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Epd Congress 2006: Extraction & Processing Division

Epd Congress 2006: Extraction & Processing Division Cover


Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments:

The 2006 edition of EPD Congress covers seven specific areas: advances in furnace integrity; characterization of minerals, metals and materials; granulation of molten materials; materials processing fundamentals; electronics recycling as well as general recycling; sampling, sensors and control for high temperature metallurgical processes; and separation technology for aqueous processing. In addition, the general area of extraction and processing is covered.

Table of Contents

Extraction and Processing Division.

Executive Council.

Honors and Awards.

Session Chairpersons.

Advances in Furnace Integrity.

Session I.

Acustic-Pulsation-Based Intensification of Heat Transfer in Continuous Furnaces (A. Lozhko, and E. Sorokina).

CONSCAN, A Laser Measurement System for Furnaces Which Are Operating on High Temperatures (O. Zach, K. Gamweger, and T. Prietl).

Recent Improvements in Evaporative Cooling Technology for Copper Tapholes and Launders (P. Navarra, F. Mucciardi, and T. Van Rompaey).

Characterization of Minerals, Metals and Materials.

Advances in Minerals and Processing Applications On-Line Radio Frequency Measurement of Bulk Mineralogy (D. Bennett, D. Miljak, and J. Khachan).

Robotic Automation of the Fire Assay Process for Rapid Quantitative Measurement of Platinum Group Elements in Mineral Concentrator Plants (K.S. McIntosh, J.J. Eksteen, and K. Koch).

Using Rietveld Analysis with Topas for Modal Analysis of Geological Samples (H. Cordes).

Barite Mineralization in Volcanic Rocks in Southern Flank of East-Magnitogorsk Palaeoisland Arc (South Urals) (N.N. Ankusheva).

Mineralogical and Chemical Characterization of the W-Pb-Bi-Ag Ore from the Rudnik Mine, Serbia (S. Radosavljevic, J. Stojanovic, and A. Radosavljevic-Mihajlovic).

Applied Mineralogical Studies on Colombian (El Bagre, Antioquia) Black Sands (C.M. Lamus Molina, M.A. Márquez Godoy, and J.C. Gaspar).

Applied Mineralogical Studies of Nigerian Bulk Complex Sulphide Ore (P.A. Olubambi, S. Ndlovu, J.H. Potgieter, and J.O. Borode).

Pulsed Power Breaking-Up Technology for Resistant Gold-Containing Ores and Beneficiation Products (V.A. Chanturiya, and I.J. Bunin).

The Effect of the Mineralogy of the Platinum Group Metals on Their Leachability During the PLASTOL® Leach Process (C.J. Ferron, C.C. Hamilton, O. Valeyev, and N. McKay).

Materials Characterization of Electrocoagulation Byproducts Using Al-Fe Combination Electrode System (J.A.G. Gomes, P. Daida, G. Irwin, H. McWhinney, T. Grady, H. Moreno, E. Peterson, J.R. Parga, and D.L. Cocke).

Advances in Metals and Engineered Materials.

Adiabatic Shear Bands Associated with Plug Formation and Pentration in Ti-6Al-4V Targets: Formation, Structure, and Performance: A Preliminary Study (F. Martinez, E.V. Esquivel, M.I. Lopez, S.M. Gaytan, D.A. Lopez, A. Ramirez, D.A. Ramirez, P.A. Guerrero, C. Pizana, I. Anchondo, L.E. Murr, B.E. Schuster, and M. Fermen-Coker).

Comparison of Dislocation and Other Deformation Microstructures in As-Grown, Compression Tested, and Ballistically Penetrated W Single-Crystal Rods (M.T. Baquera, L.E. Murr, C. Pizaña, T.L. Tamoria, H.C. Chen, and S.J. Cytron).

Local Thermal Property Analysis by Scanning Thermal Microscopy of Ultrafine-Grained Surface Layer in Copper and in Titanium Produced by Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment (F.A. Guo, Y.N. Zhang, and N. Trannoy).

Temperature Measurements in Microwave Heating (X. Sun, J.-Y. Hwang, S. Shi, B. Li, and X. Huang).

Ultrasonic Detection of Hydride Blisters in a Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube (Y.-M. Cheong, S.-S. Kim, and Y.-S. Kim).

