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Go! With MS. Word 2010, Introductory - With CD (11 Edition)


Go! With MS. Word 2010, Introductory - With CD (11 Edition) Cover


Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments:

The GO! System: Designed for Student Success!


The goal of the GO! Series is to provide you with the skills to solve business problems using the computer as a tool, for both yourself and the organization for which you might be employed. When you use the GO! Series in one of your courses, you use a “system” that includes a textbook, CD, and Companion Website with tools like videos and self-study aides.


Student CD Package

The Student CD package that comes with your book includes a CD to help you complete every project faster!


• Student Videos help you visually learn the skills in each chapter.

• Student Data Files needed to complete the projects in the textbook.


Student Textbook

• Project-based so you learn by creating real world projects, not by reading long pages of text or simply practicing features of an application.

• Very clear instruction directs you first where to go, then what to do, when completing steps of the projects to help ensure you don’t get lost.

• Visual Summary shows you up front what your completed project will look like, and a File Guide clearly shows you which files are needed for each project and how to save the document.

• Lots of large screen shots allow you to check your work and make sure you are on the right track at numerous points in the project.


Student Companion Web Site: www.pearsonhighered.com/go

An interactive web site featuring self-study tools to help you succeed in this course!


• Online Study Guide provides practice of the chapter material by answering auto-graded objective questions.

• Glossary of key terms reinforces terminology as you learn the language of computing.

• Student Data Files needed to complete the projects in the book are downloadable from this site.


For introductory computer courses on Microsoft Word 2010 or courses in computer concepts with a lab component on Word.


Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME! 


The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation. This approach is based on clearly defined projects for students and a one-of-a-kind supplements package for instructors.

About the Author

Shelley Gaskin, Series Editor for the GO! Series, is a professor of business and computer technology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. She holds a master's degree in business education from Northern Illinois   University and a doctorate in adult and community education from Ball State University. Dr. Gaskin has 15 years of experience in the computer industry with several Fortune 500 companies and has developed and written training materials for custom systems applications in both the public and private sector. She is also the author of books on Microsoft Outlook and word processing.


Robert L. Ferret recently retired as the director of the Center for Instructional Computing at Eastern Michigan University, where he provided computer training and support to faculty.  He has authored or co-authored more than 70 books on Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, WordPerfect, and Word.  Before writing the GO! Series, Bob was a series editor and author for the Learn Series.  He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in geography, and a master’s degree in interdisciplinary technology from Eastern Michigan University.  Bob’s doctoral studies were in instructional technology at Wayne State University.  For fun, Bob teaches a four-week computers and genealogy class and has written genealogy and local history books.


Carol L. Martin is a faculty member at Harrisburg Area Community College. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education–Mathematics from Millersville (PA) University and a master’s degree in Training and Development from Pennsylvania State University. For over 35 years she has instructed individuals in the use of various computer applications. She has co-authored several training manuals for use in Pennsylvania Department of Education in-service courses and has written an Outlook textbook.

