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Skills for Success Using Microsoft Office 2007


Skills for Success Using Microsoft Office 2007 Cover


Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments:

0132152746 / 9780132152747 Technology In Action, Complete and Skills for Success Using Microsoft Office 2007 and MyITLab Student Access Code Card and Microsoft Office 2007 180-day Trial Package, 6/e


Package consists of:   

0135024560 / 9780135024560 Skills for Success Using Microsoft Office

0135046246 / 9780135046241 Technology In Action, Complete

013509383X / 9780135093832 MyITLab Student Access Code Card for Office

0137052480 / 9780137052486 Microsoft Office 2007 180-day trial 2009


Package consists of

0135024560 / 9780135024560 Skills for Success Using Microsoft Office 2007

013509383X / 9780135093832 myitlab — Access Card — for Office 2007

0135096316 / 9780135096314 Technology In Action, Introductory Version


This package contains the following components:


 0135024560 / 9780135024560 Skills for Success Using Microsoft Office 2007  013509383X / 9780135093832 MyITLab Student Access Code Card for Office 2007 



About the Author

Kris Townsend is an Information Systems instructor at Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, Washington. Kris earned a bachelor's degree in both Education and Business, and a master's degre in Education. He has also worked as a public school teacher and as a systems analyst. Kris enjoys working with wood, snowboarding, and camping. He commutes to work by bike and enjoys long rides in the Palouse country south of Spokane.

