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2 Beaverton Children's- Science Fiction and Fantasy

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by and

Leviathan Cover

ISBN13: 9781416971733
ISBN10: 1416971734
Condition: Standard
Dustjacket: Standard
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Leviathan andlt;link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../styles/9781416987062.css"andgt; andlt;h2 andgt;andlt;a id="ch01"andgt;andlt;/aandgt;andlt;a id="page_1"andgt;andlt;/aandgt;andlt;img src="../images/common.jpg" alt="image"andgt; ONE andlt;img src="../images/common.jpg" alt="image"andgt;andlt;/h2andgt; andlt;BRandgt;The Austrian horses glinted in the moonlight, their riders standing tall in the saddle, swords raised. Behind them two ranks of diesel-powered walking machines stood ready to fire, cannon aimed over the heads of the cavalry. A zeppelin scouted no-manand#8217;s-land at the center of the battlefield, its metal skin sparkling.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;The French and British infantry crouched behind their fortificationsand#8212;a letter opener, an ink jar, and a line of fountain pensand#8212;knowing they stood no chance against the might of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But a row of Darwinist monsters loomed behind them, ready to devour any who dared retreat.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;The attack had almost begun when Prince Aleksandar thought he heard someone outside his doorand#8230; .andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;He took a guilty step toward his bedand#8212;then froze in place, listening hard. Trees stirred in a soft breeze andlt;a id="page_2"andgt;andlt;/aandgt;outside, but otherwise the night was silent. Mother and Father were in Sarajevo, after all. The servants wouldnand#8217;t dare disturb his sleep.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;andlt;img src="../images/f0002-01.jpg" alt="image"andgt;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Alek turned back to his desk and began to move the cavalry forward, grinning as the battle neared its climax. The Austrian walkers had completed their bombardment, and it was time for the tin horses to finish off the woefully outnumbered French. It had taken all night to set up the attack, using an imperial tactics manual borrowed from Fatherand#8217;s study.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;It seemed only fair that Alek have some fun while his parents were off watching military maneuvers. Heand#8217;d begged to be taken along, to see the mustered ranks of soldiers striding past in real life, to feel the rumble of massed fighting machines through the soles of his boots.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;andlt;a id="page_3"andgt;andlt;/aandgt;It was Mother, of course, who had forbidden itand#8212;his studies were more important than and#8220;parades,and#8221; as she called them. She didnand#8217;t understand that military exercises had more to teach him than musty old tutors and their books. One day soon Alek might be piloting one of those machines.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;War was coming, after all. Everyone said so.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;The last tin cavalry unit had just crashed into the French lines when the soft sound came from the hallway again: jingling, like a ring of keys.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Alek turned, peering at the gap beneath his bed chamberand#8217;s double doors. Shadows shifted along the sliver of moonlight, and he heard the hiss of whispers.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Someone was right outside.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Silent in bare feet, he swiftly crossed the cold marble floor, sliding into bed just as the door creaked open. Alek narrowed his eyes to a slit, wondering which of the servants was checking on him.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Moonlight spilled into the room, making the tin soldiers on his desk glitter. Someone slipped inside, graceful and dead silent. The figure paused, staring at Alek for a moment, then crept toward his dresser. Alek heard the wooden rasp of a drawer sliding open.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;His heart raced. None of the servants would dare steal from him!andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;But what if the intruder were something worse than andlt;a id="page_4"andgt;andlt;/aandgt;a thief? His fatherand#8217;s warnings echoed in his earsand#8230; .andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;andlt;Iandgt;You have had enemies from the day you were born.andlt;/Iandgt;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;A bell cord hung next to his bed, but his parentsand#8217; rooms were empty. With Father and his bodyguard in Sarajevo, the closest sentries were quartered at the other end of the trophy hall, fifty meters away.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Alek slid one hand under his pillow, until his fingers touched the cold steel of his hunting knife. He lay there holding his breath, grasping the handle tightly, repeating to himself his fatherand#8217;s other watchword.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;andlt;Iandgt;Surprise is more valuable than strength.andlt;/Iandgt;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Another figure came through the door then, boots clomping, a piloting jacketand#8217;s metal clips jingling like keys on a ring. The figure tromped straight toward his bed.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;Young master! Wake up!and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Alek let go of the knife, expelling a sigh of relief. It was just old Otto Klopp, his master of mechaniks.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;The first figure began rifling through the dresser, pulling at clothes.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;The young prince has been awake all along,and#8221; Wildcount Volgerand#8217;s low voice said. and#8220;A bit of advice, Your Highness? When pretending to be asleep, it is advisable not to hold oneand#8217;s breath.and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Alek sat up and scowled. His fencing master had an annoying knack for seeing through deception.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;Whatand#8217;s the meaning of this?and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;andlt;a id="page_5"andgt;andlt;/aandgt;and#8220;Youand#8217;re to come with us, young master,and#8221; Otto mumbled, studying the marble floor. and#8220;The archdukeand#8217;s orders.and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;My father? Heand#8217;s back already?and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;He left instructions,and#8221; Count Volger said with the same infuriating tone he used during fencing lessons. He tossed a pair of Alekand#8217;s trousers and a piloting jacket onto the bed.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Alek stared at them, half outraged and half confused.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;Like young Mozart,and#8221; Otto said softly. and#8220;In the arch-dukeand#8217;s stories.and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Alek frowned, remembering Fatherand#8217;s favorite tales about the great composerand#8217;s upbringing. Supposedly Mozartand#8217;s tutors would wake him in the middle of the night, when his mind was raw and defenseless, and thrust musical lessons upon him. It all sounded rather disrespectful to Alek.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;He reached for the trousers. and#8220;Youand#8217;re going to make me compose a andlt;Iandgt;fugueandlt;/Iandgt;?and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;An amusing thought,and#8221; Count Volger said. and#8220;But please make haste.and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;We have a walker waiting behind the stables, young master.and#8221; Ottoand#8217;s worried face made an attempt at a smile. and#8220;Youand#8217;re to take the helm.and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;A walker?and#8221; Alekand#8217;s eyes widened. Piloting was one part of his studies heand#8217;d gladly get out of bed for. He slipped quickly into the clothes.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;Yes, your first night lesson!and#8221; Otto said, handing Alek his boots.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;andlt;a id="page_6"andgt;andlt;/aandgt;Alek pulled them on and stood, then fetched his favorite pilotand#8217;s gloves from the dresser, his footsteps echoing on the marble floor.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;Quietly now.and#8221; Count Volger stood by the chamber doors. He cracked them and peered out into the hall.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;Weand#8217;re to sneak out, Your Highness!and#8221; Otto whispered. and#8220;Good fun, this lesson! Just like young Mozart!and#8221;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;andlt;img src="../images/common.jpg" alt="image"andgt; andlt;img src="../images/common.jpg" alt="image"andgt; andlt;img src="../images/common.jpg" alt="image"andgt;andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;The three of them crept down the trophy hall, Master Klopp still clomping, Volger gliding along in silence. Paintings of Alekand#8217;s ancestors, the family who had ruled Austria for six hundred years, lined the hallway, their subjects staring down with unreadable expressions. The antlers of his fatherand#8217;s hunting trophies cast tangled shadows, like a moonlit forest. Every footstep was magnified by the stillness of the castle, and questions echoed in Alekand#8217;s mind.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Wasnand#8217;t it dangerous, piloting a walker at night? And why was his fencing master coming along? Count Volger preferred swords and horses over soulless mechaniks, and had little tolerance for commoners like old Otto. Master Klopp had been hired for his piloting skills, not his family name.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;Volger and#8230;,and#8221; Alek began.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;and#8220;andlt;Iandgt;Quietandlt;/Iandgt;, boy!and#8221; the wildcount spat.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Anger flashed inside Alek, and a curse almost burst andlt;a id="page_7"andgt;andlt;/aandgt;from his mouth, even if it ruined their stupid game of sneaking out.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;It was always like this. To the servants he might be and#8220;the young archduke,and#8221; but nobles like Volger never let Alek forget his position. Thanks to his motherand#8217;s common blood, he wasnand#8217;t fit to inherit royal lands and titles. His father might be heir to an empire of fifty million souls, but Alek was heir to nothing.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Volger himself was only a wildcountand#8212;no farmlands to his name, just a bit of forestand#8212;but even he could feel superior to the son of a lady-in-waiting.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Alek managed to stay quiet, though, letting his anger cool as they stole through the vast and darkened banquet kitchens. Years of insults had taught him how to bite his tongue, and disrespect was easier to swallow with the prospect of piloting ahead.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;One day he would have his revenge. Father had promised. The marriage contract would be changed somehow, and Alekand#8217;s blood made royal.andlt;BRandgt; andlt;BRandgt;Even if it meant defying the emperor himself.

