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Go! with Office 2007 Integrated Projects (Go!)

Go! with Office 2007 Integrated Projects (Go!) Cover


Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments:

The primary goal of GO! with Microsoft Office 2007 Introductory, 1/e, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package. Thorough coverage of Office 2007 applications, from getting started to project-based skills application. MARK ET: Ideal for students and professionals seeking a conclusive introduction to Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

About the Author

Shelley Gaskin, Series Editor for the GO! Series, is a professor of business and computer technology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. She holds a master's degree in business education from Northern Illinois   University and a doctorate in adult and community education from Ball State University. Dr. Gaskin has 15 years of experience in the computer industry with several Fortune 500 companies and has developed and written training materials for custom systems applications in both the public and private sector. She is also the author of books on Microsoft Outlook and word processing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Integrating Word and Excel

Project 1A:  Adamantine Sales

    Objective 1:  Create a Word Document

        Activity 1.1 Starting Word and Setting Tab Stops

        Activity 1.2 Entering and Formatting Text

        Activity 1.3 Inserting Text from Another Word Document

        Activity 1.4 Saving a Document, Creating a Footer, and Inserting Quick Parts

    Objective 2:  Copy Word Text into an Excel Workbook

        Activity 1.5 Starting Excel, Saving a Workbook, and Adding a Footer

        Activity 1.6 Copying and Pasting Word Text into an Excel Workbook

    Objective 3:  Modify an Excel Worksheet

        Activity 1.7 Creating a Formula, Summing Values with the SUM Function, and Using AutoFill

        Activity 1.8 Formatting Numbers and Text

    Objective 4:  Preview and Print Word and Excel Files

        Acitvity 1.9 Previewing and Printing an Excel Workbook

        Activity 1.10 Previewing and Printing a Word Document


Project 1B:  US Sales

    Objective 5:  Work with an Existing Word Document

        Activity 1.11 Creating a Table in Word

        Activity 1.12 Inserting and Deleting Table Rows and Table Columns

        Activity 1.13 Formatting a Table

        Activity 1.14 Correcting Spelling Errors

    Objective 6:  Create and Format a Chart in Excel

        Activity 1.15 Inserting an AutoSum

        Activity 1.16 Creating and Formatting a Chart in Excel

    Objective 7:  Link Excel Data and an Excel Chart to a Word Document

        Activity 1.17 Copying  Excel Data

        Activity 1.18 Accessing Paste Special and Pasting Excel Data into a Word Document

