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Penguin Book of Renaissance Verse 1509-1659 ((Rev)93 Edition)

by (ed.)

Penguin Book of Renaissance Verse 1509-1659 ((Rev)93 Edition) Cover


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Publisher Comments:

The years from the accession of Henry VIII to the crisis of the English republic in 1659 were one of the most fertile epochs in world literature, and this anthology offers a generous selection of its poetry.

Arranged thematically, it is the first anthology fully to bring out the relationship between the period's poetry and politics, and to explore the growth of innovative humanist ideas and forms. It devotes generous space to women poets, is equally distinctive in its emphasis on popular literature and draws renewed attention to international influences on early modern British culture. With presentation kept as true as possible to the Renaissance originals, the texts have been freshly edited; while David Norbrook's Preface and Introduction illuminate some of the most controversial issues surrounding the Renaissance. A valuable range of appendices helps to make this a landmark text for the poetry and poetics of the period.


Arranged thematically, this anthology brings out the relationship between the period's poetry and politics, and explores the growth of innovative humanist ideas and forms.

Table of Contents

Selected and with an Introduction by David Norbrook - Edited by H.R. Woudhuysen

Abbreviations Used in the Text




Note on the Text and Annotation

I. The Public World

1. JOHN SKELTON: [from A Lawde and Prayse Made for Our Sovereigne Lord the Kyng]

2. SIR THOMAS MORE: De Principe Bono Et Malo

3. Quis Optimus Reipublicae Status

4. SIR DAVID LINDSAY: [from The Dreme] The Complaynt of the Comoun weill of Scotland

5. SIR THOMAS WYATT: [Who lyst his welth and eas Retayne]

6. In Spayn

7. [The piller pearisht is whearto I Lent]

8. HENRY HOWARD, EARLY OF SURREY: [Thassyryans king in peas with fowle desyre]

9. ANONYMOUS: John Arm-strongs last good night

10. ROBERT CROWLEY: Of unsaciable purchasers

11. JOHN HEYWOOD: [from A Ballad on the Marriage of Philip and Mary]

12. WILLIAM BIRCH: [from A songe betwene the Quenes majestie and Englande]

13. QUEEN ELIZABETH I: [The dowbt off future foes exiles my present joye]

14. SIR PHILIP SIDNEY: [from The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia]

15. ANONYMOUS: Of Sir Frauncis Walsingham Sir Phillipp Sydney, and Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancelor

16. GEORGE PUTTENHAM: Her Majestie resembled to the crowned piller

17. ANNE DOWRICHE: [from The French Historie]

18. SIR WALTER RALEGH: [Praisd be Dianas faire and harmles light]

19. [from Fortune hath taken the away my love]

20. QUEEN ELIZABETH I: [Ah silly pugge wert thou so sore afraid]

21. SIR WALTER RALEGH: The 21th: and last booke of the Ocean to Scinthia

22. The Lie

23. ALEXANDER MONTGOMERIE: [Remembers thou in Aesope of a taill]

24. SIR JOHN HARINGTON: A Tragicall Epigram

25. Of Treason

26. FULKE GREVILLE, LORD BROOKE: [from Caelica] Sonnet 78

27. GEORGE PEELE: [from Anglorum Feriae]

28. JOHN DONNE: The Calme

29. [from Satire 4]

