you!)
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Dove Season by Johnny Shaw

FNORDinc, October 22, 2011

In the first of (and hopefully a grip of) the “Jimmy Veeder Fiasco’s”, Jimmy is called back to his home town when his father announces he has terminal cancer and no further options. He travels back to the 100+ degree heat to spend time with “Pop” and help get things in order.

Jimmy has been away from the Imperial Valley of California over a decade. He went to college, traveled the world, and planned no further into the future than a week. He was generically content with his life, even if he was not what people would call happy. It doesn’t matter though. Desert folk can move to a city, travel the world , or settle down with a chica up north, but will always have the desert inside them.

Jimmy finds out very quickly that nothing has changed since he left El Centro and the Imperial area. The border is still malleable, Mexicali is still someplace that should cause a grown man to stay out of the shadows, and even though he thought he left his life behind, it was waiting or him when he came back.

As described on the back of the book, things get a bit upside down when Pop asks Jimmy to locate him a Mexicali prostitute by the name of Yolanda. Respecting his privacy on the issue, Veeder does not ask questions. Instead he enlists the help of long time friend Bobby to head south of the boarder and track down Yolanda.. If a dying man wants a prostitute found, you find her, regardless of the specifics… Regardless of the lengths a person must go to or the consequences of ones actions…

Johnny Shaw’s title for this book is fantastically metaphoric. Dove Season is the time of year when small game hunters break out the guns en-masse and kill the universally recognized “bird of peace” by the tens of thousands. Peace is sometimes more like a flying rodent than an innocent (and often naive) ideal. This novel chronicles Veeder’s own “Dove Season” as he re-immerses in desert life and puts the hurt on his inner peace (and a few a**holes) for the betterment of himself and everyone he knows.

People who enjoy excellent fight scenes, a reasonable amount of manly introspection, and booze should check this out. It is like being sucker punched in the tentative tequila-queasy stomach while you sit on the back porch having one of those alcohol driven “honest talks” with a best friend.

-- FNORDinc dot com

(This review was based off a free copy of the book.)
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T2: Rising Storm
T2: Rising Storm

FNORDinc, October 2, 2011

The war between man and machine begins, but you don’t need to wait till the apocalypse to rock to your favorite jams.

As not-seen-on-tv, Harper Entertainment presents a special 2002 throwback collection: all the greatest hits of the Terminator saga all in one place! T2: Rising Storm features the best in contemporary junk sci-fi with hits from S.M. Stirling, and homage paid back to James Cameron and William Wisher, key-masters of the Terminator universe!

Bringing back hits from the 80′s and 90′s, T2: Rising Storm includes classics such as:

* No fate but that we make.
* You sent your dad from the Future to save your mom and impregnate her before dying so you can be born so you can send your dad back into the past to impregnate your mom….. how does that work again?
* Run Run Run Run Run, Locate bigger firepower! Run Run….
* Your face is blown halfway off, and I can see your metal skull
* Life is like a dark highway..

Also included are new and improved Terminator universe hits, remastered and returned to the public in high definition:

* Your voice sounds like someone I know but I shouldn’t trust you because you might be a robot.
* My mother’s in a psych-ward and I’m chillin’ with Conan the Barbarian.
* I hang out with my mom a lot not because I want to but because I don’t have any friends.

But that’s not all. There’s more! New material is available. New, never before released and right at your finger tips in this collected masterwork:

* John Connor gets a girlfriend and Mom doesn’t like her.
* Oh NOES! Robot controlled killer seals!
* And more!

Don’t pass this deal by!

Order now while supplies last! The first five hundred orders will include a home Terminator in your choice of three different colors. (Introductory participation plan expires in 2002, Check local laws and statutes regarding ownership of future robotic hunter/killer devices.

-- FNORDinc
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T2: Infiltrator by S M Stirling
T2: Infiltrator

FNORDinc, March 21, 2011

I love when authors are handed either a deal too good to pass up or are needing some extra barbecue cash, and take up the mantle of authorship to write crappy movie adaptation books. Piers Anthony wrote the novelization of ‘Total Recall’ (based on the PK Dick short), Orson Scott Card novelized ‘The Abyss’.. and apparently S.M. Stirling wrote a trilogy of Terminator Universe novels.

