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Exploring Microsoft Office 2007 Plus Edition

Exploring Microsoft Office 2007 Plus Edition Cover


Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments:

The Exploring series helps students master the How and Why of performing tasks in Office to gain a greater understanding of how to use the individual applications together to solve business problems. Exploring titles feature Perfect pages where every step of every hands-on exercise as well as every end-of-chapter problem begins on a new page and has its own screen shot to make it easier to follow. Each chapter contains Hands-on Exercises, Capstone Exercises, and Mini-Cases for practicing and reviewing skills acquired. Exploring Microsoft Office 2007 Plus Edition, 1/e provides thorough coverage of Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.   Ideal for students and individuals seeking a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Office 2007.


About the Author

Dr. Robert T. Grauer

Dr. Robert T. Grauer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Information Systems at the University of Miami, where he has been honored with the Outstanding Teacher Award in the School of Business.  He is the vision behind the Exploring Series, which is about to sell its 3 millionth copy.


Dr. Grauer has written more than 50 books on programming and information systems.  His work has been translated into three foreign languages and is used in all aspects of higher education at both national and international levels.


Dr. Grauer also has been a consultant to several major corporations including IBM and American Express.  He received his Ph.D. in operations research in 1972 from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.


Judith Scheeren

Judith Scheeren is a professor of computer technology at Westmoreland County Community College in Youngwood, Pennsylvania where she received the Outstanding Teacher award.  She holds an M.S.I.S. She holds an M.S. from the University of Pittsburgh and an advanced certificate in online teaching and learning from the University of California at Hayward.  She has several years of experience in the computer industry with Fortune 500 companies.  She has developed and written training materials for custom applications in both the public and private sectors.  She also has written books on desktop publishing.


Maurie Wigman Lockley

Maurie Wigman Lockley teaches desktop applications and management information systems classes at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  She has been an instructor there since 1990.


She lives in a tiny piedmont North Carolina town with her husband, daughter, and two preschool-aged grandsons.  She spends her free time playing with the boys, reading, camping, playing computer games, and singing.  She serves on several not-for-profit boards and is active at her church.


Michelle Hulett

Michelle Hulett received a B.S. degree in CIS from the University of Arkansas and a M.B.A. from Missouri State University.  She has worked for various organizations as a programmer, network administrator, computer literacy coordinator, and educator.  She currently teaches computer literacy and Web design classes at Missouri State University.


When not teaching or writing, she enjoys flower gardening, traveling (Alaska and Hawaii are favorites), hiking, canoeing, and camping with her husband, John, and dog, Dakota.


Cynthia Krebs

Cynthia Krebs is a professor in the Digital Media Department at Utah Valley State College, where she has taught since 1988.  In addition to teaching classes in basic computer proficiency using Microsoft Office, she teaches classes in business presentations, business graphics, and an introduction to multimedia.  She has received the Teacher-of-the-Year Award in the School of Business twice during her tenure at UVSC.


She has written chapters for many texts, co-authored a text on advanced word processing, and has presented locally and nationally.  A graduate of Utah State University, Cynthia lives in Springville, Utah.


She has four children and one granddaughter.  When she isn’t teaching or writing, she enjoys spending time with her children and spoiling her granddaughter.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Microsoft Office 2007 Software

        Identifying Common Interface Components

        Using Office 2007 Help

            Hands-on Exercise #1: Identifying Program Interface Components and Using Help


Section 2 Universal Tasks

        Opening a File

        Saving a File

        Printing a Document

            Hands-on Exercise #2: Performing UniversalTasks


Section 3 Basic Tasks

        Selecting Text to Edit

        Inserting Text and Changing to the Overtype Mode

        Moving and Copying Text

        Finding, Replacing, and Going to Text

        Using the Undo and Redo Commands

        Using Language Tools

        Applying Font Attributes

        Copying Formats with the Format Painter

            Hands-on Exercise #3: Performing Basic Tasks



Key Terms

Practice Exercises

Mid-Level Exercises

Capstone Exercise

Mini Cases

Exploring Microsoft Office Word 2007


Chapter 1 - What Will Word Processing Do for Me?