Table of Contents



Start! Common Features of Office 2007


Skill 1    Explore Your Computer Using Folder Windows

Skill 2    Start Word and Navigate the Word Window

Skill 3    Start Excel and PowerPoint and Work with Multiple Windows

Skill 4    Create a Folder and Save Files

Skill 5    Print and Save Office Files

Skill 6    Open a Student Data File and Save a Copy Using Save As

Skill 7    Edit and Format Text

Skill 8    Use Contextual tabs, Dialog Boxes, and Shortcut Menus

Skill 9    Use Office Help

Skill 10   Create a New Access Database


More Skills

Skill 11    Capture a Screen with the Snipping Tool

Skill 12    Organize Files

Skill 13    Search and Preview Files

Skill 14    Delete and Restore Files


Word Chapter 1 Creating Documents with Word 2007


Skill 1     Create a New Document and Enter Text

Skill 2     Edit Text Using the Delete and Backspace Keys

Skill 3     Select, Delete, and Insert Text

Skill 4     Insert Text from another Document

Skill 5     Navigate a Document

Skill 6     Format the Font, Font Size, and Font Style

Skill 7     Insert a Picture

Skill 8     Check Spelling and Grammar

Skill 9     Create a Document Footer

Skill 10    Preview, Print, and Save a Document


More Skills

Skill 11     Split Windows and Arrange Windows

Skill 12     Insert Symbols

Skill 13     Use Quick Styles

Skill 14     Use Research Tools



Word Chapter 2  Format and Organize Text


Skill 1    Set Document Margins

Skill 2    Align Text and Set Indents

Skill 3    Modify Line and Paragraph Spacing

Skill 4    Format Text Using the Format Painter

Skill 5    Find and Replace Text

Skill 6    Cut, Copy, Paste, and Move Text

Skill 7    Create a Bulleted List

Skill 8    Create a Numbered List Using AutoFormat

Skill 9    Insert and Format Headers and Footers

Skill 10   Insert and Modify Footnotes


More Skills

Skill 11     Record AutoCorrect Entries

Skill 12     Add Citations and a Bibliography

Skill 13     Format and Customize Lists

Skill 14     Manage Document Properties


Word Chapter 3  Work with Graphics, Tabs, and Tables


Skill 1    Insert a Picture from a File

Skill 2    Resize and Move a Picture

Skill 3    Format Pictures Using Styles and Borders

Skill 4    Set Tab Stops

Skill 5    Enter Text with Tab Stops

Skill 6    Apply a Predefined Format to a Table

Skill 7    Create a Table

Skill 8    Add Rows and Columns to a Table

Skill 9    Format Text in Table Cells

Skill 10   Format a Table


More Skills

Skill 11     Insert a Text Box

Skill 12     Create a WordArt Title

Skill 13     Create a Table from an Existing List

Skill 14     Insert a Drop Cap


Word Chapter 4  Applying Special Text, Paragraph, and Document Formats


Skill 1    Collect Information using the Office Clipboard

Skill 2    Use the Office Clipboard to Build a Document

Skill 3    Create Multiple Column Text

Skill 4    Insert a Column Break

Skill 5    Add a Border and Shading to a Paragraph

Skill 6    Insert Hyperlinks to Text and Graphics

Skill 7    Insert a SmartArt Graphic

Skill 8    Format a SmartArt Graphic

Skill 9    Create Labels Using the Mail Merge Wizard

Skill 10   Preview and Print a Mail Merge Document


More Skills

Skill 11     Create a Resume from a Template

Skill 12     Create an Outline

Skill 13     Prepare a Document for Distribution

Skill 14     Preview and Save a Document as a Web Page


Excel Chapter 1 Create Workbooks with Excel 2007


Skill 1    Create and Save a New Workbook

Skill 2    Enter Worksheet Data and Merge and Center Titles

Skill 3    Adjust Column Widths and Format Cells

Skill 4    Use the SUM Function

Skill 5    Copy Formulas and Insert Columns

Skill 6    Format, Edit, and Check the Spelling of Data

Skill 7    Create a Column Chart

Skill 8    Format a Column Chart

Skill 9    Create a Footer Containing a Graphic

Skill 10   Display and Print Formulas and Scale a Worksheet for Printing


More Skills

Skill 11     Create a New Workbook by Using a Template

Skill 12     Change a Chart Type

Skill 13     Change the Office Theme in an Excel Workbook

Skill 14     Manage Document Properties in an Excel Workbook


Excel Chapter 2  Construct Formulas and Charts


Skill 1    Create a New Workbook from an Existing Workbook and Align Text

Skill 2    Construct Formulas for Mathematical Operations

Skill 3    Format Numbers

Skill 4    Construct and Copy Formulas Containing Absolute Cell References

Skill 5    Format Percentages and Insert Rows in a Worksheet Containing Formulas

Skill 6    Create a Pie Chart and a Chart Sheet

Skill 7    Format a Pie Chart with 3-D and Rotate Slices

Skill 8    Explode and Color a Pie Slice, Format the Chart Area, and Insert a Text Box

Skill 9    Edit a Workbook, Update a Chart, and Insert WordArt

Skill 10   Prepare a Chart Sheet for Printing


More Skills

Skill 11       Add and Edit Comments

Skill 12       Use Range Names in a Formula

Skill 13       Use the Payment (PMT) Function

Skill 14       Use Goal Seek


Excel Chapter 3  Manage Multiple Worksheets in a Workbook


Skill 1    Navigate, Rename, and Change the Tab Color of Worksheets

Skill 2    Enter and Format Dates

Skill 3    Clear Cells of Contents and Formats

Skill 4    Move, Copy, and Paste Cell Contents

Skill 5    Group Worksheets for Editing

Skill 6    Use More Than One Math Operator in a Formula

Skill 7    Edit and Format Multiple Worksheets

Skill 8    Insert and Move a Worksheet

Skill 9    Construct Formulas that Refer to Cells in Another Worksheet

Skill 10   Create a Clustered Bar Chart


More Skills

Skill 11    Add SmartArt Graphics to a Worksheet

Skill 12    Create a Line Chart

Skill 13    Set and Clear a Print Area

Skill 14    Create a Hyperlink in a Workbook


Excel Chapter 4  Use Excel Functions and Tables


Skill 1    Use the SUM and AVERAGE Functions

Skill 2    Use the MEDIAN, MIN, and MAX Functions

Skill 3    Move Data, Add Borders, and Rotate Text

Skill 4    Use the IF and COUNTIF Functions

Skill 5    Apply Conditional Formats With Custom Formats and Data Bars

Skill 6    Use Find and Replace and Insert the Date Function

Skill 7    Freeze and Unfreeze Panes

Skill 8    Create and Sort an Excel Table

Skill 9    Filter an Excel Table

Skill 10   Convert a Table to a Range of Data and Format a Large Worksheet


More Skills

Skill 11    Apply Conditional Formats by Using Color Scales, Icon Sets, and Top/Bottom Rules