Table of Contents

GO! with Word 2010 Intro

Table of Contents

Common Features Chapter 1 Using the Common Features of Office 2010

Scenario: Oceana Palm Grill

Project 1A: Menu Plan

Objective 1      Use Windows Explorer to Locate Files and Folder

Activity 1.01     Using Windows Explorer to Locate Files and Folders

Objective 2      Locate and Start a Microsoft Office 2010 Program

Activity 1.02     Locating and Starting a Microsoft Office 2010 Program

Objective 3      Enter and Edit Text in an Office Program

Activity 1.03     Entering and Editing Text in an Office Program

Objective 4      Perform Commands From a Dialog Box

Activity 1.04     Performing Commands From a Dialog Box

Objective 5      Create a Folder, Save a File, and Close a Program

Activity 1.05     Creating a Folder, Saving a File, and Closing a Program

Objective 6      Print a File

Activity 1.06     Printing a File

Project 1B: Memo

Objective 7      Open an Existing File and Save it With a New Name

Activity 1.07     Opening an Existing File and Saving it With a New Name

Objective 8      Explore Application Options

Activity 1.08     Viewing Application Options

Objective 9      Perform Commands from the Ribbon

Activity 1.09     Performing Commands from the Ribbon

Activity 1.10     Minimizing and Using the Keyboard to Control the Ribbon

Objective 10   Apply Formatting in Office Programs

Activity 1.11     Formatting and Viewing Pages

Activity 1.12     Formatting Text

Activity 1.13     Using the Office Clipboard to Cut, Copy, and Paste

Objective 11   Use the Microsoft Office 2010 Help System

Activity 1.14     Using the Microsoft Office 2010 Help System in Excel

Objective 12   Compress Files

Activity 1.15     Compressing Files

Chapter 1 Using Graphics and Lists

Scenario: Laurel College

Project 1A: Flyer

Objective 1      Create a New Document and Insert Text

Activity 1.1        Starting a New Word Document and Inserting Text

Objective 2      Insert and Format Graphics

Activity 1.2        Formatting Text Using Text Effects

Activity 1.3        Inserting and Resizing Pictures

Activity 1.4        Wrapping Text Around a Picture

Activity 1.5        Moving a Picture

Activity 1.6        Applying Picture Styles and Artistic Effects

Activity 1.7        Adding a Page Border

Objective 3      Insert and Modify Text Boxes and Shapes

Activity 1.8        Inserting a Shape

Activity 1.9        Inserting a Text Box

Activity 1.10     Moving, Resizing, and Formatting Shapes and Text Boxes

Objective 4      Preview and Print a Document

Activity 1.11     Adding a File Name to the Footer

Activity 1.12     Previewing and Printing a Document

Project 1B: Information Handout

Objective 5      Change Document and Paragraph Layout

Activity 1.13     Setting Margins

Activity 1.14     Aligning Text

Activity 1.15     Changing Line Spacing

Activity 1.16     Indenting Text and Adding Space After Paragraphs

Objective 6      Create and Modify Lists

Activity 1.17     Creating a Bulleted List

Activity 1.18     Creating a Numbered List

Activity 1.19     Customizing Bullets

Objective 7      Set and Modify Tab Stops

Activity 1.20     Setting Tab Stops

Activity 1.21     Modifying Tab Stops

Objective 8      Insert a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 1.22     Inserting a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 1.23     Modifying a SmartArt Graphic

Chapter 2 Creating Table and Letters

Scenario: Madison Staffing Services

Project 2A: Resume

Objective 1      Create a Table

Activity 2.1        Creating a Table

Objective 2      Add Text to a Table

Activity 2.2        Adding Text to a Table

Activity 2.3        Inserting Existing Text into a Table Cell

Activity 2.4        Creating Bulleted Lists in a Table

Objective 3      Format a Table

Activity 2.5        Changing the Width of Table Columns

Activity 2.6        Adding Rows to a Table

Activity 2.7        Merging Cells

Activity 2.8        Formatting Text in Cells

Activity 2.9        Changing the Table Borders

Project 2B: Cover Letter and Resume

Objective 4      Create a New Document from an Existing Document

Activity 2.10     Creating a Letterhead

Activity 2.11     Creating a Document from an Existing Document

Objective 5      Change and Reorganize Text

Activity 2.12     Recording AutoCorrect Entries

Activity 2.13     Creating a Cover Letter

Activity 2.14     Finding and Replacing Text [Note: This includes using the Find pane]