Section 1 Introduction to Word Processing

        Understanding Word Basics

        Using AutoText

        Viewing a Document

        Using the Mini Toolbar

            Hands-On Exercise #1:  Introduction to Microsoft Word


Section 2 Document Formatting

        Setting Margins and Specifying Page Orientation

        Inserting Page Breaks

        Adding Page Numbers

        Inserting Headers and Footers

        Creating Sections

        Inserting a Cover Page

        Using Find and Replace Commands

            Hands-On Exercise #2: Document Organization


Section 3 The Final Touches

        Checking Spelling and Grammar

        Using Save and Backup Options

        Selecting Printing Options

        Customizing Word

            Hands-On Exercise #3: The Final Touches



    Key Terms

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Chapter 2 - Gaining Proficiency: Editing and Formatting


Section 1 Text Formatting

        Applying Font Attributes Through the Font Dialog Box

        Highlighting Text

        Controlling Word Wrapping with Nonbreaking Hyphens and Nonbreaking Spaces

        Copying Formats with the Format Painter

            Hands-on exercise #1: Character Formatting


Section 2 Paragraph Formats

        Setting Off Paragraphs with Tabs, Borders, Lists, and Columns

        Applying Paragraph Formats

            Hands-on exercise #2: Paragraph formatting


Section 3 Styles and Document References

        Creating and Modifying Styles

        Hands-on exercise #3: Styles

        Table of Contents and Indexes

            Hands-on exercise #4: Reference Pages



    Key Terms

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Chapter 3 - Enhancing a Document: Tables and Graphics


Section 1 Tables

        Inserting a Table

            Hands-On Exercise #1: Insert a Table


Section 2 Advanced Table Features

        Formatting a Table

        Sort and Apply Formulas to Table Data

        Converting Text to a table

            Hands-On Exercise #2: Advanced Table Features


Section 3 Graphic Tools

        Inserting Clipart and Images into a Document

        Formatting a Graphic Element

        Inserting WordArt into a Document

        Inserting Symbols into a Document

            Hands-On Exercise #3: Clip Art, WordArt, and Symbols



    Key Terms

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Chapter 4 - Share, Compare, and Document


Section 1 Workgroups and Collaboration

        Inserting Comments in a Document

        Tracking Changes in a Document

            Hands-On Exercise #1: Document Collaboration


Section 2 Multiple Documents

        Viewing Documents Side by Side

        Comparing and Combining Documents

        Creating Master Documents and Subdocuments

        Using Navigation Tools

            Hands-On Exercise #2: Document Comparison, Mergers, and Navigation


Section 3 Reference Resources

        Acknowledging a Source

        Creating a Bibliography

        Selecting the Writing Style

        Creating and Modifying Footnotes and Endnotes

            Hands-On Exercise #3: Reference Resources


Section 4 Additional Reference Resources

        Adding Figure References

        Inserting a Table of Figures

        Adding Legal References

        Creating a Cross-Reference

        Modifying Document Properties

            Hands-On Exercise #4: Additional Reference Resources



    Key Terms

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Exploring Microsoft Office Excel 2007