        Activity 1.19 Copying and Linking an Excel Chart to a Word Document

        Acitivity 1.20 Modifying the Excel Data

        Activity 1.21 Viewing Data and Chart Changes in a Word Document



Key Terms


Fill in the Blank

Skills Review

Mastering Integration


Problem Solving


Chapter 2:  Integrating Word and PowerPoint

Project 2A:  Franchise Presentation

    Objective 1:  Create an Outline in Word

        Activity 2.1 Changing to Outline VIew in Word

        Activity 2.2 Promoting and Demoting Levels in an Outline

        Activity 2.3 Moving Outline Levels in Word

    Objective 2:  Import a Word Outline into a PowerPoint Presentation

        Activity 2.4 Importing Slides from a Word Outline

    Objective 3:  Modify a PowerPoint Presentation

        Activity 2.5 Inserting and Deleting Slides

        Activity 2.6 Changing Slide Layouts

        Activity 2.7 Changing the Design Theme

        Activity 2.8 Modifying Speaker Notes

    Objective 4:  Create a Footer and Save a PowerPoint Presentation

        Activity 2.9 Inserting a Footer in a Presentation

        Acitivty 2.10 Inserting a Footer in Slide Handouts

    Objective 5: Preview and Print a Presentation, Slide Handouts, and Speaker Notes

        Activity 2.11 Previewing and Printing a Presentation

        Activity 2.12 Previewing and Printing Slide Handouts

        Activity 2.13 Previewing and Printing Speaker Notes

Project 2B:  Restaurant Menu

    Objective 6: Create a PowerPoint Presentation with Templates

        Activity 2.14 Opening a PowerPoint Template

        Activity 2.15 Changing Character Spacing and Text Shadow

        Activity 2.16 Inserting and Modifying a Shape

        Activity 2.17 Inserting and Modifying a SmartArt Graphic

        Activity 2.18 Replacing and Modifying Pictures

    Objective 7: Save a Presentation as Outline/RTF

        Activity 2.19 Saving a File as Outline/RTF

        Activity 2.20 Opening and Outline/RTF in Word

    Objective 8:  Modifying a Word Document in Outline VIew

        Activity 2.21 Collapsing Outline Levels

        Activity 2.22 Deleting Outline Levels

    Objective 9:  Create a New Presentation from a Modified Word Outline

        Activity 2.23 Creating a Modified PowerPoint Presentation



Key Terms


Fill in the Blank

Skills Review

Mastering Integration


Problem Solving


Chapter 3:  Integrating Word and Access

Project 3A Garden Walk

    Objective 1 Create an Access Database Using a Template

        Activity 3.1 Creating a Database Using a Template

        Activity 3.2 Adding Records to a Table

    Objective 2:  Use an Access Form to Enter and Edit Records

        Activity 3.3 Adding Records Using a Form

        Activity 3.4 Finding and Editing a Record Using a Form

        Activity 3.5 Deleting Records Using a Form

        Activity 3.6 Printing an Access Table

    Objective 3 Export an Access Table to a Word Document

        Activity 3.7 Exporting an Access Table to an RTF File

        Acitivty 3.8 Inserting Access Data in a Word Document

    Objective 4 Format a A Word Document

        Activity 3.9 Formatting a Word Document Using Page Layout

        Activity 3.10 Inserting and Modifyiing a Text Box

        Activity 3.11 Adding Page Borders and Page Color

Project 3B: New Tools

    Objective 5: Use Mail Merge in Word to Complete Letters Using Access Data

        Activity 3.12 Starting Mail Merge in Word

        Activity 3.13 Adding Merge Fields

        Activity 3.14 Printing Letters

    Objective 6:  Use Mail Merge in Word to Create Envelopes Using Access Data

        Activity 3.15 Starting Mail Merge for Envelopes and Inserting a Return Address

        Activity 3.16 Completing and Printing Envelopes

    Objective 7: Create a Data Table

        Activity 3.17 Creating a Query using the Query Wizard

        Activity 3.18 Sorting and Filtering Data in a Query

    Objective 8:  Use Mail Merge in Access

        Activity 3.19 Starting Mail Merge in Access

        Activity 3.20 Completing the Mail Merge



Key Terms


Fill in the Blank

Skills Review

Mastering Integration


Problem Solving


Chapter 4:  Integrating Excel and Access

Project 4A: HVAC Units

    Objective 1:  Modify an Excel Table

        Activity 4.1 Sorting Data in an Excel Table

        Activity 4.2 Setting a Custom AutoFilter

        Activity 4.3 Inserting a Calculated Column

        Activity 4.4 Formatting with Conditional Format

    Objective 2: Import Excel Data into Access Using the Import Spreadsheet Wizard

        Activity 4.5 Using the Import Spreadsheet Wizard

    Objective 3: Sort and Filter Data in an Access Table

        Activity 4.6 Sorting Data in an Access Table

        Activity 4.7 Filtering by Selection

        Activirty 4.8 Filtering by Advanced Filter/Sort

    Objective 4: Create, Modify and Print an Access Report

        Activity 4.9 Creating and Modifying an Access Report

        Activity 4.10 Gropuing Data and Printing an Access Report

Project 4B: HVAC Parts

    Objective 5: Create an Access Table

        Activity 4.11 Creating an Access Table and Entering Data

        Activity 4.12 Creating a One-to-Many Relationship

        Activity 4.13 Adding a Totals Row in an Access Table

    Objective 6:  Create an Access Query

        Activity 4.14 Creating a Select Query

        Activity 4.15 Adding a Calculated Field to a Query

    Objective 7:  Export Access Data to Excel

        Activity 4.16 Exporting Access Data

        Activity 4.17 Using Table Styles in Excel

        Activity 4.18 Inserting Subtotals in Excel



Key Terms


Fill in the Blank

Skills Review

Mastering Integration


Problem Solving


Chapter 5 Integrating Excel and PowerPoint

Project 5A: Company Sales

    Objective 1 Create and Format Excel Charts

        Activity 5.1 Inserting and Modifying a Pie Chart

        Activity 5.2 Inserting and Modifying a Pie Chart

        Activity 5.3 Inserting an Absolute Cell Reference

    Objective 2 LInk Excel Charts and Data to a PowerPoint Presentation

        Activity 5.4 Linking Excel Charts to a PowerPoint Presentation

        Activity 5.5 Linking Excel Cells to a PowerPoint Presentation

    Objective 3: Apply Slide Transitions, Use the Document Inspector, and Mark as FInal