Activity 2.15     Moving Text to a New Location

Activity 2.16     Inserting and Formatting a Table in a Document

Objective 6      Use the Proofing Options

Activity 2.17     Checking Spelling and Grammar Errors

Activity 2.18     Using the Thesaurus

Objective 7      Create a Document Using a Pre-Designed Template

Activity 2.19     Locating and Opening a Template

Activity 2.20     Replacing Template Placeholder Text

Activity 2.21     Removing Template Controls and Formatting the Resume

Activity 2.22     Saving a Resume as a Web Page

Chapter 3 Creating Research Papers and Newsletters

Scenario: Memphis Primary Materials

Project 3A: Research Paper

Objective 1      Create a Reseearch Paper

Activity 3.1        Inserting and Formatting Page Numbers

Activity 3.2        Inserting the Current Date and Time

Objective 2      Insert Footnotes in a Research Paper

Activity 3.3        Inserting Footnotes

Activity 3.4        Modifying a Footnote Style

Objective 3      Create Citations and a Bibliography in a Research Paper

Activity 3.5        Adding Citations

Activity 3.6        Inserting Page Breaks

Activity 3.7        Creating a Reference Page

Activity 3.8        Managing Document Properties

Project 3B: Newsletter with Mailing Labels

Objective 4      Create and Format Columns

Activity 3.9        Changing One Column Text to Two Columns

Activity 3.10     Formatting Multiple Columns

Activity 3.11     Inserting a Column Break

Activity 3.12     Inserting a Captured Screen

Objective 5      Use Special Character and Paragraph Formatting

Activity 3.13     Applying the Small Caps Font Effect

Activity 3.14     Adding a Border and Shading to a Paragraph

Objective 6      Create Mailing Labels Using Mail Merge

Activity 3.15     Opening the Mail Merge Wizard Template

Activity 3.16     Completing the Mail Merge Wizard

Activity 3.17     Previewing and Printing the Mail Merge Document


Chapter 4 Using Styles and Creating Multilevel Lists and Charts

Scenario:Lehua Hawaiian Adventures

Project 4A: Customer Handout


Objective 1: Apply and Modify Quick Styles

Activity 4.01 Applying Quick Styles

Activity 4.02 Modifying Quick Styles

Activity 4.03 Changing the Theme

Objective 2: Create New Styles

Activity 4.04 Creating New Styles

Objective 3: Manage Styles

Activity 4.05 Modifying a Style in the Styles Window

Activity 4.06 Clearing Formats

Activity 4.07 Removing a Quick Style

Objective 4: Create a Multilevel List

Activity 4.08     Creating a Multilevel List

Activity 4.09     Modifying a Multilevel List Style

Activity 4.10     Applying the Current List Style

Project 4B:  Planning Memo with a Chart

Objective 5: Change the Style Set and Paragraph Spacing of a Document

Activity 4.11     Formatting a Memo

Activity 4.12     Changing the Style Set

Activity 4.13     Changing Paragraph Spacing of a Document

Objective 6: Insert a Chart and Enter Data into a Chart

Activity 4.14     Selecting a Chart Type

Activity 4.15     Entering Chart Data

Activity 4.16     Editing Data

Objective 7: Change a Chart Type

Activity 4.17     Changing the Chart Type

Objective 8: Format a Chart

Activity 4.18     Adding Chart Elements

Activity 4.19     Changing the Chart Style and Formatting Chart Elements

Activity 4.20     Resizing and Positioning a Chart

Chapter 5 Creating Web Pages and Using Advanced Proofing Options

Scenario:Texas Spectrum Wireless

Project 5A: Web Page

Objective 1: Create a Web Page from a Word Document

Activity 5.01     Saving a Document as a Web Page

Activity 5.02     Applying Background Color

Activity 5.03     Inserting a Drop Cap in Text

Activity 5.04     Sorting Paragraphs

Activity 5.05     Inserting a Horizontal Line

Objective 2: Insert and Modify Hyperlinks in a Web Page

Activity 5.06     Inserting a Hyperlink

Activity 5.07     Inserting a Hyperlink That Opens an E-mail Message Form

Activity 5.08     Creating a Web Page for an Internal Link

Activity 5.09     Testing Web Pages in a Browser

Activity 5.10     Editing and Removing Hyperlinks

Objective 3: Create a Blog Post

Activity 5.11     Creating a Blog Post

Activity 5.12     Inserting Hyperlinks in a Blog Post

Project 5B: FAQ List

Objective 4: Locate Word Settings to Personalize Word 2010

Activity 5.13     Examining the Word Options Dialog Box

Activity 5.14     Zooming from the View Tab

Objective 5: Collect and Paste Images and Text

Activity 5.15     Collecting Images and Text from Multiple Documents

Activity 5.16     Pasting Information from the Clipboard Task Pane

Objective 6: Locate Supporting Information

Activity 5.17     Using the Research Task Pane to Locate Information

Activity 5.18     Translating Text from the Research Task Pane

Objective 7: Use Advanced Find and Replace and Proofing Options

Activity 5.19     Using Find and Replace to Change Text Formatting

Activity 5.20     Using Wildcards in Find and Replace

Activity 5.21     Using the Spelling and Grammar Checker

Objective 8: Save in Other Formats

Activity 5.22     Saving a document in RTF Format

Chapter 6 Building Documents from Reusable Content and Revising Documents Using Markup Tools

Scenario: Lakefield Public Library

Project 6A: Newsletter with Reusable Content and Custom Theme

Objective 1: Create Building Blocks

Activity 6.01     Creating a Building Block in the Text Box Gallery

Activity 6.02     Viewing Building Blocks in the Building Blocks Organizer

Activity 6.03     Creating a Building Block in the Quick Tables Gallery

Activity 6.04     Creating a Graphic Building Block

Objective 2: Create and Save a Theme Template

Activity 6.05     Customizing a Theme

Activity 6.06     Saving a Theme Template

Objective 3: Create a Document by Using Building Blocks

Activity 6.07     Creating a Document Using Building Blocks

Activity 6.08     Managing Files and Restoring Settings

Project 6B: Events Schedule with Tracked Changes

Objective 4: Use Comments in a Document

Activity 6.09     Inserting Comments

Activity 6.10     Editing and Deleting Comments

Objective 5: Track Changes in a Document

Activity 6.11     Managing Tracked Changes

Activity 6.12     Using the Reviewing Pane

Activity 6.13     Viewing Revisions in a Document

Activity 6.14     Turning on Track Changes

Activity 6.15     Accepting or Rejecting Changes in a Document

Objective 6: View Side by Side, Compare, and Combine Documents

Activity 6.16     Using View Side by Side

Activity 6.17     Combining Documents

Product Details

Gaskin, S.
Prentice Hall
Ferrett, Robert L.
Martin, Carol L.
Gaskin, Shelley
Ferrett, Robert
Martin, Carol
Word Processing - General
Personal Computers-Desktop Applications-Word Processing
Edition Description:
Trade paper
GO! GO! for Office 2010
Publication Date:
July 2010
Grade Level:
College/higher education:
10.9 x 9 x 0.8 in 930 gr

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Go! With MS. Word 2010, Introductory - With CD (11 Edition) New Spiral
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Product details 512 pages Prentice Hall - English 9780135090916 Reviews:
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For introductory computer courses on Microsoft Word 2010 or courses in computer concepts with a lab component on Word.


Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME! 


The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation. This approach is based on clearly defined projects for students and a one-of-a-kind supplements package for instructors.

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