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Excel


Section 1: Introduction to Spreadsheets

    Defining Worksheets and Workbooks

    Using Spreadsheets Across Disciplines

    Planning for Good Workbook and Worksheet Design

    Identifying Excel Window Components

    Entering and Editing Data in Cells

        Hands-On Exercise #1:  Introduction to Microsoft Excel


Section 2: Mathematics and Formulas

    Describing and Using Symbols and the Order of Precedence

    Displaying Cell Formulas

    Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns

    Using Cell Ranges, Excel Move, Copy, Paste and Paste Special, and AutoFill

        Hands-On Exercise #2:  Jakes Gym Continued


Section 3: Workbook and Worksheet Enhancements

    Managing Worksheets

    Formatting Worksheets

        Hands-On Exercise #3: Formatting Jake's Gym Worksheet


Section 4: Page Setup and Printing

    Selecting Page Setup Options for Printing

    Managing Cell Comments

        Hands-On Exercise #4: Printing Jake's Gym Worksheet



Key Terms

Multiple Choice

Practice Exercises

Mid-Level Exercises

Capstone Exercise

Mini Cases


Chapter 2 - Microsoft Excel: Formulas and Functions 


Section 1: Formula Basics         

    Creating and Copying Formulas  

    Using Relative and Absolute Cell Addresses        

        Hands-On Exercise #1:  Smithtown Hospital Radiology Department Payroll           


Section 2: Function Basics        

    Using AutoSum

    Inserting Basic Statistical Functions       

    Using Date Functions    

        Hands-On Exercise #2:  Completing the Smithtown Hospital Radiology Department


Section 3: Logical and Lookup Functions

    Using the IF Function

    Using the VLOOKUP Function

        Hands-On Exercise #3:  Athletic Department Eligibility Gradebook


Section 4: Financial Functions   

    Using the PMT Function

    Using the FV Function   

        Hands-On Exercise #4: Purchasing a Van for the School for Exceptional Children  



Key Terms       

Multiple Choice 

Practice Exercises        

Mid-Level Exercises      

Capstone Exercise        

Mini Cases


Chapter 3 - Microsoft Excel: Charts


Section 1: A Picture is the Message

    Choosing A Chart Type

    Creating a Chart

        Hands-on Exercise 1: The First Chart


Section 2: Chart Enhancements

    Modifying a Chart

    Enhancing Charts with Graphic Shapes

        Hands-on Exercise 2: Multiple Data Series


Section 3: Chart Distribution

    Embedding Charts

    Printing Charts

        Hands-on Exercise 3: Embedding, Printing, And Saving Chart as a Web Page



Key Terms

Multiple Choice

Practice Exercises

Mid-Level Exercises

Capstone Exercise

Mini Cases


Chapter 4: Microsoft Excel: Working with Large Worksheets and Tables


Section 1: Large Worksheet Preparation

    Freezing Rows and Columns

    Hiding and Unhiding Rows, Columns, and Worksheets

    Protecting a Cell, a Worksheet and a Workbook

    Controlling Calculation

    Printing Large Worksheets

        Hands-On Exercise #1: Marching Band Roster


Section 2: Excel Data Tables

    Exploring Basic Table Management

    Sorting Data

    Filtering and Totaling Data

        Hands-On Exercise #2: Marching Band Roster Revisited



Key Terms

Multiple Choice

Practice Exercises

Mid-Level Exercises

Capstone Exercise

Mini Cases


Chapter 5 - Data to Information


Section 1 Table Management

    Designing Tables Based on Table Data Theory

    Importing Data from Text Files and Other Sources

   Applying Conditional Formatting

        Hands-on Exercise 1:  Gee Airlines Human Resources Department


Section 2 Data Management

    Applying Advanced Filtering and Sorting Methods

    Creating and Using Range Names

    Using Database Functions

        Hands-on Exercise 2: Gee Airlines Human Resources Department Revisited


Section 3 Data Analysis with PivotTables and PivotCharts

    Creating and Deleting PivotTables and PivotChart Reports

    Formatting, Sorting, Filtering, Subtotaling, and Refreshing a PivotTable

        Hands-on Exercise 3: Eye First Advertising Department Sales



    Key Terms

    Multiple Choice

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Chapter 6 – Data Tables and Amortization Tables      


Section 1 Tables

    Separating and Combining Text

    Manipulating Text with Functions

        Hands-on Exercise 1: IT Department String Manipulation


Section 2 Data Analysis and Windows

    Identifying and Removing Duplicate Rows

    Grouping and Subtotaling Data

    Working with Windows

        Hands-on Exercise 2: Ajax College Band


Section 3 Conditional and Logical Functions

    Using Conditions in Functions

    Creating Nested IF Functions

    Using AND, OR, NOT and IFERROR Functions

        Hands-on Exercise 3: Classic Cars and Security


Section 4 Amortization Table

    Defining the Amortization Table

    Using Functions in Amortization Tables

        Hands-on Exercise 4: Purchase a New House



    Key Terms       

    Multiple Choice 

    Practice Exercises        

    Mid-Level Exercises      

    Capstone Exercise        

    Mini Cases


Chapter 7 – Data Consolidation, Links, and Formula Auditing


Section 1 Data Consolidation

    Consolidating Data from Multiple Worksheets

    Defining the Three-Dimensional Workbook

    Creating Three-Dimensional References in Formulas

        Hands-on Exercise 1: Consolidating Best Restaurant Corporate Sales


Section 2 Workbook Linking and Documentation

    Linking Workbooks

    Creating the Documentation Worksheet

        Hands-on Exercise 2: Consolidating Workbooks for Corporate Sales and Adding Documentation