30. ROBERT DEVEREUX, EARL OF ESSEX: [Change thy minde since she doth change]


32. EDMUND SPENSER: [from The Faerie Queene Book 5]

33. EOCHAIDH Ó HEÓGHUSA: [On Maguire's Winter Campaign]

34. BEN JONSON: On the Union

35. SIR ARTHUR GORGES: Written upon the death of the most Noble Prince Henrie

36. SIR HENRY WOTTON: Upon the sudden Restraint of the Earle of Somerset, then falling from favor

37. WILLIAM BROWNE: [from Brittania's Pastorals Book 2]

38. ANONYMOUS: Feltons Epitaph

39. ANONYMOUS: [Epitaph on the Duke of Buckingham]

40. SIR RICHARD FANSHAWE: [from An Ode Upon occasion of His Majesties Proclamation in the yeare 1630]

41. JOHN CLEVELAND: Epitaph on the Earl of Strafford

42. SIR JOHN DENHAM: Coopers Hill

43. MARTIN PARKER: Upon defacing of White-hall

44. ROBERT HERRICK: A King and no King

45. ANDREW MARVELL: An Horatian Ode upon Cromwel's Return from Ireland

46. SIR WILLIAM MURE: [from The Cry of Blood, and of a Broken Covenant]

47. KATHERINE PHILIPS: On the 3. of September, 1651

48. JOHN MILTON: To the Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652

49. To Sir Henry Vane the younger

50. ANDREW MARVELL: [from The First Anniversary of the Government under O.C.]

51. ALEXANDER BROME: On Sir G.B. his defeat

II. Images of Love

52. ANONYMOUS: [Westron wynde when wylle thow blow]

53. SIR THOMAS WYATT: [They fle from me that sometyme did me seke]

54. [Who so list to hount I knowe where is an hynde]

55. [It may be good like it who list]

56. [My lute awake perfourme the last]

57. HENRY HOWARD, EARL OF SURREY: [The soote season, that bud and blome furth bringes]

58. ALEXANDER SCOTT: [To luve unluvit it is ane pane]

59. GEORGE TURBERVILLE: To his Love that sent him a Ring wherein was gravde, Let Reason rule

60. ISABELLA WHITNEY: I.W. To her unconstant Lover

61. GEORGES GASCOIGNE: [A Sonet written in prayse of the brown beautie]

62. ANONYMOUS: A new Courtly Sonet, of the Lady Greensleeves

63. SIR PHILIP SIDNEY: [from Certain Sonnets: 4]

64. [from The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia]

65. [from Astrophil and Stella] 1

66. [from Astrophil and Stella] 2

67. [from Astrophil and Stella] 9

68. [from Astrophil and Stella] 72

69. [from Astrophil and Stella] 81

70. [from Astrophil and Stella] 83

71. [from Astrophil and Stella] Eight song

72. [from Astrophil and Stella] Eleventh song

73. FULKE GREVILLE, LORD BROOKE: [from Caelica] Sonnet 22

74. [from Caelica] Sonnet 27

75. [from Caelica] Sonnet 39

76. [from Caelica] Sonnet 44

77. [from Caelica] Sonnet 84


79. ROBERT GREENE: Dorons description of Samela

80. EDMUND SPENSER: [from The Faerie Queene Book 2]

81. [from The Faerie Queene Book 3]

82. [from The Faerie Queene Book 3]

83. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 23

84. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 64

85. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 67

86. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 70

87. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 71

88. Epithalamion

89. SIR WALTER RALEGH: [As you came from the holy land]

90. SAMUEL DANIEL: [from Delia] Sonnet 13

91. [from Delia] Sonnet 39

92. [from Delia] Sonnet 52

93. SIR JOHN DAVIES: [from Gullinge Sonnets]

94. [Faith (wench) I cannot court thy sprightly eyes]

95. THOMAS NASHE: The choise of valentines

96. JOHN DONNE: To his Mistress going to bed

97. BARNABE BARNES: [from Parthenophil and Parthenophe] Sonnet 27

99. CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE: The passionate Sheepheard to his love

99. Hero and Leander

100. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: [from Venus and Adonis]

101. [from Lucrece]

102. RICHARD BARNFIELD: [from Cynthia] Sonnet 8

103. [from Cynthia] Sonnet 11

104. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: [from Sonnets] 19

105. [from Sonnets] 20

106. [from Sonnets] 29

107. [from Sonnets] 35

108. [from Sonnets] 36

109. [from Sonnets] 55

110. [from Sonnets] 56

111. [from Sonnets] 66

112. [from Sonnets] 74

113. [from Sonnets] 94

114. [from Sonnets] 121

115. [from Sonnets] 124

116. [from Sonnets] 129

117. [from Sonnets] 135

118. [from Sonnets] 138

119. [from Sonnets] 144


121. Sonnet 25

122. Sonnet 31

123. Songe 17

124. GEORGE CHAPMAN: [from Hero and Leander Sestiad 3]

125. JOHN MARSTON: [from The Metamorphosis of Pigmalions Image]

126. THOMAS DELONEY: [Long have I lov'd this bonny Lasse]

127. ANONYMOUS: [from The wanton Wife of Bath]

128. [JOHN DOWLAND]: [Fine knacks for ladies, cheape choise brave and new]

