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Author Archive: "Davy Rothbart"

Areas of My Expertise

3:45 a.m.

Yo yo yo, here it is, my last blog of the week. Did y'all know this week is the first time I ever done a blog in my life? I always said I would never do that silly shit, and then here I am, doing it — and enjoying it, too.

Tonight I got my 50 pages of the FOUND book off to Amanda. Every week I battle snowstorms and race to FedEx and get there the minute before they close. They hate me over there, I make 'em stay late. Next week, I pledge, I will get there an hour early.

I got a couple last stories I want to wind y'all down with. The first one involves John Hodgman of This American Life and the New York Times Magazine, and his new book The Areas of My Expertise. John is one of those guys, like another radio friend of mine, Jonathan Goldstein, who, like, every single thing they do or say is funny as shit. You get ten-word emails from these motherf--kers and you're laughing all day about them. Funny dudes, man. John's book is a hilarious invented almanac where he tells


Whimsical, Sad, Bizarre PostSecret

9 a.m.

Well, gangsters, it's been a long night down here in the FOUND dungeon. Every Thursday I have to mail 50 pages of the new FOUND book off to the editor in NYC, an awesome woman named Amanda Patten, so I've been up all night trying to finish this batch. I can barely think straight so I'm gonna keep it brief.

The next book I was telling Byron about is a book called PostSecret. For a couple of years a cool guy in D.C. named Frank Warren has been asking people to send him postcards with their personal confessions on them, which he then displays on his PostSecret website. Definitely take a peek at the site. Some of the postcards are whimsical, some are desperately sad, some are just wonderfully bizarre. It's an absolutely amazing project that captures the full range of human emotion and experience. Frank's new book beautifully reproduces a couple hundred of his favorite postcards in full-color. I love this book. If you like FOUND Magazine, you will certainly dig this book. I know Byron will dig it. Peep that shit triple, homey.

Holla at you soon —




3:30 am

Holy SHIT! I'm drunk as a MOTHERF--KER!! Dave Weich at Powell's, who runs these blogs an' shit, as well as a million other amazing things, he told me I can say 'shit' and 'ass' but no 'f--k' or 'motherf--ker.'

So yeah, my brother Peter turned 26 at midnight tonight, it's his birthday is what I'm tryna tell ya. I called him this afternoon and was like, "Dude, let me take you out for a drink at midnight." This is a guy who never drinks, never smokes, nothing. But he was like, "Okay, cool." Goddamn! He f--kin' surprised me with that one.

So we had a drink, okay he had one, I had five. And now I'm back in the basement, tryin' a work on this FOUND book but f--kin' feelin' the Knob Creek, dang!

We here at FOUND Magazine, we mail magazines free to any U.S. inmate who requests one. This is partly because I worked in prisons for years as a creative writing instructor and feel like literature is rehabvilative so why the f--k not send it, and also 'cuz I want to get good FOUND stuff from prisons. We get a lot


Word Freak

Here I am, 2 a.m., back in the basement, working on this FOUND book. Today my brother Peter got in a big fight with my parents. "They think they're always right!" he shouted. I laughed a little. "Pete," I told him, "there is a find that's gonna be in the 2nd FOUND book that you got to read. It's advice exactly for what you're going through." Here it is, found tucked in the pages of a returned library book in Peyton, Colorado, by one of the librarians, a woman named Carrie Atchison. It's written in the handwriting of a young teenager:


To ALWAYS listen to whatever the elder has to say, wether its DUMB SHIT or if THEIR RIGHT. Because THEIR ALWAYS RIGHT at least thats how they feel and alot of the times they are right and alot of the times their not, but the point is YOU CAN'T EVER CHANGE HOW THEY THINK, becuase your young and ignorant so why should they. When it comes to any conversation let them say what they have to say and say you'll try to do better. If their wrong you still say sorry, because why? Because whatever words


Ain’t Doin’ Nothin’ but Thinkin’ of You

Yo what up, it's 5 in the morning here, snowy. I'm down in the basement working on the 2nd FOUND book and listening to the 2nd 8 Mile soundtrack (More Music from 8 Mile). Just to explain real quick, FOUND is a collection of notes and letters and shit that folks have found on the ground, on the sidewalk, the street, the floor of the city bus, the bowling alley parking lot, prison yards, beaches, etc., and sent in to me and my friend Jason. I'm pleased with the page I just put together. A guy named Mike Smith walked a few thousand miles on a charity hike and found lots of incredible stuff and sent it to me — this is maybe my favorite, this '60s or '70s-lookin' greeting card he found in an abandoned house in Alabama. On the outside it's printed, AIN'T DOIN' NOTHIN'... and then on the inside — ...BUT THINKIN' OF YOU. Then the message written inside is this:

Hi Kids, I am always thinking of you and praying for you. Mommy will certainly have to account to Jehovah for not taking you to the meetings. There is no excuse. Also if you stay


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