        Activity 5.6 Inserting Slide Transition

        Activity 5.7 Running the Document Inspector

        Activity 5.8 Using Mark as Final

Project 5B: Surf Sessions

    Objective 4:  Create and Modify Illustrations in PowerPoint

        Activity 5.9 Inserting and Animating SmartArt Graphics

        Activity 5.10 Inserting Clip Art

        Activity 5.11 Modifying Objects with Effects

        Activity 5.12 Using Slide Sorter View

    Objective 5: Copy a PowerPoint Slide and Object into an Excel Workbook

        Activity 5.13 Copying and Pasting a PowerPoint Slide

        Activity 5.14 Copying and Pasting an Object

    Objective 6: Create Hyperlinks

        Activity 5.15 Inserting Hyperlinks

        Activity 5.16 Inserting Action Buttons on the PowerPoint Master Slide

        Activity 5.17 Inserting Hyperlinks from a PowerPoint Slide to an excel worksheet

    Objective 7: Freeze Rows, Repeat Headings, and INsert Comments in Excel

        Activity 5.18 Freezing Excel Rows

        Activity 5.19 Repeating Headings on Multiple Pages

        Activity 5.20 Inserting and Editing Comments



Key Terms


Fill in the Blank

Skills Review

Mastering Integration


Problem Solving


Chapter 6 Integrating Publisher and Access

    Objective 1 Construct a Newsletter in Publiser

        Activity 6.1 Constructiong a Newsletter

        Activity 6.2 Selecting Page Options

        Activity 6.3 Applying a Color Scheme and a Font Scheme

        Activity 6.4 Applying a Text Style

    Objective 2 Format a Newsletter

        Activity 6.5 Changing Text Wrapping

        Activity 6.6 Inserting a Design Gallery Object

        Activity 6.7 Formatting the Newsletter Background

        Activity 6.8 Running the Design Checker

    Objective 3  Use Mail Merge to Insert Access Recipients into a Publication

        Activity 6.9 Modifying an Existing Access Database

        Activity 6.10 Importing and Sorting a Recipient List from Access

    Objective 4 Insert Access Data Fields into a Publication

        Activity 6.11 Inserting Data Fields

        Activity 6.12 Completing and Printing the Merged Newsletter

Project 6B Inernship Postcard

    Objective 5 Set Field Properties in an Access Table

        Activity 6.13 Inserting an Input Mask and a Default Value

        Activity 6.14 Modifying the Field Properties

        Activity 6.15 Inserting a Lookup Field

        Activity 6.16 Inputting Data with a Lookup Field

        Activity 6.17 Grouping and Sorting in the Blank Report Tool

    Objective 6:  Create a Publication Using a Publisher Template

        Activity 6.18 Using a Publication Template

        Activity 6.19 Inserting Business Information

    Objective 7: Modify the Publication Layout

        Activity 6.20 Inserting Images

        Activity 6.21 Using Layout Guides

        Activity 6.22 Filtering Recipients with Mail Merge



Key Terms

Fill in the Blank

SKills Review

Mastering Integration


Problem Solving


Chapter 7: Integrating Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

Project 7A: Property

    Ojbective 1:  Create and Save a Template in Word

        Activity 7.1 Creating a Fax Tempalte

        Activity 7.2 Changing Data in a Template

        Activity 7.3 Creating a New Document from a Template

    Objective 2: Insert a Combo Box and an Option Group in an Access From

        Activity 7.4 Adding a Combo Box to an Access Form

        Activity 7.5 Adding a Relationship

        Activity 7.6 Adding an Option Group to an Access Form

        Activity 7.7 Entering Data Using a Combo Box and an Option Group

        Activity 7.8 Creating an Access Query

    Objective 3: Create a PivotTable Report and a PivotChart Report in Excel

        Activity 7.9 Importing Access Data into Excel

        Activity 7.10 Creating a PivotTable

        Activity 7.11 Pivoting the PivotTable Report

        Activity 7.12 Filtering the PivotTable Report

        Activity 7.13 Using a Drill-Down Indicator

        Activity 7.14 Creating and Modifying a PivotChart Report

    Objective 4:  Import Data into a PowerPoint Presentation

        Activity 7.15 Copying Data into a PowerPoint Presentation

Project 7B: Retail Stores

    Objective 5: Use Excel Functions

        Activity 7.16 Inserting the PMT Function

        Activity 7.17 Inserting the IF Function

    Objective 6:  Create a Report in Word Using Data from Other Applicataions

        Activity 7.18 Inserting a Cover Page

        Activity 7.19 Inserting a Table of Contents

        Activity 7.20 Inserting Data from Other Applications

        Activity 7.21 Updating the Table of Contents



Key Terms


Fill in the Blank

Skills Review

Mastering Integration


Problem Solivng



Case One:  Integrating Word, Excel and Access

Case Two:  Integrating Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Case Three:  Integrating Access, PowerPoint, and Publiser

Case Four:  Integrating Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint

Case Five:  Integrating Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Case Six:  Integrating Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

Case Seven:  Integrating Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint






Product Details

Prentice Hall
Business Software - General
Gaskin, Shelley
Hain, Catherine
Integrated software
Project management - Computer programs
Enterprise Applications - General
Business Software - MSOffice
GO! GO! for Office 2007 Go! Series
Publication Date:
November 2007
Spiral, comb or coil bound book
Grade Level:
College/higher education:
10.70x8.10x.80 in. 2.60 lbs.

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Go! with Office 2007 Integrated Projects (Go!)
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