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Kenda Montgomery has commented on (34) products.

In Her Bed by Deborah Macgillivray
In Her Bed

Kenda Montgomery, June 2, 2007

Ms. MacGillivray?s breathtaking debut, A Restless Knight, took the romance shelves by storm, captivating historical romance fans everywhere. What began in book one of the Dragons of Challon series carries on in fine tradition in this second installment. With Longshanks securing a deadly grip on the throat of Scotland, can the brave family of knights continue to find a place amongst the precarious hills and fey, mythical lore?

Aithinne Ogilvie is in dire need of a man. Tasking her brothers with the duty of securing her one, she?s still surprised at the glorious man she finds in her bed. Unwilling to be any man?s pawn, she will do what is necessary to secure the safety of her lands and the people depending on her. For seven nights of the waxing moon, she must lie with him and get with child. Only then will she be ale to deflect the rampaging fury that is the English as well as increasing attention from unwanted suitors. When she learns the man?s identity though, she knows he can never love her, for she knows his heart already belongs to another.

Damien St. Giles grows weary of lusting after a woman who will never be his. Though he is happy for his cousin, Damien?s dreams tell him the woman his cousin is to marry should be his own. Wallowing in misery, and in his cups, he is ill prepared to fend off the good-natured cajoling of three mysterious lads. When he awakens, he finds himself chained to a bed. What ensues is the most wondrous experience he?s ever had with a woman, a woman he sees the next day looks shockingly like the woman of his dreams. As their encounters escalate, he begins to realize he just might have found his true place. Can he convince her that he will do anything to see her protected and will his place by her side be enough to ensure that protection? Longshanks is ever a cruel and crafty ruler and one can never know exactly how he will proceed.

Thrust together at the pinnacle of a major turning point in Scottish history, Aithinne and Damien have their work cut out for them in terms of romance. From the first few chapters though, the flames do not merely spark, they roar with an earthy sensuality. It ignites their relationship to fiery hot and sets an ever-yearning pace between the two. This story intermingles with that of its predecessor, A Restless Knight and we get the same basic span of days, but from a different point of view?Aithinne?s and Damien?s. The author does it again; having no trouble in crafting characters we can see in our minds and care about in our hearts. The details are tucked in at just the right intervals, leaving the reader in no doubt of Scotland?s magic and hard won history. It?s a definite keeper, one I loved as much as the first. Looking forward to many more such historicals from this author!
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Secrets and Sacrifices by Diane M. Wylie
Secrets and Sacrifices

Kenda Montgomery, April 23, 2007

Charlotte “Charlie” Garret is a woman torn, not only by the Civil War, which already tears North from South, but also by her husband’s involvement. Determined to stand by his side, she does the unthinkable and joins the Confederate Army disguised as a young man. Simply being close to her husband, Joshua, even in the rough circumstances the soldiers engage in, gives her heart some peace. When her talents as a sharpshooter are honed, she earns herself a true place in the Twenty-Fifth Virginia infantry. Soon, despite having made friends amongst her fellow soldiers, Charlie finds herself more alone than she could possibly have imagined. When a new opportunity comes along to help those of the South in need, she finds a new purpose in her life, a true calling.

Captain Daniel Reid is a dedicated surgeon for the Confederacy, while born and raised in the North. Firmly believing in his duty to save lives, the war nonetheless takes its toll. No matter how hard or long he toils, there will always be more soldiers that need help. When the worst possible thing happens for a man in his position, he will take on a desperate mission for the South that soldiers often do not return from. And when he meets little Charlie Garret, he discovers a secret that carries his spirit on through the tormenting next few years.

Secrets and Sacrifices brings not only the horrors of the most infamous U.S. war to light in a passionate and moving way, it brings forth a basic human ideal as well—that in time, we will survive and live to love again one day. Thanks to meeting one another amidst terrible strife, Charlie and Daniel give each other the hope that roots this ideal. Charlie is a woman that endures through action and compassion. Not one to sit idle, she takes on a dangerous mission not once, but twice throughout the war, bringing freedom to many. Daniel is the consummate soldier, dedicated to his beliefs and they serve him well as he takes it upon himself to gain much needed supplies for his men. Ultimately, Charlie and Daniel’s goals are to reunite, and it’s a rare, passionate love that they experience at intervals throughout the book. Author Wylie does a superb job of drawing on the emotions and engaging the reader through action and a well-drawn plot through history. Well done!
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A Wish in Time
A Wish in Time

Kenda Montgomery, April 23, 2007

Kirkinwall, Scotland, 1718. Magda McClellan is eight months pregnant with her and Davy’s first child and she couldn’t be happier with her life. When Auld Annie, an obscure and wise woman, is accused of witchcraft, Maggie cannot turn away and helps her. Impressed with the young woman’s generous heart, Annie offers to grant a wish in return. Being that she is happy, Maggie refuses. But when strange dreams haunt her, she cannot help but worry that Annie may indeed have some power over her.

New York, New York, 2002. Maggie McDonald and her husband, David, are in desperate want of a child. When Maggie goes in for a procedure, they meet a strange nurse that promises them a baby, if it is there wish. Maggie finds herself quite out of element when she awakens to find herself pregnant…and not in New York anymore. Who is the large man that calls her Magda, and more importantly, where is Magda? Trapped in eighteenth century Scotland, she will have to figure out how to switch her and Magda back before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Magda must learn to deal with the hustle and bustle of the twenty-first century and the heavy heart that comes along with her. Both desperately search for answers, to their dilemma and their confused hearts.