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Jillian, January 2, 2010 (view all comments by Jillian)
Wow, this book was fantastic I only wish there had been some warning that it was a series. The pages just kept flying by and there was so much story left. A must have for any book shelf no matter the readers age.
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(5 of 9 readers found this comment helpful)
Jonathan, November 17, 2009 (view all comments by Jonathan)
Fantastic book combining steampunk elements with alternate history and bizarre biological hybrids. Set at the start of World War I, Leviathan follows two very different young adults as they navigate through conspiracies and secrets. I can't believe I have to wait another year for the next book!
Was this comment helpful? | Yes | No
(4 of 9 readers found this comment helpful)
Kim Griswell, October 12, 2009 (view all comments by Kim Griswell)
Hold onto your Huxley tentacles, mates, and let Westerfield take you up into the atmosphere where the air is thin but the writing is thrilling. After hearing the author speak at Portland, Oregon's Wordstock last weekend and seeing slides of the amazing black and white illustrations that adorn this YA novel, I couldn't resist picking up a copy and getting it signed. Westerfield has created an alternative WWI filled with "beasties" and "clankers" and two young heroes up to their bums in action. The only problem with this book is I can't stop reading long enough to get any work done.
Was this comment helpful? | Yes | No
(6 of 11 readers found this comment helpful)
View all 3 comments