The Characterization of the Intermetallic Fe-Al Layer of Steel-Aluminum Weldings (M. Potesser, T. Schoeberl, H. Antrekowitsch, and J. Bruckner).

Microsctructural Characterization of Mg Based Alloys (A.J. Sideris, A.L.D. Skury, S.N. Monteiro, and G.S. Bobrovnitchii).

Effect of Retrogression and Reaging Treatment on Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance of 7075 Aluminum Alloy (M. Baydogan, H. Cimenoglu, E.S. Kayali, and J. Rasty).

EDXRF Analysis of Alloys and Corrosion Products of Metallic Pre-Hispanic Pieces of the Museum of Ethnology and Archaeology of the University of Sao Paulo (A.C. Neiva, J.N. Dron, H.G. de Melo, and S.C. Lima).

Corrosion Processes and Mineral Formation on the Surface of Bronze Monuments in Urban Environments (O. Frank-Kamenetskaya, and E. Treivus).

A Study of Accuracy and Reproducibility of High Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry (S. Jacob, and M.E. Schlesinger).

Iron Oxide Reduction with Conventional and Microwave Heating Under Co and H2 Atmospheres (J.-Y. Hwang, X. Huang, S. Qu, Y. Wang, S. Shi, and G. Caneba).

Microstructural Characterization of Brazilian Iron Ores for Quality Control in Iron Making – A Geometallurgical Approach (V. Seshadri, C.B. Viera, and C.A. Rosiere).

Development of Ore-Coal Composite Pellets for Sponge Ironmaking (B.B. Agrawal, and G.I.S. Chauhan).

Advances in Ceramics, Refractories and Composites.

Characterization of a Ceramic Foam (S.N. Monteiro, and C.M.F. Vieira).

Fibrous Reinforcement in Clay-Bonded Silicon Carbide Refractory Using Andalusite Powder (B. Li, J.-Y. Hwang, and S. Shi).

Characterization of Some Ceramic Materials for High Pressure Applications (A.M. Ramalho, G.S. Bobrovnitchii, S.N. Monteiro, and M.V. Figueiredo).

Investigation on the Thermal Decomposition of Diaspore (X. Liu, J. Wang, Y. Hu, Y. Danqing, and H. Li).

Characterization of Clayey Ceramic Body Used for Roofing Tile Fabrication (C.M.F. Vieira, P.M. Andrade, E.V. Silva, and S.N. Monteiro).

Structural and Morphological Characterization of a Natural Graphite After Application of High Pressure and High Temperature Treatment (A.L.D. Skury, G.S. Bobrovnitchii, S.N. Monteiro, and L.A.H. Terrones).

Phase Transformation of Andalusite and Its Impacts on Refractory Brick Reinforcement (B. Li, J.-Y. Hwang, A.M. Hein, and Z. Xu).

Characterization of Steel Slag for Incorporation Into Red Ceramics (S.N. Monteiro, E.L. dos Santos Jr., S.C. Intorne, D.P. Dias, and C.M.F. Vieira).

Phase Changes During Heating of Illite (X. Liu, H. Li, Y. Hu, D. Yi, and J. Wang).

Pullout Test of Coir Fiber to Evaluate the Interface Strength in Polyester Composites (S.N. Monteiro, J.F. de Deus, R.C.P. Aquino, and J.R.M. D’Almeida).

Microstructural Characterization of Epoxy Matrix Composites with Dispersed Diamond Particles (S.N. Monteiro, A.L.D. Skury, G.W. Menezes, R.J.S. Rodriguez, and J.R.M. D’Almeida).

The Direct Test of Swell Stress for Geosynthetic Clay Liners (J. Shen, C. Li, S. He, G. Zhang, J. Tong, and B. Yan).

Environmentally Correct Jute Reinforced Polyethylene Composites (S.N. Monteiro, A.C. Lima, L.J.T. Petrucci, L.A.H. Terrones, and J.R.M. D’Almeida).

Morphological, Mechanical and Optical Characterization of Flyash Filled Nylon 6 (P.A. Mahanwar, S. Bose, and H. Raghu).

Mechanical and Structural Characterization of Curaua Fibers (S.N. Monteiro, J.F. de Deus, and J.R.M. D'Almeida).

