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This title in other editions

Visual Arts : History (7TH 05 - Old Edition)


Visual Arts : History (7TH 05 - Old Edition) Cover


Table of Contents


Preface ix


Introduction 2

Art as Craft 2

Systems of Building 3

Sculptural Techniques and Materials 3

Painting Techniques and Materials 5

Print-making 7

Photography 9

Pictorial Representation 9

Perspective 9

Color 11

Style and Individual Expression 13

Context: Function and Meaning 14

The Power of Images 16

Women Artists 18

The History of Art 20


Part One

Foundations of Art


Chapter One

Before History  24

Timechart 24

The Art of the Hunters 25

Map Prehistoric Europe and the Near East 26

Cave Art 27

Mesolithic Art 33

The Art of Farmers 33

In context Çatal Hüyük: A Neolithic Town 34

Neolithic Architecture 37

Stonehenge 38


Chapter Two

The Early Civilizations 40

Timechart 40

Mesopotamia 41

Sumer 41

Map Ancient West Asia 43

Akkadian Art 45

Ziggurats 46

Sources and Documents Gudea’s Dream 47

Babylon 48

The Indus Valley 49

Ancient Egypt 52

Predynastic 52

Map Ancient Egypt 53

Early Dynastic 54

Old Kingdom Architecture 55

Sources and Documents Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts 58

Old Kingdom Sculpture and Painting 59

Middle Kingdom 63

The Aegean 65

Map The Ancient Aegean 65

Minoan Crete 66

Mycenae and the Mainland 71

In Context The Homeric World 74

China 75

Shang Dynasty 75

Map Ancient China 76


Chapter Three

Developments Across the Continents  80

The Hittites 80

Timechart 80

The Discovery of Iron 82

Map Anatolia, Syria and Mesopotamia 83

The New Kingdom in Ancient Egypt 83

Sources and Documents Thutmose Instructs his Vizier 85

In Context Hatshepsut: Women in Ancient Egypt 86

New Kingdom Architecture 88

Akhenaten 90

Ramesside Art 93

Assyria and Babylon 95

Narrative Relief 98

Babylon 100

Iran 102

Achaemenid Art 102

Persepolis 104

Zhou China 106

The Americas 109

Map Ancient Mesoamerica 109

The Olmecs 110

Peru 111

Map Ancient Peru 112

In Context Chavín de Huántar: Religion and Society, in Ancient Peru 113

Africa: Nok Culture 115


Chapter Four

The Greeks and Their Neighbours  116

Timechart 116

Archaic Greece 117

Map Ancient Greece 118

The Male Nude 121

The Polis 125

The Classical Period 126

The Parthenon 126

Sources and Documents Pausanias on the Parthenon 128

In Context The Delphi Charioteer: Ancient Greek Religion and Athletics 134

Naturalism and Idealization 138

Concepts The Ideal: Idealism, Proportion and the ‘Canon’ 139

Vase Painting 143

Stelae 145

The Late Classical Period 146

Barbarian Alternatives: Scythians and the Animal Style 149

Urban Development Organic Growth and Urban Planning from Jericho to Athens 150

Hallstatt and La Tène 154

Iberia and Sardinia 156

The Etruscans 157

Sources and Documents Pliny on Etruscan Sculpture 161


Chapter Five

Hellenistic and Roman Art  165

Timechart 165

Map Etruscan and Roman Italy 167

The Hellenistic Period 167

Plato, Aristotle and the Arts 169

Allegory 173

Hellenistic Architecture 175

Hellenistic and Roman Painting and Mosaics 178

In Context Roman Luxury: Silver and Cameo Glass 179

Sources and Documents Vitruvius on Roman Painting 183

Roman Architecture 185

Domestic Architecture 186

Temples and Public Works 187

Urban Development The Roman City: From the Republic to the Late Empire 188

The Colosseum and the Invention of Concrete 191

The Pantheon 193

Roman Sculpture 195

Towards a Definition of Roman Art 196

In Context Family Piety: The Roman Portrait Bust 200

Late Antique Art 207


Part Two

Art and the World Religions


Chapter Six

Buddhism, Hinduism and the Arts of South and East Asia  216

Timechart 216

Buddhist Art in India 219

Map India 219

In Context The Life of the Buddha: Scriptures and Images 222

The Image of Buddha 224

Hindu Art in India 230

Concepts The Divine: From Apollo to Vishnu 233

In Context Ellora: An Architect—Sculptor’s Summit 237

Sources and Documents Konarak Temple Building Accounts 238

Buddhist and Hindu Art in Sri Lanka and Java 244

