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Shiver Trilogy: Paperback Boxed Set
Shiver Trilogy: Paperback Boxed Set

veryinvisible, September 11, 2014

Shiver started out strong. Maggie's idea of "werewolves" was a very interesting and unique take on the mythical creatures. The idea that temperature affects when they shift intrigued me and I loved how the temperature was indicated at the beginning of each chapter. Having that additional knowledge while reading the book added to the overall feeling and anticipation of the story. Sam and Grace and their whole relationship, however, is what really made this book great. From their first encounter to the last page of the book, you could not help but root for them. There was not a moment I felt they didn't belong together. Individually though, they are very interesting characters. Sam has a very tragic backstory while Grace had a very negligent upbringing by her parents. From start to finish I was very invested in Sam and Grace's relationship.

Linger introduces the beloved Cole St. Clare, as well as the additional character point of view of Isabel. Isabel definitely plays a larger role in the story than in Shiver. Like Sam and Grace, Cole and Isabel have very distinctive and strong personalities, however what you see isn't always what's really underneath. This makes their relationship a complete opposite from Sam and Grace. This was also the point in the trilogy when every adult becomes the worst parental figure in town.

Forever is the last in the trilogy, and by this point I didn't feel like there was any big build up for this last book. The antagonists are much more apparent as the story comes to a climax, and at the end for the big finale, but the threat didn't feel as serious as it should have been. We get to see a lot of character development from our main four. We see them coming to terms with all the things they were faced within the last two books, however somethings were't quite as resolved in the end. As a result, the ending is left very open, which isn't a bad thing considering there is a companion novel, Sinner (knowing who it is about is bit of a spoiler if you haven't finished the trilogy yet).

Although I did enjoy the books, the series overall wasn't as satisfying as I wanted it to be. Not much happened until the end of the books, and I felt it was only okay for the first book since it was revolved mostly around Sam and Grace's relationship. Once they moved past that development, the story became more about the scientific aspect of the werewolves. It was only until the end of Forever, where we truly faced the antagonists of the story. Isabel and Cole were the stars of the story and the main reasons I enjoyed the trilogy as much as I did. In the end, it was a good read and I am glad I gave the books a chance.
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Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

veryinvisible, September 11, 2014

Sinner is for three different types of people: the people who loved the Shiver Trilogy, the people who didn't like the Shiver trilogy but love Isabel and Cole, and anyone else who doesn't know what the Shiver trilogy is about because you really don't need to know (though you do appreciate it more with that background information). Regardless, Sinner is a standalone companion that was definitely needed. It was in no way one of those spin off books authors write to just keep writing about the world they created. Sinner exceeded any expectations I had for it and blew me away.

It has been a while after the events of Forever, the last installment of the Shiver trilogy, and Cole St. Clair is ready to jump back into his music career and win the heart of Isabel Culpeper. This time around, Cole and Isabel's personalities are stronger and more defined. The story is more about their self discovery than about werewolves. The situations dealt with in Sinner were much more deeper and serious than in Shiver. Cole still feels suffocated by his past even when he's trying to escape, while Isabel is torn between what she feels and what she thinks she knows.

The story had such a different feel from Shiver that it felt like its own book, which I suppose it is. The little references from the trilogy were a very nice addition that made me feel nostalgic for Sam and Grace. Knowing their back story really made me love Isabel and Cole a lot more.

The writing of Sinner was fantastic. I could feel Cole and Isabel come out of the pages and seep into reality. They're such vivid characters, which made it hard not to become so invested in this story. There was not dry moment in the book. I just wanted to keep on reading and never have the story stop, even long after I finished the book.

Maggie did a wonderful job on capturing these two and the journey they go on. Cole and Isabel learned so much about themselves and each other that it made me really think about my own life and learn a bit about myself as well. Their story will definitely stay with me as one of my favorites and highly recommend companion novel.
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Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5) by Richelle Mead
Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5)

veryinvisible, September 11, 2014

The Fiery Heart left me crumpled on the ground and in tears, so naturally I expected a lot out of Silver Shadows. Richelle Mead has a way with story telling in which you know what is going to happen, but not how it happens, and that is what keeps you on the edge. Silver Shadows did not disappoint. I flew through this book, practically inhaling it. It was just that good.

After months of trying to hide her true feelings toward the Moroi and Dhampirs, let alone falling in love with a Moroi, Sydney has finally been discovered and taken by the Alchemists. With Sydney surrounded by a group of people who want to change her and Adrian drowned by the effects of spirit and losing Sydney, both Sydney and Adrian must work towards keeping true to themselves and finding their way back to each other again.