General Abstracts: Extraction and Processing Division.

Copper and Nickel Hydrometallurgy.

Development of a Hydrometallurgical Process for Copper Concentrate Treatment by Sumitomo Metal Mining (M. Imamura, K. Takeda, K. Ando, N. Nagase, and Y. Ojima).

High Aspect Ratio Nickel Structures Fabricated by Electrochemical Replication of Hydrofluoric Acid Etched Silicon (X. Zhang, and K.N. Tu).


Effect of Normality, Temperature and Time on the Tungsten Losses in the Residue Separated from Diluted Scheelite-Slurry-in-NaOH after Digestion (R.P.S. Gauri).

Comprehensive Utilization of Zinc Leach Residues by Flotation – Reduction Roasting - Magnetic Separation Process (Y. Zhang, Z. Huang, T. Jiang, G. Li, Y. Yang, Y. Guo, and B. Xu).

Study on Recovery of Ferrous Minerals from Nickle Metallurgical Residues by Selective Flocculation-Magnetic Separation (Y. Guo, H. Dong, G. Li, Z. Huang, Y. Yang, and T. Jiangi).

The Technological Characteristics of Blended Nkalaha and Nsu Clays (N.E. Idenyi, S.I. Neife, and S.O. Agha).

A Clean Method Applying Anion-Exchange Separation and Membrane-Electrolysis to Regenerate Fe-Zn-HCl Spent Pickling Liquors (G. Csicsovszki, T. Kékesi, and T.I. Török).


Neutralization of Smelter Gases with Limestone in a Countercurrent Multiple Fluidized Bed System (I. Wilkomirsky, F. Parada, and R. Parra).

Decomposition Kinetics of Flash Smelting Flue Dust Sulphates (E. Nurminen, and P. Taskinen).

Controlling of Foaming Phenomena During Copper Blow in Copper P-S Converter (P. Tan, P. Vix, and P. Telford).

Reduction of Nickel Oxide from Liquid Slags with Carbon and Silicon (P. Martínez Nicolás, A. Romero-Serrano, S. González-López, and M. Angeles-Hernández).

Energy Requirements in Nickeliferous Laterite Treatment (E.N. Zevgolis, C. Zografidis, J. Gaitanos, I.P. Kostika, and I. Halikia).

Lead and Other Metals.

Improving Metallurgical Operations Through Application of Systems Thinking Principles (K.N. Swamy).

Thermodynamic Modeling of Copper Drossing Process in Lead Refining (P. Tan, and P. Vix).

Thermodynamic Modeling of Kivcet Lead Process (P. Tan, and P. Vix).

Application of Transformational Roasting to the Treatment of Metallurgical Wastes (P.C. Holloway, and T.H. Etsell).

Granulation of Molten Materials.

Session I.

Granulation of Molten Materials (D. Norvali).

Evolution of Granulation Technology (W. Van Hooff, B. Greiveldinger, and M. Wenner).

Common Granulation Systems in the Metals Industry (A. Cooper).

Copper Matte Granulation at the Kennecott Utah Copper Smelter (D.B. George, C. Nexhip, D. George-Kennedy, R. Foster, and R. Walton).

Granulation of Precious Metal Bearing Alloys and Slags (W.K. O’Connor, P.C. Turner, G.E. Rush, and G.F. Soltau).

Multimedia Dispersion and Solidification of Molten Material Flows (D. Arana, and H. Leroux).

The Properties and Uses of Granulated Non Ferrous Slags (M.P. Sudbury, and D.J. Kemp).

Session II.

Common Granulation System Problems with a Focus on Non-Ferrous Applications (A. Cooper).

Atomisation as a One Step Process for Hydrometallurgical and Flash Furnace Feed (D. Norval).

Atomization of Granules Using a Single Fluid Technique (H. Henein).

Materials Processing Fundamentals.

Process Modeling.

Fluid Flow and Transport Phenomena During Steel Refining and Casting Process (L. Zhang).

Numerical Simulations of Jet Break-Up Phenomena for the High Pressure Die Casting Process (V. Viti, K. Kuwana, A.S. Sabau, M. Hassan, and K. Saito).

Mathematical Modeling and Design of Heat Pipe-Cooled Metallurgical Furnace Equipment (P. Navarra, H. Zhao, F. Mucciardi, and T. Van Rompaey).