129. THOMAS CAMPION: [Followe thy faire sunne unhappy shaddowe]

130. [Rose-cheekt Lawra come]

131. [There is a Garden in her face]

132. JOHN DONNE: His Picture

133. The Sunne Rising

134. The Canonization

135. Loves growth

136. A Valediction of weeping

137. A Valediction forbidding mourning

138. MICHAEL DRAYTON: [from Idea] 10

139. [from Idea] 61

140. To His Coy Love, A Canzonet

141. BEN JONSON: Why I Write Not of Love

142. My Picture left in Scotland

143. LADY MARY WROTH: [from Pamphilia to Amphilanthus] 23

144. [from Pamphilia to Amphilanthus] 34

145. [from Pamphilia to Amphilanthus] A crowne of Sonetts dedicated to Love

146. [from Pamphilia to Amphilanthus]

147. [from The Countesse of Mountgomeries Urania] 7

148. ROBERT HERRICK: Delight in Disorder

149. The Vision

150. The silken Snake

151. Her Bed

152. Upon Julia's haire fil'd with Dew

153. Upon Sibilla

154. THOMAS CAREW: The Spring

155. Ingratefull beauty threatned

156. [from A Rapture]

157. MARTIN PARKER: [from Cupid's Wrongs Vindicated]

158. [from Well met Neighbour]

159. EDMUND WALLER: The story of Phoebus and Daphne appli'd

160. Song

161. The Budd

162. SIR JOHN SUCKLING: [Out upon it, I have lov'd]

163. JOHN CLEVELAND: The Antiplatonick

164. RICHARD LOVELACE: Song. To Lucasta, Going to the Warres

165. Gratiana dauncing and singing

166. To Althea, From Prison

167. Her Muffe

168. [from On Sanazar's being honoured with six hundred Duckets by the Clarissimi of Venice, for composing an Elegiack Hexastick of the City. A Satyre]

169. ANDREW MARVELL: To his Coy Mistress

170. The Gallery

171. The Definition of Love

172. JAMES HARRINGTON: Inconstancy

173. KATHERINE PHILIPS: An Answer to another perswading a Lady to Marriage

III. Topographies

174. ALEXANDER BARCLAY: [from Certayne Egloges 5]

175. GEORGE BUCHANAN: Calendae Maiae

176. ANONYMOUS: [from Vox populi vox Dei]

177. ANONYMOUS: [from Jack of the North]

178. ANONYMOUS: The Jolly Pinder of Wakefield

179. BARNABE GOOGE: Goyng towardes Spayne

180. SIÔON PHYLIP: [from Yr Wylan]

181. SIR PHILIP SIDNEY: [from The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia]

182. EDMUND SPENSER: [from The Shepheardes Calender] Maye

183. ALEXANDER HUME: [from Of the day Estivall]

184. JOHN DAVIES: [from Epigrammes] In Cosmum 17

185. JOSEPH HALL: [from Virgidemiarum Book 5]

186. EVERARD GUILPIN: [from Skialetheia Satire 5]

187. ANONYMOUS: A Songe bewailinge the tyme of Christmas, So much decayed in Englande

188. JOHN DONNE: A nocturnall upon S. Lucies day, Being the shortest day

189. AEMILIA LANYER: The Description of Cooke-ham

190. BEN JONSON: To Penshurst

191. MICHAEL DRAYTON: [from Pastorals] The Ninth Eglogue

192. [from Poly-Olbion Song 6]