Section 3 Workbook Auditing

    Restricting Values to a Drop-Down List

    Validating Data

    Auditing Formulas

    Setting up a Watch Window

        Hands-on Exercise 3: JAS Manufacturing



    Key Terms

    Multiple Choice

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Exploring Microsoft Office Access 2007


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Access: Finding Your Way through a Database


Section 1: Data and Files Everywhere!

    Exploring, Describing, and Navigating Among the Objects in an Access Database

    Understanding the Difference Between Working in Storage and Memory

    Practicing Good File Management

    Backing up, Compacting, and Repairing Access Files

        Hands-On Exercises 1 Introduction to Databases


Section 2: Filters, Sorts, and Access Versus Excel

    Creating Filters

    Sorting Table Data on One or More Fields

    Knowing When to Use Access or Excel  to Manage Data

        Hands-On Exercises 2: Data Manipulation: Filters and Sorts


Section 3: The Relational Database

    Using the Relationship Window

    Understanding Relational Power

        Hands-On Exercises 3: Introduction to Relationships



    Key Terms

    Multiple Choice

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Chapter 2 - Relational Databases and Multi-Table Queries: Designing Databases and Using


Section 1: Related Data

    Table Design, Properties, Views, and Wizards

    Designing Data

    Creating Tables

        Hands-On Exercises 1: Table Design, Properties, Views, and Wizards


Section 2: Multiple Table Database

    Understanding Table Relationships

    Sharing Data with Excel

    Establishing Table Relationships

        Hands-on Exercises 2: Imports and Relationships


Section 3: Queries

    Creating a Query

    Specifying Criteria for Different Data Types

    Copying and Running a Query

    Using the Query Wizard

    Understanding Large Database Differences

        Hands-On Exercises 3: Multi-Table Query



    Key Terms

    Multiple Choice

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Chapter 3 - Customize, Analyze, and Summarize Query Data: Creating and Using Queries to Make Decisions


Section 1: Data Summary and Analysis

    Understanding the Order of Precedence

    Creating a Calculated Field in a Query

        Hands-On Exercises 1: Calculated Query Fields


Section 2: Expression Builder

    Creating Expressions with the Expression Builder

    Creating and Editing Access Functions

    Performing Date Arithmetic

        Hands-On Exercises 2: Expression Builder, Functions, and Date Arithmetic


Section 3: Data Aggregates

    Creating and Working with Data Aggregates

        Hands-On Exercises 3: Data Aggregates



    Key Terms

    Multiple Choice

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Chapter 4 - Create, Edit and Perform Calculations in Reports: Creating Professional and Useful Reports


Section 1: Appearance Matter

    Planning Reports

    Using Different Report Views

    Creating and Editing a Report

        Hands-On Exercises 1: Introduction to Access Reports


Section 2: The Anatomy of a Report

    Identifying Report Elements, Sections and Controls

    Adding Grouping Levels Using the Layout View

    Adding Fields to a Report

        Hands-On Exercises 2: Create, Sort, Edit, Nest and Remove Groups from Reports


Section 3: The Report and Label Wizard

    Using the Report Wizard

        Hands-On Exercises 3: Report Wizard



    Key Terms

    Multiple Choice

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Chapter 5 – Pivot Tables and Charts


Section 1 Data Mining

    Create a PivotTable view

    Calculate aggregate statistics

    Modify a PivotTable

        Hands-on Exercise 1: Create and Use a PivotTable


Section 2 Charts Convey Information

    Select an appropriate chart type

    Identify chart elements

    Edit a PivotChart

        Hands-on Exercise 2: PivotCharts and Modifications


Section 3 Calculations in PivotTables and PivotCharts

    Create calculations in a PivotTable

        Hands-on Exercise 3: 3  Calculating Field Values in PivotTables



    Key Terms

    Multiple Choice

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Chapter 6 – Data Protection: Integrity, Validation, Reliability