Skill 12    Hide or Unhide Rows and Columns

Skill 13    Create PivotTable Reports

Skill 14    Use Auto Fill to Fill Data Automatically in Worksheet Cells



Access Chapter 1 Working with Database Management Systems


Skill 1    Open and Organize an Existing Database

Skill 2    Modify Table Data Using a Form

Skill 3    Modify a Query and Print the Results in a Report

Skill 4    Format a Datasheet and Modify Table Design

Skill 5    Modify Table Data and Use Find and Replace

Skill 6    Sort Table Data and Hide Datasheet Columns

Skill 7    Filter, Summarize, and Print a Datasheet

Skill 8    Create a Relational Database from a Template

Skill 9    Add Records to Related Tables

Skill 10   Format a Report in Layout View


More Skills

Skill 11    Compact and Repair a Database

Skill 12    Convert Databases to and from the 2002 - 2003 File Format

Skill 13     Work with the Attachment Data Type

Skill 14     Work with the Hyperlink and Yes/No Data Types


Access Chapter 2  Building a Relational Database and Creating Forms


Skill 1    Design a Relational Database and Build a Table in Datasheet View

Skill 2    Build a Table in Design View

Skill 3    Create Tables by Importing Data from Excel

Skill 4    Import Access Tables and Create an Input Mask

Skill 5    Create a Lookup Column

Skill 6    Relate Tables

Skill 7    Create a Many-to-Many Relationship

Skill 8    Create a Form Using the Form Tool

Skill 9    Create a Form and a Subform Using the Form Wizard

Skill 10   Modify a Form in Design View and Enter Records in a One-to-Many Form


More Skills

Skill 11    Set Field Properties to Validate Data

Skill 12    Create Indexes and Establish a One-to-One Relationship

Skill 13    Create a Multiple Items Form

Skill 14    Create and Format a Split Form


Access Chapter 3  Creating Queries and Reports


Skill 1    Use the Simple Query Wizard to Create a Query

Skill 2    Create a Labels Report Based on a Query

Skill 3    Create a Query with Numeric and Date Criteria

Skill 4    Create a Report Using the Report Wizard

Skill 5    Modify a Report in Design View and Add Summary Data

Skill 6    Format a Report in Layout View

Skill 7    Create a Parameter Query

Skill 8    Create a Report Based on a Parameter Query

Skill 9    Group, Sort, and Filter Records in a Report

Skill 10   Export Reports to Other File Formats


More Skills

Skill 11    Create a Crosstab Query

Skill 12    Export Data to Other Applications

Skill 13    Use a Query to Find Duplicate Data

Skill 14    Use a Query to Find Unmatched Data


Access Chapter 4 Designing Advanced Queries and Reports


SKILL 1    Use Logical Operators in a Query

SKILL 2    Create a Form Based on a Query

SKILL 3    Group, Sort , and Add Wildcards to a Query Criteria

SKILL 4    Add Calculated Fields to a Query

SKILL 5    Add Summary Statistics to a Query

SKILL 6    Create a Report with a Calculated Control in Design View

SKILL 7    Format a Report in Design View

SKILL 8    Create a Report Using the Blank Report Tool

SKILL 9    Add a Chart to a Report

SKILL 10   Customize the Navigation Pane


More Skills

Skill 11    Encrypt a Database File

Skill 12    Specify Relationship Join Types

Skill 13    Create Macros

Skill 14    Create a Switchboard


PowerPoint Chapter 1 Getting Started with PowerPoint 2007


Skill 1    Open, View, and Save a Presentation

Skill 2    Edit and Replace Text in Normal View

Skill 3    Format Slide Text

Skill 4    Check Spelling and Use the Thesaurus

Skill 5    Insert Slides and Modify Slide Layouts

Skill 6    Insert and Format Pictures

Skill 7    Organize Slides Using Slide Sorter View

Skill 8    Apply Slide Transitions and View a Slide Show

Skill 9    Insert Headers and Footers and Print Presentation Handouts

Skill 10   Add Speakers Notes and Print Notes Pages


More Skills

Skill 11    Type Text in the Outline Pane

Skill 12      Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Skill 13      Move and Delete Slides in Normal View