193. To the Virginian Voyage

194. SAMUEL DANIEL: [from Epistle. To Prince Henrie]

195. ANONYMOUS: On Francis Drake

196. W. TURNER: [from Turners dish of Lentten stuffe, or a Galymaufery]

197. JOHN TAYLOR: [from The Sculler] Epigram 22

198. WILLIAM BROWNE: [from Britannia's Pastorals Book 2]


200. RICHARD CORBETT: A Proper New Ballad Intituled the Faeryes Farewell: Or God-A-Mercy Will

201. SIR WILLIAM DAVENANT: The Countess of Anglesey lead Captive by the Rebels, at the Disforresting of Pewsam

202. GEORGE WITHER: [from Britain's Remembrancer Canto 4]

203. JOHN MILTON: Song on May morning 204. L'Allegro

205. ROBERT HERRICK: To Dean-bourn, a rude River in Devon, by which sometimes he lived

206. Corinna's going a Maying

207. To Meddowes

208. The Wassaile

209. RICHARD CRASHAW: [from Bulla]


211. ANONYMOUS: [The Diggers' Song]

212. HENRY VAUGHAN: [from To his retired friend, an Invitation to Brecknock]


214. ANDREW MARVELL: Bermudas

215. The Mower to the Glo-Worms

216. The Mower against Gardens

217. The Garden

218. [from Upon Appleton House, to my Lord Fairfax]


220. A Dialogue betwixt Man, and Nature

221. Similizing the Sea to Meadowes, and Pastures, the Marriners to Shepheards, the Mast to a May-pole, Fishes to Beasts

222. KATHERINE PHILIPS: Upon the graving of her Name upon a Tree in Barnelmes Walks

IV. Friends, Patrons and the Good Life

223. SIR THOMAS WYATT: [Myn owne John poyntz sins ye delight to know]

224. GEORGE GASCOIGNE: [Upon the theme: Magnum vectigal parcimonia]

225. [Gascoignes wodmanship]

226. EDWARD DE VERE, EARL OF OXFORD: [Weare I a Kinge I coulde commande content]

227. THOMAS LODGE: [from Scillaes Metamorphosis]

228. JOHN DONNE: To Sir Henry Wotton

229. THOMAS DELONEY: The Weavers Song

230. THOMAS DEKKER: [Art thou poore yet hast thou golden Slumbers]

231. SAMUEL DANIEL: To Lucy, Countesse of Bedford, with Mr. Donnes Satyres

233. Inviting a Friend to Supper

234. [THOMAS RAVENSCROFT]: [Hey hoe what shall I say]

235. [Sing we now merily]

236. A Belmans song

237. THOMAS CAMPION: [Now winter nights enlarge]

238. ANONYMOUS: The Mode of France

239. MICAHEL DRAYTON: These verses weare made By Michaell Drayton Esquier Poett Lawreatt the night before hee dyed

240. EDMUND WALLER: At Pens-hurst

241. RICHARD LOVELACE: The Grasse-hopper. To my Noble Friend, Mr. Charles Cotton. Ode

242. ALEXANDER BROME: [from The Prisoners] Written when O.C. attempted to be King

243. JOHN MILTON: [To Edward Lawrence]

244. KATHERINE PHILIPS: Friendship's Mystery, To My Dearest Lucasia

245. Friendship in Embleme, or the Seal. To my dearest Lucasia

246. To my Excellent Lucasia, on our Friendship

V. Church, State and Belief

247. JOHN SKELTON: [from Collyn Clout]

248. ANNE ASKEW: The Balade whych Anne Askewe made and sange whan she was in Newgate

249. LUKE SHEPHERD: [from The Upcheringe of the Messe]

250. ANONYMOUS: [A Lament for our Lady's Shrine at Walsingham]

251. JOHN HEYWOOD: [from Epygrams] Of turnyng.

252. GEORGE PUTTENHAM: [from Partheniades] Partheniad 11 Urania

253. ROBERT SOUTHWELL: The burning Babe

254. HENRY CONSTABLE: To St. Mary Magdalen

255. SIR JOHN HARINGTON: A Groome of the Chambers religion in King Henry the eights time

256. JOHN DONNE: Satyre 3

257. Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward

258. Hymne to God my God, in my sicknesse

259. [from Holy Sonnets]

260. [Since she whome I lovd, hath payd her last debt]

261. [Show me deare Christ, thy spouse, so bright and cleare]

