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Original Essays | June 20, 2014

Lauren Owen: IMG The Other Vampire

It's a wild and thundery night. Inside a ramshackle old manor house, a beautiful young girl lies asleep in bed. At the window, a figure watches... Continue »


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Fireborn: A Souls of Fire Novel by Keri Arthur

Michelle Olson, July 19, 2014

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Chelle:

--Actual rating 4.5 Skulls

Fireborn kicks off a new UF series for the wonderful Keri Arthur, and it was so very Keri. :) What do I mean by that? If you're a diehard fan of Keri's series like I am, you'll find another strong, independent heroine that needs sex to survive, romance partners that aren't quite fated to be but work so very well, action aplenty, plot twists that surprise, world building that shows incredible promise to grow, and a character cast that you can't help but love.

But while Fireborn had all of the things that I adore in a Keri Arthur book, it also had a new and interesting mythos - the Phoenix - which are cursed, an apocalyptic-type conflict in the form of a immortality virus gone horribly wrong, numerous 'big bads' that are exciting in their own right, and some surprises that are right there for the taking but never quite revealed. Yet. ;-)

I am really excited to see where Keri takes this series, and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

I would definitely recommend this book for ALL Keri Arthur fans and urban fantasy fans that like their story arcs broad and building, their heroines feisty and strong, a bit of conflict in the love department, and plenty of action and intrigue.
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Omega Days (Omega Days Novel) by John L Campbell
Omega Days (Omega Days Novel)

Michelle Olson, June 16, 2014

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Chelle:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

Omega Days is the first novel of the OMEGA DAYS series by John L. Cambell and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read!

Very much like The Walking Dead on paper, it follows the tale of several groups in the wake of the Omega Virus outbreak & the utter & complete Zombiepocalypse that ensues.

It was well written, and while I noticed that several reviewers didn't enjoy the different groups chronicled throughout, it felt real to me. If an outbreak is pandemic, it's unrealistic to follow just a single group. And as they merged, in unexpected ways, it was interesting to follow.

Speaking of the characters, they had depth and were relatable, and I really liked that there wasn't a set stereotype throughout. The main threads were all diverse and allowed for the introduction of plenty of human psyche drama throughout, not just the obvious underlying tale of trying to survive. I could see each and every scenario happening in real life should something of this magnitude ever come to pass.

This is one of those books - like a good, cheesy, classic horror movie - that will have you yelling at the characters out loud "don't do it" and using OMG like a mantra. :)

And while I loved the book, I loathed the ending; though thankfully, I saw that there's a second book (Ship of the Dead) coming in October.

Bottom line, if you like your zombie fiction, gritty, dirty, and chock full of not only zombie action but the utter horrors of human nature, this is a good book for you.
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There All Along by Lauren Dane
There All Along

Michelle Olson, June 16, 2014

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Alluring Angel - Kathy:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

--Actual rating 4.5 Skulls

There All Along is two novellas by Lauren Dane & Megan Hart. Lauren Dane’s offering titled Land’s End is the story of Loyal, a lawman and Verity, a widow who runs the settlement’s mercantile. The setting is in a world where rapists and murderers run rampant in the areas surrounding various outposts. The only way that supplies and mail can get from place to place is by armed escort. Loyal is constantly on the move with shipment deliveries, but he is always drawn back to Verity. Verity dreams of seeing other places, experiencing new things. The chemistry between these two is strong, but Loyal doesn’t think he is a good enough man for Verity. But she thinks he is wrong. This is a sweet love story with hot sexual steam.

By The Sea Of Sand, written by Megan Hart is set in a harsh world where survival is a hard fought battle. Kason Reed is taken prisoner by off world enemies, tortured and experimented on. When he finally returns home, he is put under the care of Teila. Teila, the light keeper at the edge of the sea of sand, tries to help Kason regain his memory while having to keep a secret from him. A secret that could destroy him. By The Sea Of Sand is a fast paced love story that had me instantly hooked. The heat factor was very high throughout.

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Blacktop Cowboys #6: Hillbilly Rockstar: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel by Lorelei James
Blacktop Cowboys #6: Hillbilly Rockstar: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel

Michelle Olson, June 16, 2014

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

--Actual rating 4.5 Skulls

This review is for book six in the Blacktop Cowboys series. This series of books feature various friends from Wyoming who each are making a life for themselves but along the way may need just a little help. These rough tough cowboys are hot and sexy and always guaranteed to give readers a wild ride!

