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The Powell's Playlist | June 18, 2014

Daniel H. Wilson: IMG The Powell’s Playlist: Daniel H. Wilson

Like many writers, I'm constantly haunting coffee shops with a laptop out and my headphones on. I listen to a lot of music while I write, and songs... Continue »
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Unearthly (Unearthly Trilogy) by Cynthia Hand
Unearthly (Unearthly Trilogy)

irisheyz_5, January 16, 2012

**Originally posted on**

I am always wary of books that are over-hyped for all to often I'll pick up a book that everyone seems to be raving about only to find that I don't care much for it. This was the case of Unearthly by Cynthia Hand....the over-hyped part not the not caring for it. Because I did like Unearthly but I didn't love it as much as other people seem to have. For me, Clara wasn't the most likeable of characters and I really didn't like how she was obsessed with Christian. I get that teens do become obsessive sometimes with the boys around them but for most of the book Christian had a girlfriend and so I didn't care for that.

I did enjoy the angel lore in the book as it was different form anything I had read before. But it was just awfully convenient that so many angels just happened to be in the same small town in the middle of small town America. That had me rolling my eyes and getting a little exasperated. There were also several other cliches that happen throughout the book that also had me rolling my eyes and as a result I didn't totally love the story. I thought that there was a lot of excess of set up as well and the beginning dragged a bit for me but it wasn't so slow that I got frustrated and stopped reading. I also thought that once events started to unfold that many of the secondary characters were underutilized and often forgotten.

Unearthly also contained a love triangle and I am not a fan of those. The parts that I enjoyed most where in the middle of the book when Clara forgot about Christian (who was conveniently away for the summer) and spent time with Tucker. It was during those scenes in which I felt we got to know the real character and it was then that I actually liked her. I was glad that at the same time her friend Angela was also out of town but I missed Wendy. Angela was often abrasive and got on my nerves and Wendy was often underused as a character. I do hope that we get to see more of Wendy in Book 2 and get a little less of Christian and Angela. I also hope to see more of Jeffrey, Clara's younger brother, who was barely mentioned in this book though there was lots of set up for a future storyline involving his character.

I wasn't overly thrilled with this book but I felt like it has potential and so am curious to see where things go in the next book in this series.
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Skyship Academy #01: Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars by Nick James
Skyship Academy #01: Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars

irisheyz_5, January 16, 2012

**Originally posted on**

Prior to BEA 2011 I had never heard of this book and I only stumbled upon it as I attended the book signing of another author and afterwards we all got to talking over at the Flux booth. Nick started to describe his book but once I saw the blurb by James Dashner I knew that it was something I had to check out. I'm not usually one to be swayed by blurbs (and to be honest I don't usually read them) but I've met James several times and so he's an exception.

From the start of this book all the way until the last page I was sucked into the story. I love the world that Nick created which was a bit sci-fi with a wee addition of dystopian mixed in. I loved how he gave a brief history of how the world came to be what it was without being dry or weighing down the story. He made a believable futuristic world where resources are scarce and humanity has been divided into factions as they fight for survival.

I really enjoyed the characters in this book as well. This was very much a boy book with the majority of the main characters being boys. There was a couple of token girls tossed into the mix but they didn't always come across as very girly to me and were a bit stiff and awkward at times. But overall I really enjoyed all of the characters. I liked how Jessie was more your typical boy then anyone overtly special. He wasn't the best in his class, he was more likely to be the one who was messing up. But given the circumstances that he was thrust into he came into his own and turned his ordinariness into something more.

I really enjoyed this story and all the possibilities that it raised for the rest of the series. The writing was strong and I was really invested in the story. I wasn't surprised by some of the twists and turns. And there were times when I thought some events were a bit far fetched. I liked how there were active adults in the story - although their were times where they came across as a bit stiff as well. But what I like best about the book is the potential for what is to come. As a first in a series it hit all the right notes in building a world and characters that you want to know more about. I am really looking forward to the second book and you will as well once you give this one a try.
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Witch Eyes #01: Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey
Witch Eyes #01: Witch Eyes

irisheyz_5, January 16, 2012

**Originally Posted on**

From the first moment I heard about Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey I knew it was a book I had to read. It was one of my favorite genres, fantasy, contained a mystery and then had a GBLT character as the main protagonist. Witch Eyes was filled with many ups and downs and a few twists and turns and ended in a satisfying story that left me wanting more. And, I must admit, it also left me a bit made at Tracey for how certain events played out. Along with the dread that there are still two more books remaining in the series so plenty of words remain for him to torture both his characters and his readers alike.

The mystery in the book wasn't anything super complex or difficult to figure out for an anyone experienced with reading mysteries but it wasn't so obvious that you knew all there was to know right from the start. I also really enjoyed all the characters and how they interacted with each other. There was humor and there was heart ache and I look forward to seeing how they all deepen and grow over the course of the series. I enjoyed the world and mythology that Tracey set up for his town of Belle Dam. There were lots of seeds planted in this first book and I am curious to see how they will grow.

There is just so much to love in this book and I hated for it to end. I just wanted to stay in this world longer. Because then maybe there wouldn't have been as much heartbreak...ok who am I kidding...there probably would have been more if the story was longer. Because for some unknown reason authors just love to torture their readers. There should be a law against that. But then again, its that torture that keeps us coming back for more. That desire and hope that maybe in this next book events will be different and everything will be all sunshine and roses. And yes I know that I am living in a dream world with that one but isn't that part of what makes up hope?