262. FULKE GREVILLE, LORD BROOKE: [from Caelica] Sonnet 89

263. [from Caelica] Sonnet 99

264. [from Caelica] Sonnet 109

265. GILES FLETCHER: [from Christs Victorie, and Triumph in Heaven, and Earth, over, and after death]

266. AEMILIA LANYER: [from Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum]

267. WILLIAM DRUMMOND: [For the Baptiste]

268. [Content and Resolute]

269. PHINEAS FLETCHER: [Vast Ocean of light, whose rayes surround]

270. JOHN MILTON: On the morning of Christs Nativity

271. FRANCIS QUARLES: [from Pentelogia] Fraud Mundi

272. [from Divine Fancies] On the contingencie of Actions

273. [from Divine Fancies] On the Needle of a Sun-diall

274. [from Divine Fancies] On the Booke of Common Prayer

275. [from Divine Fancies] On Christ and our selves

276. GEORGE HERBERT: Perseverance

277. Redemption

278. Easter wings

279. Prayer

280. Deniall

281. Jordan

282. The Collar

283. The Flower

284. The Forerunners

285. Love

286. [from The Church Militant]

287. ANONYMOUS: [Yet if his Majestie our Sovareigne lord]

288. SIDNEY GODOLPHIN: [Lord when the wise men came from Farr]

289. JOHN TAYLOR: [from Here followeth the unfashionable fashion, or the too too homely Worshipping of God]

290. EDMUND WALLER: Upon His Majesties repairing of Pauls

291. RICHARD CRASHAW: A Hymne of the Nativity, sung by the Shepheards

292. To the Noblest and best of Ladyes, the Countesse of Denbigh

293. [from The Flaming Heart]

294. ANONYMOUS: Upon Arch-bishop Laud, Prisoner in the Tower. 1641

295. ROBERT WILD: [from Alas poore Scholler, whither wilt thou goe]

296. JOHN MILTON: On the new forcers of Conscience under the Long Parliament

297. MORGAN LLWYD: [from The Summer]

298. LAURENCE CLARKSON: [from A Single Eye All Light, no Darkness]

299. HENRY VAUGHAN: The Retreate

300. The World

301. Cock-crowing

302. The Water-fall

303. SIR WILLIAM DAVENANT: [from Gondibert Book 2]

304. ANNA TRAPNEL: [from The Cry of a Stone]

305. AN COLLINS: Another Song exciting to spirituall Mirth

306. ANDREW MARVELL: The Coronet

VI. Elegy and Epitaph

307. JOHN SKELTON: [from Phyllyp Sparowe]

308. HENRY HOWARD, EARL OF SURREY: [Norfolk sprang thee, Lambeth holds thee dead]

309. [W. resteth here, that quick could never rest]

310. NICHOLAS GRIMALD: [from A funerall song, upon the deceas of Annes his moother]

311. CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE: [My prime of youth is but a froste of cares]

312. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: [The Phoenix and Turtle]

313. JOHN DONNE: [from The Second Anniversarie] Of the Progres of the Soule

314. BEN JONSON: On My First Sonne

315. To the immortalle memorie, and friendship of that noble paire, Sir Lucius Cary, and Sir H. Morison

316. SIR WALTER RALEGH: [Even suche is tyme that takes in trust]

317. WILLIAM BROWNE: On the Countesse Dowager of Pembrooke

318. HENRY KING: An Exequy To his matchlesse never to be forgotten Freind

318. GEORGE HERBERT: [from Memoriae Matris Sacrum]

320. THOMAS CAREW: Epitaph on the Lady Mary Villers

321. SIR HENRY WOTTON: Upon the death of Sir Albert Morton's Wife

322. ROBERT HERRICK: To the reverend shade of his religious Father

323. Upon himselfe being buried

324. Upon a child

325. JOHN MILTON: Lycidas

326. [Methought I saw my late espoused Saint]