Map South-East Asia 244

Buddhist and Hindu Art on the South-east Asian Mainland 249

Confucian, Daoist and Buddhist Art in China 255

Han Dynasty 255

In Context Confucius: Han Relief Carving 258

Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties 265

Song Dynasty 268

Landscape Painting 272

Shinto and Buddhist Art in Japan 277

Sources and Documents The Nihongi on the First Buddhist Images in Japan 279

The Heian, Fujiwara and Kamakura Periods (794—1333) 282

Sources and Documents Lady Murasaki on Calligraphy 285


Chapter Seven

Early Christian and Byzantine Art  288

Timechart 288

The Beginnings of Christian Art 289

In Context The Catacombs: Early Christian Art 292

From Domus Ecclesiae to the Christian Basilica 294

The Image of Christ 297

Sources and Documents Agnellus on S Apollinare Nuovo 300

Ravenna 303

Byzantine Art 306

Ecclesiastical Architecture 306

Map The Byzantine World 307

Hagia Sophia 307

Urban Development Constantinople: The Creation of a Christian Imperial Capital City 308

The Classical Tradition 313

Icons and Iconoclasts 315

The Triumph of Orthodoxy 316

In Context The Virgin: The First Images 318

Christian Art in Northern Europe 320

Interlace and Illumination 322

Christian Art in Western Europe 324

The Carolingian Renovatio 326

Sources and Documents Einhard on the Palatine Chapel 327

In Context Monasticism: East and West 328

Developments in Christian Imagery 329


Chapter Eight

Early Islamic Art  333

Timechart 333

Map The Islamic World 334

Umayyad Art and Architecture 336

Sources and Documents The Byzantine Ambassadors Visit Baghdad 341

Abbasid Art and Architecture 342

Islamic Spain 345

Samanid and Seljuk Architecture 348

Islamic Decoration 349

In Context The Madrasa: Architecture for Education 350


Part Three

Sacred and Secular Art


Chapter Nine

Medieval Christendom 356

Timechart 356

Map Western Europe and the Middle Ages 358

Ottonian Art 359

Romanesque Architecture in Italy 362

Romanesque Art and Architecture in Northern Europe 366

Innovations in Romanesque Architecture 373

Gothic Art and Architecture 375

Sources and Documents Abbot Suger Finds Columns and Beams for St-Denis 376

In Context The Gothic Cathedral: The New Jerusalem 378

High Gothic 380

Stained Glass and Flying Buttresses 381

Urban Development Medieval Towns: Commercial Prosperity and Civic Pride 382

Economics and Theology 387

Sources and Documents Abbot Haymo and the ‘Cult of the Carts’ at Chartres 387

Sculpture and Painting 388

English and German Gothic 391

Sources and Documents Piers Plowman on Stained Glass and Opus Anglicanum 392

Italian Gothic 393

In Context St Francis and St Clare 396

Giotto 403

Sources and Documents The Monks in Padua Complain about the Scrovegni Chapel 405

Secular and International Gothic 408


Chapter Ten

The Fifteenth Century in Europe 416

Timechart 416

The Beginnings of the Italian Renaissance 417

Map Renaissance Italy 418

Brunelleschi 418

Masaccio 420

‘Progress’ in Sculpture 421

A New Style in Flanders 424

Van Eyck and van der Weyden 424

In Context The Ghent Altarpiece: Jan van Eyck and his Patrons 426

Sources and Documents Bartolommeo Fazio on Jan van Eyck 430

Architecture in Italy 430

Alberti 431

Sculpture in Italy 433

Donatello 433

New Departures 434

Italian Painting and the Church 438

Fra Angelico, Uccello and Piero della Francesca 439

Sources and Documents Filippino Lippi and Filippo Strozzi: Financial and other Problems over the Strozzi Chapel 441

Secular Painting 443

Botticelli 445

The Venetian Synthesis 449

Mantegna and Bellini 449

International Humanism 453

Dürer 453

In Context Bellini and Carpaccio: Corporate Patronage in Renaissance Venice 454


Chapter Eleven

The Sixteenth Century in Europe 457

Timechart 457

Reform and Early Sixteenth-century Art in the North 458

Hieronymus Bosch 460

Grünewald 461

Protestant Art 463

The High Renaissance in Italy 466

Leonardo da Vinci 466

Harmony, Unity and Raphael 469

In Context Bramante’s Tempietto: Alberti, Leonardo and the Ideal Renaissance Church 472