Silver Shadows is probably the darkest book in the series, and with good reason. The struggles both Sydney and Adrian face are not ones to be taken lightly. They both go through dark times in each others absence, literally and figuratively. We see them really step up and take a stance on what they believe in. Their strength and character growth really show in this book, setting up to what they will eventually face in book six.

Richelle has written another wonderful installment to the series. The ending has been built up for what will be an epic finale in The Ruby Circle. Stakes are getting higher and higher, and it will take a lot for Sydney and Adrian to finally be together, but I have hope that Richelle will write us a perfect ending.
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The Rule of Thirds by Chantel Guertin
The Rule of Thirds

veryinvisible, September 11, 2014

Being a photographer is what really drew me to The Rule of Thirds. How could I not be considering I use the actual rule of thirds? I've never read about a character who loves photography and I loved the idea of actually getting a chance too.

Pippa Greene is a photographer getting ready to compete in the biggest photography competition, Vantage Point, where she could win the chance to attend a camp at Tisch, her dream school. Naturally, she is the president of the photo club and the photo editor for the school news paper. She spends most of her time behind the lens, photographing anything and everything. However, Pippa is suddenly forced to face her past, as she continues to cope with everything that has happened in the past year.

What I was really impressed with was Pippa's back story. Since I went to this book blind, I was pleasantly surprised in the take Guertin took on Pippa's photography personality: hiding behind the camera, but also to help ease her anxiety that seems to mostly stem from her past. I really wasn't expecting there to be any really deep life changing back story to Pippa and that made me appreciate the story a bit more. Also, the way Guertin wrote with Pippa's thoughts right on the page, so that you could feel her anxiety and nervousness with her rapid thinking in her head, was a nice touch and gave the book a bit more points for that.

The thing that really put me off about this book was how the overall story didn't really seem very substantial, even though it had the potential to be a great story. All the elements were there: intriguing characters, decent back story, compelling plot. But the way the story was written and the actual events that took place, or lack thereof, made it fall short. The pacing was decent, but I felt like nothing really happened. There was some character development but not enough in that short amount of time to be believable or significant. I felt like I didn't grow with the characters and I definitely wasn't compelled to be invested in the story. I mostly thought of the book as a summary of what Pippa went through in the few weeks leading up to Vantage Point and, as a result, I didn't enjoy the book as much as I would have liked.

In the end I was disappointed with the story but I still enjoyed it, nonetheless. I am not sure I am motivated enough to read the sequel, considering the ending didn't really do it for me either. But if you're looking for a nice, quick, light read, with a hint of deep, meaningful topics, then I would definitely suggest this book!
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Everyday Angel #02: Everyday Angel #2: Second Chances by Victoria Schwab
Everyday Angel #02: Everyday Angel #2: Second Chances

veryinvisible, September 11, 2014

Victoria Schwab has done it again. With the second installment to her new middle grade series, Everyday Angel, Victoria has shown us the trials of bulling and seventh grade life.

Aria finds herself being the guardian angel of Caroline Mason, a seventh grader being bullied at her all-girls' prep school, Westgate, by none other than her former best friend, Lily Pierce. Caroline is being constantly tormented by Lily and her friends everyday to the point where she has secluded her self from everyone. With Aria's help Caroline starts to figure out what's important to her and whether or not she wants to go back to the way it was or move on forward.

Victoria did a wonderful job on capturing the victim of a bully, but also life as a seventh grade girl. At that age, almost everyone just wants to fit in. No one likes to be casted away or to stand up to a bully, especially one that is your former best friend. It is so important to show young girls that its okay to be different, even if that means being yourself, because that's the best thing anyone can be.

I loved how well she handled the situation between Caroline and Lily. Everything from Caroline's reaction to the bullying to Lily's behavior was very realistic and relatable. This story shows there is a lot more than meets the eye and maybe sometimes people do things for reasons unknown to you. But most importantly, Victoria shows you how to deal with a bully, as well as the importance of friendship and communication. As long as you can talk to someone about what you are going through, then you can overcome anything with their support.

I am seriously impressed with where Victoria is taking this series. This is a series every young girl should read (I even got my younger sister to read this series and she loves it!). I adored the first book and loved this second one, so I am very excited for the next and final one coming out on January 6, 2015.
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