Skill 14      Design a Presentation for Audience and Location


PowerPoint Chapter 2  Format a Presentation


Skill 1    Create a New Presentation

Skill 2    Change the Presentation Theme

Skill 3    Apply Font and Color Themes

Skill 4    Format the Slide Background

Skill 5    Apply a Picture or Texture to the Slide Background

Skill 6    Format Text with WordArt

Skill 7    Change Character Spacing and Font Color

Skill 8    Modify Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Skill 9    Move and Copy Text and Objects

Skill 10   Use Format Painter and Clear All Formatting


More Skills

Skill 11    Edit the Slide Master

Skill 12    Save and Apply a Presentation Template

Skill 13    Create Slides from a Microsoft Word Outline

Skill 14    Design a Presentation with Contrast


PowerPoint Chapter 3  Enhance a Presentation with Graphics

Skill 1    Insert Slides from an Existing Presentation

Skill 2    Insert, Size, and Move Clip Art

Skill 3    Change Picture Shape and Apply Picture Effects and Borders

Skill 4    Insert, Size, and Move Shapes

Skill 5    Add Text to Shapes and Insert Text Boxes

Skill 6    Format, Group, and Align Shapes and Pictures

Skill 7    Insert a SmartArt Graphic

Skill 8    Modify SmartArt Layout, Color, and Style

Skill 9    Convert Text to a SmartArt Graphic

Skill 10   Add Shapes to a SmartArt Graphic


More Skills

Skill 11    Compress Pictures

Skill 12    Save a Group as a Picture

Skill 13    Change Object Order

Skill 14    Design a Presentation Using Appropriate Graphics


PowerPoint Chapter 4  Present Data using Tables, Charts, and Animation


Skill 1     Insert a Table

Skill 2     Modify Table Layout

Skill 3     Select and Align Table Text

Skill 4     Change the Table Style

Skill 5     Insert a Chart

Skill 6     Delete Chart data and Change the Chart Type

Skill 7     Format a Chart

Skill 8     Apply Animation to Text and Graphics

Skill 9     Set Animation Effect and Timing Options

Skill 10   Animate Objects using the Animate List


More Skills

Skill 11    Prepare a Presentation for Remote Delivery

Skill 12    Create a Photo Album

Skill 13    Insert Hyperlinks in a Presentation

Skill 14    Design a Presentation that includes a Custom Show


Product Details

Townsend, Kris
Prentice Hall
Evans, Alan
Poatsy, Mary Anne
Ferrett, Robert
Martin, Kendall
Gaskin, Shelley
Business Software - General
Computer programs
Business Software - MSOffice
Business -- Computer programs.
General Computers
Edition Description:
Trade paper
Publication Date:
July 2008
Miscellaneous printed material
Grade Level:
College/higher education:
11 x 8.5 x 2.3 in 2803 gr

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Skills for Success Using Microsoft Office 2007 Used Spiral/Comb
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$11.95 In Stock
Product details 624 pages Prentice Hall - English 9780135024560 Reviews:
"Synopsis" by ,

Package consists of

0135024560 / 9780135024560 Skills for Success Using Microsoft Office 2007

013509383X / 9780135093832 myitlab — Access Card — for Office 2007

0135096316 / 9780135096314 Technology In Action, Introductory Version

"Synopsis" by ,

This package contains the following components:


 0135024560 / 9780135024560 Skills for Success Using Microsoft Office 2007  013509383X / 9780135093832 MyITLab Student Access Code Card for Office 2007 



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