Numerical Model of the Temperature Field and Heterogeneity of a Casting of Ductile Cast-Iron (F. Kavicka, B. Sekanina, J. Heger, K. Stransky, J. Dobrovska, and J. Stetina).

Design of Supersonic Nozzles for Ultra-Rapid Quenching of Metallic Vapours (M.N.H. Khan, P. Witt, G. Brooks, T. Barton, and M. Nagle).

Study of Non-Wetting Liquid Flow in a Bed of Mono-Sized Particle Packing Under the Influence of Lateral Gas Injection (V. Singh, and G.S. Gupta).

Computer Modeling of a Self-Reducing Agglomerate in a Shaft Furnace (J.C. D’Abreu, H.M. Kohler, J.H. Noldin Jr.).

Solidifcation and Deformation Processing.

Comparative Study of the Effects of Solidification Rate on the Cast Microstructures of Aluminum Alloys 6016 and 6009 (P.N. Anyalebechi).

On Chemical Heterogeneity Measurement and Evaluation in CC Steel Slab (J. Dobrovska, F. Kavicka, V. Dobrovska, and K. Stransky).

Metallic Wires Elaboration Directly from Thin Liquid Jets (L. Charpentier, Y. Duterrail-Couvat, Y. Delannoy, and C. Trassy).

The Model of Structure Refinement in Metals at Large Deformations and Factors Effecting Grain Sizes (F.Z. Utyashev, and G.I. Raab).

Age Hardening Behavior of AA2618 (H. Lu, P.B. Kadolkar, K. Nakazawa, T. Ando, and C.A. Blue).

Characterization of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure in Copper Nanopowder Alloyed Al7075 T651 Via Friction Stir Process (D. Kim, J. Wu, W.F. Schmidt, and A.P. Malshe).

Smelting and Refining.

Mechanisms of Oxygen Partial Lead Softening (S. Firoozi, D. Vineberg, and R. Harris).

Carbothermal Reduction Study of Kaolin and Two Different Silica Sources (S. Niyomwas).

Increase in Concentration of a Zn-Containing Volatile Complex by UV Irradiation of a Target for ZnO Films Synthesis (E. Arakelova, V. Parvanyan, F. Grigoryan, G. Asatryan, and G. Petrosyan).

Preparation of SmCo5 by Chemical Coprecipitation-Reduction-Diffusion Method (CPRD) (L. Ping, G. Xueyi, X. Ping, H. Kai, and L. Rongyi).

Prevention of Resulfurization in Magnesium Desulfurization Process of Molten Iron (J. Yang, M. Kuwabara, K. Okumura, Z. Liu, and M. Sano).

Powders and Composites.

EMF Study of Nb-Al Intermetallics (P. George, and R.G. Reddy).

In Situ Synthesis of Al-TiC-Al2O3 and Al-SiC-Al2O3 Composites (N. Memongkol, and S. Niyomwas).

Effects of Temperature and Precursors on Preparation of Fe-TiC Composite from Ilmenite (S. Niyomwas).

Preparation of Mono-Dispersed Cobalt Oxide Particles by Homogeneous Precipitation with Urea (Q. Bo, G. Xueyi, X. Liu, H. Kai, and R. Liu).

Study of the Metallizing of the Continuous Carbon Fiber Surface (T. Luo, G. Yao, L. Wu, and Y. Liu).

Study of Decomposition Regularities for a Zn-Containing Volatile Complex Used in ZnO Film Synthesis (E. Arakelova, F. Grigoryan, V. Parvanyan, and G. Asatryan).

The Formation of Misty Band Near the Substrate During Contact Angle Measurement (L. Wu, G. Yao, T. Luo, and X. Zhang).


Electronics Recycling.

Metallurgical Recycling of Electronic Scrap (H. Antrekowitsch, M. Potesser, W. Spruzina, and F. Prior).

Eco-Efficient Recycling Alternatives for End-of-Life Cathode Ray Tubes (J. Gregory, and R. Kirchain).

Filtration of Solar Cell Silicon Scrap (A. Kvithyld, D. Chithambaranadhan, A. Ciftja, E. Ovrelid, and T.A. Engh).