Michelangelo 474

Sources and Documents Michelangelo’s David: Contract and Installation 475

The Venetian High Renaissance 485

Urban Development Renaissance Urbanism: The Rome of Sixtus V 486

Giorgione 488

Titian 489

Tintoretto and Veronese 492

Sansovino, Palladio and the Laws of Harmony 493

Sources and Documents Veronese’s Interrogation by the Inquisition 494

Mannerism and Mannerisms 497

Correggio and Mannerist ‘Licence’ 497

Pieter Bruegel the Elder 502

El Greco 503

In Context Pieter Bruegel’s Months: Patronage in Flanders 504


Chapter Twelve

The Americas, Africa and Asia 507

Timechart 507

Mesoamerica and Peru 508

Map Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica 509

The Maya, Toltecs and Mixtecs 510

The Incas 516

The Aztecs 517

Sources and Documents Cortés and Dürer on Mexico and Montezuma’s Treasure 517

Africa 519

Map Africa 519

Sources and Documents Dapper on Benin 523

The Islamic World 524

Ottoman Architecture 528

Safavid Art and Architecture 529

Urban Development Isfahan and Samarkand: Islamic Urban Design 534

Mughal Art and Architecture 536

In Context Nur-Jahan and Jahangir: Art at the Mughal Court 540

Sources and Documents Domingo Paes on Vijayanagar 544

China 545

The Yuan Dynasty 545

The Ming Dynasty 549

Sources and Documents Dong Quichang on Painting: The Study of Nature and Old Masters 555

Japan — Kamakura to Edo 556

Map Japan 557

The Influence of Zen Buddhism 558

In Context Namban Screens: The Japanese Encounter with Europeans 562


Chapter Thirteen

The Seventeenth Century in Europe 567

Timechart 567

New Beginnings in Rome 568

concepts Nature, Imitation and Invention: The Formation of Academic Theory 570

Baroque Art and Architecture 571

Rubens and van Dyck 572

In Context The Jesuit Missions: Evangelization and Colonization 576

The Easel Painting in Italy 578

Bernini 580

Borromini 583

Poussin and Claude 585

Velásquez 588

Sources and Documents Pacheco on Art in the Service of Religion 590

Dutch Painting 591

Hals 591

Rembrandt 592

Landscape 595

In Context Rembrandt’s ‘Hundred-guilder Print’: The Development of Graphic Processes 596

Still Life and Genre 600

Vermeer 602

England and France 603


Chapter Fourteen

Enlightenment and Liberty 607

Timechart 607

French Rococo Art 608

Watteau, de Troy and the Rococo Interior 609

Boucher, Chardin and Fragonard 612

Sources and Documents Diderot on Boucher, Greuze and Chardin 612

In Context Fragonard and Greuze: Sex Objects and Virtuous Mothers 614

The Rococo in Germany and Italy 616

Tiepolo, Guardi and Canaletto 619

English Sense and Sensibility 622

Hogarth and Gainsborough 622

Landscape and Classicism 623

Neo-Classicism, or the ‘True Style’ 627

Sources and Documents Washington and Jefferson: Antique versus Modern Dress 629

Canova and David 630


Part Four

The Making of the Modern World


Chapter Fifteen

Romanticism to Realism 636

Timechart 636

Urban Development Factories and Public Parks: Owen, Nash and Olmsted 638

Romanticism 640

The Heirs of David 642

Goya 644

Géricault 646

Ingres 647

Delacroix 648

Sources and Documents Heine on Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People 651