Devin McClain has finally hit the big time and this country boy is truly riding the wave of success but success always has a price! Devin has always had to contend with fanatical followers and his life is never truly private but when one of his crew gets hurt it's time to beef up the security. Devins not keen on having a bodyguard twenty four seven but when both his agent and record label insist he reluctantly agrees. What he hadn't expected though was for a ballsy ex soldier with more curves than a Porsche to be his new round the clock minder! Thrust together on his tour bus Devins finally met his match.

Liberty Masterson is a former soldier working in the security business. Being offered the job of four months on the road with one of the hottest tickets in country music should be straight forward but with Devin nothing's as it seems. First Liberty has to look the part and then she has to pretend to be his latest floozie! This cowboy may be hot but he's not going to turn Liberty's head, is he? As they increasingly spend time together Liberty sees an unexpected side to Devin and she likes it, oh boy does she like it! Devins sexy and has an appetite that just might see him quenching a fire that's raging inside Liberty but there's a reason he needs protection and Liberty can't risk losing her focus. The rocking distraction he poses is the least of her worries though as when the tour is over then she just might leave her heart behind.
I love the sexy cowboy books that this author writes and even though this book is not set in a rural landscape we still get treated to a whole lot of western style loving! This story is rife with so much lust and passion that I'm surprised my kindle didn't start to melt! This is such a hot couple but they are perfectly matched. It doesn't matter how in charge Liberty may be in her work when it comes to the bedroom Devin takes matters ( and other things!) into his own hands! It's a tough journey for these two characters though as Liberty doesn't see a place for herself long term in Devins world . She's a woman who knows what she wants and her career is important to her. A life at a mans beck and call is not for her but what else could Devin offer?

Devin is quite guarded emotionally, and indeed he's had really bad experiences in the past but his journey with Liberty is filled with heart. I was so busy being engulfed by the white hot passion between these two that I hadn't expected the author to cause me to tear up with just a few sentences during a beach scene. No spoilers here, but to go from erotic scenes to pure emotion so easily is an amazing talent and I applaud Ms James for such a fantastic piece of writing.

I've never read a book about musicians on the road before and I was immensely impressed with just how realistic this story felt and I could almost imagine that I was on tour with these amazing characters!

This series has certainly hit it's stride and each book has a unique feel . I think they are all easily read as standalone's but it would be a crying shame to miss out on all the goodness that the Blacktop Cowboys offer!

Filled with lots of hot sex (maybe not for the faint of heart) but if you are broad minded and want a story that will pull you in then this book delivers, big time!
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Darkness Bound (Night Prowler Novels) by J. T. Geissinger
Darkness Bound (Night Prowler Novels)

Michelle Olson, June 7, 2014

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Chelle:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

J.T Geissinger has a sensual quality to her work. Not the content - though that, at times, can be quite sexy! - but the silken prose. It flows with a harmony that is impossible not to be swept up in and settles in your brain like the most memorable of compositions. There's a reason J.T is an award winning author, and reading the NIGHT PROWLER novels, for me, is always a highly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyable treat and reminiscent of the some of the best movies I've sat down to enjoy over the years.

Like all of the NIGHT PROWLER books, Darkness Bound grabs your attention immediately. Starting out like the best action movie where a 'call to arms' state of the union address is being made, we're introduced to investigative reporter Jacqueline Dolan and her beliefs via a snippet from her "Enemy Among Us" article. Snap to the rainforests, where Hawk, the brother of the current Alpha there, is tasked with teaching the prejudiced woman a lesson she won't soon forget and coercing her into writing a retraction...

The couple's initial meeting was hilarious, super sexy, and the start of something way bigger than either of them would have ever anticipated. When Hawk finally gets Jack back to the jungle and the rest of the tribe, they're embroiled in tons of Colony politics and there was surprise after surprise.

There were things I adored about Jack and Hawk's journey, there were things I absolutely hated (I can't tell you what they were though, because it's a big spoiler to the plot), but one thing remained a constant... I was absolutely glued to the page every step of the way and couldn't wait to see what would happen next. Action, intrigue, and romance around ever turn, peppered by character development of past series characters, a great leading couple, an expansion of the plot arc of the series in general that literally made me gasp, and a set up for what looks to be one of the most thrilling installments of the series yet in Into Darkness coming in the Fall.

I highly recommend the entire NIGHT PROWLER series to al Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance readers and cannot wait to see what J.T has in store for us next. I will admit, there were things about the last book that made me a bit afraid that the series was hitting its plateau, but Darkness Bound gave me confidence that there is PLENTY more to tell with these characters and this story, and I cannot wait to see what's next.
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