If you like a good fantasy filled with magic and mystery...along with a little snark mixed in...then you really need to pick up Witch Eyes. Scott Tracey has built a wonderful world and I think that I will be a long time fan of his writing. The characters are all so very real. They are flawed and make mistakes and its in those flaws and mistakes that you can find pieces of yourself that make it easy to relate to them. Witch Eyes also contains involved family members...which is so rare in YA books these days. For me this is a must read and bound to be on my favorites list for a long time to come. So if you haven't read it yet then you are really missing out and should bump it up your to be read list. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas
Mine Till Midnight

irisheyz_5, August 19, 2010

As originally posted on my blog Ticket to Anywhere

Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas is the start of a new series that involves the delightfully unpolished Hathaway family. The Hathaway's were content to live in relative obscurity in the country until Leo inherited a title which brought the family to the attention of the aristocracy. Now Leo's sister's all have opportunities that they never thought possible before. Although what each sister will do with these new advantages will shock most members of the ton. Take for example, Amelia Hathaway, she is the oldest and has taken it upon herself to act as a mother to her younger siblings and to do her best to make even the most unconventional of them presentable. Which is a very daunting task to say the least.

But then she meets Cam Rohan, a gypsy, who gives new meaning to the phrase tall, dark and dangerous. Amelia meets Cam when trying to track down her wayward brother and the sparks that fly between them are immediately felt on both sides. Mine Till Midnight was such a fun read. I loved loved loved meeting the Hathaway family and adored all of their many quirks. Especially that scene with Beatrice, the youngest Hathaway, at Lord Westcliff's dinner....well....lets just say that it had me laughing out loud and leave it at that.

Amelia is a strong character and despite an initial desire to be conventional she soon realizes that just isn't the Hathaway way. I really enjoyed reading her story and all the ups and downs of her relationship with Cam, who is totally swoon worthy by the way. My one problem with this story was how even after Amelia and Cam married (and that's not a spoiler people this IS a romance book after all and they tend to end in one of two ways.) Anywho - after Amelia and Cam married the rest of the Hathaway family still referred to him as Mr Rohan. Which I can see before the marriage - but afterwards when he becomes part of their family? I don't know, perhaps I am just not very well versed in Victorian etiquette rules....but even if that is the norm, it just doesn't seem very Hathaway-like.

All in all though this was a very fun read and is my favorite Lisa Kleypas to date. Can't wait to see what shenanigans the rest of this boisterously, unconventional clan gets up to!

As originally posted on my blog Ticket to Anywhere
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Beautiful Malice
Beautiful Malice

irisheyz_5, August 19, 2010

As originally posted on my blog Ticket to Anywhere

Where to start...

There were just so many things about Beautiful Malice that did not work for me. First lets start with the setting. For the most part the setting is unclear, ambiguous but then the main characters all go for this weekend holiday in a town located in New South Wales, Australia. I was like...yes...finally a clear setting and one that makes the language of the book make sense. Australians just have a slightly different way of speaking than Americans - the cadences of words are just different. But then when the gang meets up with Ben - the author makes a point to say that he was Australian and that one reason why Alice dated him was for his accent. That just baffled me as by this point I thought they were all Australian. Then a few pages later Ben is telling a story and mentions when he first came to the state....and I just went huh? It didn't make sense since the only place that was ever mentioned was a place location in Australia - and living stateside you don't exactly make a weekend trip to Australia....especially when you're trying to keep things on the cheap.

Note: in talking with another blogger who read the Australian version of the book the setting was very clearly stated as Sydney, it seems that for whatever reason the American publisher decided to try and remove those references.

But moving on...lets talk about sequence and the flow of time. This book has three distinct time periods in them and there is no real rhyme or reason to the authors jumping from one to another. The changes just became this jumbled mess for me which would knock me out of the story. I believe it was done as a way to try to heighten the suspense and make the thrills more thrilling as random bits and pieces of the past, present and future were revealed. But my suspense wasn't heightened the odd changes just annoyed me more than anything else. Especially during those times with the perspective of the book would change. For the bulk of the book the story was told in first person but every so often the I's would change to you's and it never really worked for me.

Then there is the plot.

The very first line tells you exactly what happens to Alice there is no suspense there. No shock. The story is just so flat and bland and I figured out what all the big reveals where before they were made official. The characters also all came across as flat and one dimensional. Alice was narcissistic and crazy and she appeared so form the start...she then just spirals out of control and it just doesn't ring true. Katherine is a girl trying to escape her past by forgetting it and when things get hard or rough she just turns her back on the darkness and tries to pretend it doesn't exist. This is not healthy behavior and not something that you want to do when the person you are trying to forget is crazy.

This book didn't work for me on so many levels and its not one that I can recommend. Beautiful Malice is also a book that is often billed as Young Adult but I don't get the YA vibe from it when I read it. The phrasing and the way the characters speak (in their bad dialogue scenes) is way more adult than teen. What about you...have you read Beautiful Malice? What did you think of it? Let me know if the comments below.

As originally posted on my blog Ticket to Anywhere
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