Romanticism and Philosophy 651

Friedrich 651

Blake 652

Romantic Landscape Painting 653

Constable 653

Turner 654

In Context Turner’s Slave Ship: Images of Slavery 656

Corot and the Etude 658

Photography 659

In which Style should We Build? 662

Sources and Documents Pugin on the Principles of Christian Architecture 664

Historicism and Realism 665

The Pre-Raphaelites 666

Courbet 666

Concepts Art for Art’s Sake: Aestheticism versus Realism 668

Millet 669

Manet 670

Sources and Documents Baudelaire: ‘What is the good of criticism?’ 670

The USA 674

In Context Caleb Bingham’s Fur Traders: Art and the Frontier 678

Photography comes of Age 681


Chapter Sixteen

Eastern Traditions 686

Timechart 686

Qing-dynasty China 687

In Context Wang Hui and Others, Portrait of

An Qi: Painters and Patrons under the Qing Dynasty 689

Architecture and the Decorative Arts 690

Japan in the Edo Period 693

Hokusai and Hiroshige 695

Sources and Documents Hokusai and Frank Lloyd Wright on the Japanese Print 698


Chapter Seventeen

Impressionism to Post-Impressionism 700

Timechart 700

Impressionism 701

Monet 704

Sources and Documents Laforgue on Impressionism 705

Morisot, Renoir and Manet 705

In Context Degas and Manet: City Lights and the Exploitation of Women 708

Degas 710

Japonisme 712

Neo-Impressionism 715

Seurat, Divisionism and Socialism 715

Symbolism 717

Gaugin and van Gogh 718

Allegories of Modern Life: Munch and Rodin 720

Art Nouveau and the New Architecture 723

Sullivan and the Skyscraper 725

In Context The Crystal Palace and the Statue of Liberty: Metal and New Building Methods 726

Domestic Architecture 728

Cézanne 729

Sources and Documents Cézanne to Emile Bernard 730


Chapter Eighteen

Indigenous Arts of Africa, the Americas, Australia and Oceania 734

Timechart 734

Oceania 736

Map Oceania 736

Polynesia 736

Sources and Documents Captain Cook and the Arts of the Pacific 739

Melanesia and Micronesia 742

Australia 744

The North American North-West

Coast 746

In Context A Shaman’s Mask: Art and the Supernatural 748

The Plains and the Arid Lands of North America 750

Africa 752

In Context A Complex Legacy: The European Presence in African Art 756

Part Five

Twentieth-Century Art and Beyond


Chapter Nineteen

Art from 1900 to 1919 768

Timechart 768

New Ways of Looking 769

In Context Picasso’s Demoiselles: Anarchism, Colonialism and Art as Exorcism 772

The Fauves and Expressionism 774

Matisse 775

The German Expressionists 776

Kandinsky 779

Sources and Documents Kandinsky on Color 780

Marc 781

Cubism 782

Picasso and Braque: Analytical and Synthetic Cubism 782

Sources and Documents Braque and Picasso on Cubism 785

Orphic Cubism 789

Futurism 790

Abstract or Non-Objective Art 793

Suprematism and the Founding of De Stijl 793

Architecture 795

Frank Lloyd Wright 795


Chapter Twenty

Between the Two World Wars 798

Timechart 798

Dada and Surrealism 799

Duchamp 800

America and the Precisionist View 803

Diego Rivera and the Mexican Muralists 805

In Context Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros: Art and Politics 806

Breton, de Chirico and Ernst 808

Sources and Documents Louis Aragon, Max Ernst and Others Issue a Surrealist Declaration 809

Dali, Magritte and Miró 810

Welded Metal: A Revolution in Sculpture 813

Photography and Modern Movements 815

Sources and Documents Walter Benjamin on Photography 815

Constructivism, De Stijl and the International Style 819

Art and Revolution 819

The Bauhaus 821

Sources and Documents Walter Gropius on the Bauhaus 821

Mondrian 823

Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe 825

Urban Development Cities of the Future: Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright 826

Brancusi and Moore 828

Art Deco 830


Chapter Twenty-One

Post-War to Post-Modern 832

Timechart 832

Abstract Expressionism 833

Pollock and de Kooning 835

Still, Rothko and Neuman 837

European Survivors 840

Post-Painterly Abstraction 841

Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg 843

concepts Modernism and Formalism 844

Pop Art 845

Photographic Imagery 848

Minimal Art 851

Conceptual Art 853

Arte Povera 855

Body Art and Process Art 857

Earth and Land Art 858

Photo-Realism and New Image Painting 861

Modernism and Post-Modernism 865


Chapter Twenty-Two

Into the Third Millennium 870

Timechart 870

Questioning Modernism 872

Neo-Expressionism 877

Art as Identity 883

Post-Modern Multiculturalism 888

Video and the Post-Medium

Condition  895

Photography and the Construction of Reality 899

Abjection 904

Function and Value 907

Function and ValueThe New Museums of Art908

Urban Development Berlin and its International Building Exhibitions 912

Art After Postmodernism 914

Globalization, Sensation

and Spectacle 921

The Turn of the Millennium 928




For Further Reading


Picture Credits

Product Details

A History (Combined)
Honour, Hugh
D'Alleva, Anne
Fleming, John
Fleming, John F.
Honour, Hugh
Prentice Hall
General Art
History : General
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Trade paper
Publication Date:
Grade Level:
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11.50x8.60x1.80 in. 6.45 lbs.

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