Leaching of Copper from Waste Printed Circuit Boards Using Electrogenerated Chlorine in Hydrochloric Acid Solution (E.-Y. Kim, M.-S. Kim, J.-C. Lee, J. Jeong, and B.-S. Kim).

Recovery of Tellurium from Cadmium Telluride Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing Scrap and Other Sources (W. Wang, and V.M. Fthenakis).

A Clean-Lead Factory is Available for Lead-Acid Batteries Recycling by Means of the "Cleanlead Process" (C. Frias, N. Ocaña, G. Diaz, T. Piper, B. Bulkowski, A. Chmielarz, P. Claisse, S. Hemmings, L. Abrantes, H. Jansen, J. Van Erkel, T. Franken, Z. Kunicky, and T. Velea).

Cost Analysis of Used Battery Recycling in Taiwan (E. Hsu, and C.-M. Kuo).

General Recycling.

Immobilization Process Via Solidification of Hazardous Heavy Metals for Recycling Industry Waste (J.-W. Ahn, K.-S. You, S.-H. Ahn, and H. Kim).

Effect of Magnetic Separation in Removal of Heavy Metals in Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom Ash (N.-I. Um, G.-S. You, G.-C. Han, and J.-W. Ahn).

A New Recycle Process of Uranium from Spent Fuel by Selective Sulfurization (N. Sato, G. Shinohara, O. Tochiyama, and S. Sato).

Recycling of Oxidic Waste from Ferroalloy Production (M. Hochenhofer, H. Antrekowitsch, M. Potesser, and W. Labenbacher).

Repeatedly Utilizing of Carbon Fiber Chemistry Copper Plating Waste Liquid (T. Luo, G. Yao, L. Wu, X. Zhang, and H. Li).

Sampling, Sensors & Control for High Temperature Metallurgical Processes.

Session I.

Challenges in Sampling, Metallurgical Accounting and Reconciliation of Primary Smelting Furnaces (J.J. Eksteen, and C. Cutler).

Prototype Camera for Monitoring Aluminium Tapping (D. Death, L. Pollard, C. Rogers, P. Gwan, S. Maunder, F. Giurco, P. Herd, and A. Johnston).

Local Temperature Control for Die Casting Processes (T. Yang, H. Hu, X. Chen, Y.-L. Chu, and P. Cheng).

Modelling, Control and Optimisation of Chemistry and Viscosity of Copper Converter Slag (P. Tan, and P. Vix).

Variance and Heterogeneity in Melt Samples from Industrial Ferro-Alloy Furnaces (J.J. Eksteen, E.L. Thyse, and M. Nkohla).

Modelling and Control of Copper Isasmelt Furnace (P. Tan, and P. Vix).

Separation Technology for Aqueous Processing.

Session I.

Bioleaching of Nickel Laterite Ore Using Halotolerant Aspergillus Foetidus Under Saline Conditions (V. Thangavelu, D. Ryan, A. Deepatana, and M. Valix).

Ion-Exchange Recovery of Nickel and Cobalt from Metal-Organic Complexes Generated in Bioleaching of Low Grade Nickel Laterite Ores (A. Deepatana, and M. Valix).

Kinetics of Limonite and Nontronite Ore Leaching by Fungi Metabolic Acids (A. Deepatana, J. Tang, and M. Valix).

Semi-Batch Manganese Removal from a Zinc Leach Solution Using SO2/O2 (V. Menard, and G.P. Demopoulos).

Study of Organic Phase Composition and Solvent Extractive Process for Purifying Nickel Chloride Solution with N235 (S. Chen, L. Wang, L. Zhang, and Y. Luo).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

Product Details

Material Science
Belt, Cynthia K.
Howard, Stanley M.
Newman, Christopher J.
Anyalebechi, Prince N.
nthia K. Belt
Hwang, Jiann-Yang J.
Krumdick, Gregory K.
Battle, Thomas P.
Chen, Taong T.
Henein, Hani
Powell, Adam C.
Davis, Boyd R.
Hwang, Jiann-Yang
Harris, Cameron L.
Free, Michael L.
Stephens, Robert L.
Gokhale, Arun M.
General & Introductory Materials Science
Materials Science-General
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Grade Level:
187.5 x 135 x 15.8 mm 3.456 oz

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Epd Congress 2006: Extraction & Processing Division
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