A Wish in Time takes one of the most entertaining genres of romance, the time travel, and combines it with a unique plot to produce a truly moving and thought provoking story. It’s the typical “we’re not in Kansas” feel for both women, but how they handle their individual dilemmas is what’s interesting. Maggie takes on the then primitive livelihood of Scotland with spirit and determination as she puzzles out the mystery of how she came to be there. Magda, in many ways, has much more to overcome, being brought up with an entirely different set of ideals when it comes to hearth and home. Both women will discover new sides to themselves that they never knew and learn again what is most important in their lives. I sniffled many a time over this one and loved the movement between the two time periods. The author’s style changes subtly for each woman’s circumstances, stark and clean for the poor Magda, then bold and fiery for Maggie, caught as she is in that tempestuous time period. It brought to mind one of my favorite authors and I dare say other fans of Barbara Delinsky will love this wonderful tale of love that spans centuries.
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Kenda Montgomery, April 23, 2007

King Edward has come to Ireland to dominate and Kieran MacAuley and his kinsmen will not stand for it. Though they love their families, keeping their beloved Ireland safe must be foremost at the moment. On a bloody battlefield, the strong chieftain’s life hangs in the balance. Praying only that his men’s souls find their way to heaven, he’s certain he cannot turn death away this time. When a brave lass haunts the fallen men, he’s certain all he needs is a kiss from her to die in peace.

Brynna Ryan mourns the loss of the brave men of Ireland. When she encounters the legendary Kieran, she calls upon her fey roots to save his life. As he is already favored by the faery Queen of Meath, it’s a task well seen too. Brynna nurses the handsome fighter back to health and in the solitude of the forest, they discover there’s more to life than the next battle, be it for Ireland or on a more personal level. But when Kieran asks more of Brynna than she is willing to give, he’ll have to overcome the tricky veil that is fey magic if he truly wants to be with her. Brynna will do all in her power to keep him safe, and if it means keeping them apart due to her past, so be it. Love has a way of unfolding the veil though and soon even the world of faery will learn that it cannot hold love back.

Fearless is a stellar addition to the romance shelves and as Ms. Wilder’s debut, quite impressive. The story draws one in from the very first paragraph with action and sets the tone before the second page with romance and fey intrigue. The characters are well written and we see a wonderful progression of the hero and heroine throughout the story. Kieran is a strong man, without being overpowering and he finds his perfect mate in the kind and just Brynna. There are plenty of emotional wringers, and therefore plenty of opportunities to cry for and cheer the two on. From the moment it starts, the pace is wonderful and never slows down or meanders. The addition of the fey elements add a measure of uncertainty, and left me to wonder at times if all would indeed be well for the main characters by book’s end. A great way to spend a lazy weekend—or one long, breathless night. Congrats to author Wilder for her wonderful first contribution to the world of romance!
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Naughty Paris by Jina Bacarr
Naughty Paris

Kenda Montgomery, April 23, 2007

Autumn Maguire is painting Paris red. Well, maybe more a tad blue, since her fiancé jilted her and she’s used her honeymoon tickets to get there. Determined to have a good time, she answers an ad for an artist’s model and discovers how awakening for the spirit it can be to pose nude, even if the artist is less than inspiring. While exploring his studio though, she discovers the self-portrait of a long dead artist and it awakens in her the passion she thought she lacked. When the clothes come off and a little wicked black magic folds in, Autumn finds herself in a most unusual situation. It’s a different Paris she awakens to—the darker, naughtier side. Cue the devilish grin.

In nineteenth century Paris, Paul Borquet, a most scandalous artist at the time, discovers a wondrous Titian-haired beauty in his studio. Never so assured of a masterpiece in his life, he must paint her. And never having found so beautiful and intriguing a woman, he entertains a riveting lust for her as well. When the overwhelming influences of the sensual culture confound her, Autumn flees and entrances the sexy Paul in her wake. Concerned for her safety, he pursues. When she catches the eye of a notorious lord, it will be all he can do to assure she comes to no harm in the unfamiliar world that is the baser side of Paris.

No more than the first two chapters in, I felt the allure of Ms. Bacarr’s Paris, the rich language and erotic imagery she evokes too powerful to resist. If this were chocolate, it would be whatever the richest, most decadent piece you’ve ever consumed is. And that, in a nutshell, is what this book is—decadent. From the studios of the famous artists to the opening days of the Moulin Rouge, Naughty Paris embodies the sexual power that the city thrived on at one time. Autumn discovers a part of herself that she never knew existed and Paul recovers a piece of himself that he’d begun to lose amongst the seedy and disreputable back streets. Bacarr’s use of the paranormal element of time travel was cleverly done and the ill will surrounding Autumn and Paul because of it sent chills down my spine. Paul is a sigh-worthy hero, strong and passionate, and certainly ranks in my top ten most memorable. This was a late-night binge reading pleasure that I’ve since picked up more than once. Glad to see this author keeping me on my reading toes!
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