Product Details

Scott Westerfeld and Keith Thompson
Simon Pulse
Thompson, Keith
Thompson, Keith
Kress, Adrienne
Offermann, Andrea
Westerfeld, Scott
Milford, Kate
Action & Adventure - General
Fantasy & Magic
Legends, Myths, & Fables - General
Science fiction
Action & Adventure
Genetic engineering
Historical - Military & Wars
Children s-Adventure Stories
Edition Description:
The Leviathan Trilogy
Series Volume:
Publication Date:
Grade Level:
from 9
f-c end; 30 b-w ill; 10 p w-spot art
9 x 5.5 in
Age Level:

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Leviathan Used Hardcover
0 stars - 0 reviews
$9.95 In Stock
Product details 448 pages Simon Pulse - English 9781416971733 Reviews:
"Staff Pick" by ,

Scott Westerfeld's newest novel takes a different direction altogether from his wildly popular Uglies series. Leviathan, set in a fictional period prior to WWII, is an excellent blend of fantasy, technology, and adventure, reminiscent of Kenneth Oppel's award-winning novel Airborn. The two main characters, Alek (a prince of Europe) and Deryn (a cross-dressing London commoner), give tangible form to a young view of politics, Europe, war, and great personal loss. Each teen joins the fighting, learning discipline and strategy without the customary adolescent explosion. Many mistakes are made, however, and lives lost — the consequences of which Alek and Deryn feel bitterly. Leviathan is a perfect holiday present for the 10- to 15-year-old.

"Publishers Weekly Review" by , "Launching a planned four-book series, Westerfeld (the Uglies series) explores an alternate 1914 divided between Darwinists, who advocate advanced biotechnology, and Clankers, masters of retrofuturistic mechanical engineering. Austria-Hungary's Prince Aleksandar is whisked away into the night by trusted advisers; he soon learns that his parents, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Countess Sophie, have been murdered and that he has been targeted by prowar Germans. Half a continent away, Deryn Sharp successfully passes as a young man to join the British Air Service; her bravery during a catastrophic first flight aboard a genetically enhanced jellyfish ('The creatures' fishy guts could survive almost any fall, but their human passengers were rarely so lucky') earns Deryn a post on the living airship Leviathan. The fortunes of war lead Aleksandar and Deryn to the Swiss Alps, where they must cooperate or face destruction at the hands of the Germans. The protagonists' stories are equally gripping and keep the story moving, and Thompson's detail-rich panels bring Westerfeld's unusual creations to life. The author's fully realized world has an inventive lexicon to match — readers will be eager for the sequels. Ages 12–up." Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) (Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.)
"Review" by , "Enhanced by Thompson's intricate black-and-white illustrations, Westerfeld's brilliantly constructed imaginary world will capture readers from the first page. Full of nonstop action, this steampunk adventure is sure to become a classic."
"Review" by , "The setting begs comparisons to Hayao Miyazaki, Kenneth Oppel and Naomi Novik, but this work will stand — or fly — on its own."
"Review" by , "Fans of Philip Reeves' Mortal Engines (2003) or Kenneth Oppel's Airborn (2004) will be right at home in Westerfeld's alternate reality."
"Synopsis" by , A brand-new series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Scott Westerfeld!
"Synopsis" by , On the eve of World War I, the machine-loving Austro-Hungarians and Germans have their big steam-powered Clankers. Inspired by Darwin, the British have fabricated animals into warships. Their mothership is called Leviathan, and she is a whale-dirigible. The first book in a brand-new trilogy by the author of the New York Times-bestselling Uglies series.
"Synopsis" by ,

A fast-paced and richly textured historical fantasy, this prequel to The Boneshaker centers around the seedy underworld of Coney Island, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the two orphans who are determined to stop evil forces from claiming the city of New York.

"Synopsis" by ,

A crossroads can be a place of great power. So begins this deliciously spine-tingling prequel to Kate Milfordandrsquo;s The Boneshaker, set in the colorful world of nineteenth-century Coney Island and New York City. Few crossroads compare to the one being formed by the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River, and as the bridgeandrsquo;s construction progresses, forces of unimaginable evil seek to bend that power to their advantage. Only two orphans with unusual skills stand in their way. Can the teenagers Sam, a card sharp, and Jin, a fireworks expert, stop them before itandrsquo;s too late? Here is a richly textured, slow-burning thriller about friendship, courage, and the age-old fight between good and evil.

"Synopsis" by ,
An action-packed tale of gowns, guys, guns–and the heroines who use them all

Set in turn of the century London, The Friday Society follows the stories of three very intelligent and talented young women, all of whom are assistants to powerful men: Cora, lab assistant; Michiko, Japanese fight assistant; and Nellie, magician's assistant. The three young women's lives become inexorably intertwined after a chance meeting at a ball that ends with the discovery of a murdered mystery man.

It's up to these three, in their own charming but bold way, to solve the murder–and the crimes they believe may be connected to it–without calling too much attention to themselves.

Set in the past but with a modern irreverent flare, this Steampunk whodunit introduces three unforgettable and very ladylike–well, relatively ladylike–heroines poised for more dangerous adventures.

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