I picked up T2 Infiltrator for a two dollars at Goodwill. Anyone who knows me is aware that I really think Stirling is a bad writer. I like his plot lines and a lot of characters, but in general, I find that his books piss me off more than they are enjoyed, they drag on and are soooo soooo soooo heavy handed.. In this case, I thought, ‘hey, its Stirling, I should give it a shot. Worst expected scenario is that it would be hum drum and just pass some time’. Turns out that it was a damn good book.

Knowing that time is elastic, and apt to revert to it’s original shape, SkyNet’s goal is now to work in the background. It’s primary goal is to bounce the time line back to its original shape. To do this, SkyNet needs a more malleable and versatile tool. In the future, SkyNet is building a new terminator (go figure, right?), this one is grown in a captured slave human’s womb. It is born and immediately surgically implanted with gear, grown in spurts via chemicals, and given constant combat training. A permanent mental connection/lifeline to the SkyNet system to ensure an addiction to the computer “mother’.

This new Infiltrator model’s (the I-950) biggest problem is emotions. Drugs, surgery, and training have removed most of these obstacles, but these pesky emotions are actually why the Infiltrator was created. If you cant feel, you cannot successfully infiltrate. Humans have a tendency to be able to notice unfeeling machines. The trouble is making sure that the Infiltrator can be aware of emotion, but still hold true to it’s design.

The book starts off very slow, but the background info is needed. Picking up right after the end of the 2nd movie, Cyberdyne has been blown to hell and back and is burning rubble. Dyson’s family is torn up at the loss of their father/husband/brother. The Connor mother/son have disappeared to South America. It speeds up though, and gets difficult to put down within a reasonable period of time.

Book 2 and 3 are in the mail to me, I suppose I can say I like Stirling a lot better when he is writing under someone else’s initial premise, as opposed to his own. The book has been crafted in a way that makes none of the existing plot lines incorrect, this helped with my opinion.

One annoyance - It is hard to “Suspend disbelief” when things hit so close to reality.. see the below for an example.

Based on this book, all it takes to hide a killing machine from the future is to:

1. put it in a pleasantly shaped female body
2. teach it to use sex as a weapon
3. make it manipulative and cold
4. teach it to ignore it’s emotions unless they prove useful
5. make sure that it knows how to convincingly employ ‘small talk’
6. assume it is always right and that its desires are predestined;

I have to wonder.. Is nearly every woman I ever met a robot/cyborg out to kill mankind?

-- FNORDinc
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Pink Carbide by E. S. Wynn
Pink Carbide

FNORDinc, March 14, 2011

Cyberpunk has traveled a long beautiful road, but most people who have ridden it are too plugged in to even notice the scenery. Normally, when the layman is looking out the window, the cyberpunk enthusiast is either jacked into a device or dreaming of jacking into a device…. of which both perspectives sound very perverted.

Informatics has made great leaps, especially in the area of machine/human interaction. Gone are the days of simple calculation enhancement via abacus. The overly complex arithometer is a thing of the past. Our Bandai Tomagotchi digital pets have all died, been buried, and are taking a thousand hours to decompose in the landfill. The Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator that my high school friends most commonly reprogrammed to use as a TV remote has been replaced with complex cellphone Apps.. Skipping ahead to later next generations.

Pink Carbide, E.S. Winn’s opening novel to his self titled trilogy, takes place in the twenty-second century (the 2160′s to be more precise). Cylea launches the novel in a dance club, her technologically enhanced flesh is pulsating to the beat the electronic music, tunes that our time is not yet media saturated enough to appreciate. A man walks into the bar, his liver filtration enhancements not functioning properly, as he gets drugged from the chemical enhanced air. He locates Cylea and approaches her. Dancing around him, she interfaces directly with the port on the man’s head, and prepares to transfer the goods. Then she learns he is FBI, and bolts for the door, heading for a safe house.

What follows is a strange amalgam of action and sci-fi. The Protagonist, Cylea is caught in a web of situations which cause her to question who and WHAT she actually is. By the end of the novel, you are amped and curious as to what will occur next. Cylea, is overflowing with Badassitude in one moment, a sniveling broken woman the next. To her credit, I would be far worse off if i were physically beat-down as badly as she is throughout.

Fans of Cyberpunk fiction will have a high probability of enjoyment here. It is well worth the time invested in reading. Look into adding this to your “Should be read” piles.

-- FNORDinc
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