327. 'ELIZA': To my Husband

328. HENRY VAUGHAN: [They are all gone into the world of light]

329. KATHERINE PHILIPS: Epitaph. On her Son H.P. at St. Syth's Church where her body also lies Interred

330. Orinda upon little Hector Philips

331. JAMES SHIRLEY: [The glories of our blood and state]

VII. Translation

332. HENRY HOWARD, EARL OF SURREY: [from Virgil's Aeneid Book 4]

333. RICHARD STANYHURST: [from Virgil's Aeneid Book 4]

334. ARTHUR GOLDING: [from Ovid's Metamorphoses Book 6]

335. EDMUND SPENSER: [from Ruines of Rome: by Bellay] 5

336. MARY SIDNEY, COUNTESS OF PEMBROKE: Quid gloriaris? Psalm 52

337. [from Psalm 89 Misericordias]

338. Voce mea ad Dominum Psalm 142

339. CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE: [from Ovides Elegies Book 1] Elegia. 13. Ad Auroram ne properet

340. [from Lucan's Pharsalia Book 1]

341. SIR JOHN HARINGTON: [from Ariosto's Orlando Furioso Book 34]

342. EDWARD FAIRFAX: [from Tasso's Godfrey of Bulloigne Book 4]

343. JOSUAH SYLVESTER: [from Saluste du Bartas' Devine Weekes]

344. GEORGE CHAPMAN: [from Homer's Iliad Book 12]

345. JOHN MILTON: The Fifth Ode of Horace. Lib. 1

VIII. Writer, Language and Public

346. JOHN SKELTON: [from A Replycacion]

347. THOMAS CHURCHYARD: [from A Musicall Consort]

348. SIR JOHN HARINGTON: Of honest Theft. To my good friend Master Samuel Daniel

350. JOHN DONNE: The triple Foole

351. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: [from Sonnets]

352. JOHN MARSTON: [from The Scourge of Villanie] In Lectores prorsus indignos

353. SAMUEL DANIEL: [from Musophilus]

354. BEN JONSON: A Fit of Rime against Rime

355. An Ode. To himselfe

356. GEORGE CHAPMAN: [from Homer's Iliad, To the Reader]

357. SIR WALTER RALEGH: To the Translator

358. WILLIAM BROWNE: [from Britannia's Pastorals Book 2]

359. RACHEL SPEGHT: [from The Dreame]

360. MICHAEL DRAYTON: [from Idea]

361. To my most dearely-loved friend Henery Reynolds Esquire, of Poets and Poesie

362. [from The Muses Elizium] The Description of Elizium

363. JOHN MILTON: [from At a Vacation Exercise]

364. JOHN TAYLOR: [from A comparison betwixt a Whore and a Booke]

365. THOMAS CAREW: An Elegie upon the death of the Deane of Pauls, Dr. John Donne

366. A Fancy

367. ROBERT HERRICK: To the Detracter

368. Posting to Printing

369. GEORGE WITHER: [from Vox Pacifica]

370. SIR WILLIAM DAVENANT: [from Gondibert Book 2]


372. [The Common Fate of Books]


374. HENRY VAUGHAN: The Book

Notes to the Text

Appendix 1: Index of Genres

Appendix 2: Index of Metrical and Stanzaic Forms

Appendix 3: Glossary of Classical Names

Appendix 4: Biographical Notes on Authors

Appendix 5: Index of Authors

Index of First Lines

Index of Titles

Product Details

Woudhuysen, H. R.
Woudhuysen, H. R.
Woudhuysen, Henry
Norbrook, David
Penguin Books
London ;
Anthologies (multiple authors)
Poetry, modern
English poetry
Renaissance -- England.
English poetry -- Early modern, 1500-1700.
Poetry -Anthologies
Edition Description:
Trade paper
Penguin Classics
Series Volume:
no. 418
Publication Date:
Grade Level:
from 12
7.86x5.08x1.68 in. 1.43 lbs.
Age Level:
from 18

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Penguin Book of Renaissance Verse 1509-1659 ((Rev)93 Edition) Used Trade Paper
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Product details 976 pages Penguin Books - English 9780140423464 Reviews:
"Synopsis" by , Arranged thematically, this anthology brings out the relationship between the period's poetry and politics, and explores the growth of innovative humanist ideas and forms.
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