Section 1 Data Validity

    Establish Data Validity

    Create a Lookup

    Modify a Lookup by Adding and Deleting Values

    Create and Modify a Multivalue Lookup Field

    Work with Input Masks

        Hands-on Exercise 1: Data Protection


Section 2 Forms

    Create Forms Using the Forms Tools

        Hands-on Exercise 2: Form Creation Tools


Section 3 Form Customization

    Create Custom Forms Using Design View

    Add Action Buttons and Combo Box Controls

    Create Subforms

    Fashion Functional Formats

        Hands-on Exercise 3: Customizing Forms



    Key Terms

    Multiple Choice

    Practice Exercises

    Mid-Level Exercises

    Capstone Exercise

    Mini Cases


Exploring MS Office PowerPoint 2007


Chapter 1:  Introduction to PowerPoint:  Presentations Made Easy


Section 1 Introduction to PowerPoint

            Identifying PowerPoint User Interface Elements

            User PowerPoint Views

            Opening and Saving a Slide Show

            Getting Help

                        Hands-On Exercise 1: Introduction to PowerPoint

Section 2 Presentation Creation

            Creating a Storyboard

            Using Slide Layouts

            Applying Design Theme

            Reviewing the Presentation

                        Hands-On Exercise 2:  Creating a Presentation

Section 3 Presentation Development

            Adding a Table

            Inserting Clip Art

            Using Transitions and Animations

                        Hands-On Exercise 3:  Strengthening a Presentation

Section 4 Navigation and Printing

            Running and Navigating a Slide Show

            Printing with PowerPoint

                        Hands-On Exercise 4:  Navigating and Printing



Key Terms

Multiple Choice

Practice Exercises

Mid-Level Exercises

Capstone Exercise

Mini Cases


Chapter 2: Presentation Development:  Planning and Preparing a Presentation


Section 1 Templates

            Creating a Presentation Using a Template

            Modifying a Template

                        Hands-On Exercise 1:  Using a template

Section 2 Outlines

            Creating a Presentation in Outline View

            Modifying an Outline Structure

            Printing an Outline

                        Hands-On Exercise 2:  Creating and Modifying an Outline

Section 3 Data Imports

            Importing an Outline

            Adding Existing Content to a Presentation

                        Hands-On Exercise 3:  Importing an Outline and Reusing Slides

Section 4 Design

            Examining Slide Show Design Principles

            Applying and Modifying a Design Theme

            Inserting a Header or Footer

                        Hands-On Exercise 4:  Applying and Modifying a Design Theme


Key Terms

Multiple Choice

Practice Exercises

Mid-Level Exercises

Capstone Exercise

Mini Cases


Windows XP


Section 1 Basics of Windows XP

        Identifying Components on the Windows Desktop

        Working with Windows, Menus, and Dialog Boxes

        Identify Dialog Box Components

        Using the Help and Support Center

            Hands-on Exercise #1: Introduction to Windows XP


Section 2 Files and Folders

        Working with Folders

        Managing Folders and Files in Windows Explorer

        Deleting Items and Managing the Recycle Bin

            Hands-on Exercise #2: File and Folder Management


Section 3 Windows Customization

        Changing the Display Settings

        Changing Computer Settings

        Using the Control Panel

        Creating Shortcuts on the Desktop and Quick Launch Toolbar

        Using Windows Desktop Search

            Hands-on Exercise #3: Customizing Your System



Key Terms

Multiple Choice

Practice Exercises

Mid-Level Exercises

Capstone Exercise

Mini Cases


Product Details

Pearson Prentice Hall
Business Software - MSOffice
Scheeren, Judy
Barber, Maryann
Krebs, Cynthia
Lockley, Maurie
Hulett, Michelle
Grauer, Robert T.
Grauer, Robert
Computer programs
Business Software - General
Business -- Computer programs.
Edition Description:
Trade paper
Publication Date:
June 2007
Mixed media, eg book and CD-ROM, book and toy etc
Grade Level:
College/higher education:
11 x 10.1 x 1.8 in 2867 gr

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Exploring Microsoft Office 2007 Plus Edition
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