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Author Archive: "Ernest Cline"

The Geekiest Book Tour Ever: Part V: An Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator

[Editor's note: This is Part V in a series of blog posts. Click here to read the entire series.]

My DeLorean has now been outfitted with Time Traveling, Dimension Hopping, Ghostbusting, and Knight Riding gear. It's nearly ready for my book tour next week:

  • Flux Capacitor — check.
  • Oscillation Overthruster — check.
  • KITT Knight Rider Scanner — check.
  • Personalized ECTO88 License Plates — check.
  • PKE Meter, Ghost Trap, and Ecto Goggles — check.

Only one key piece of Ghostbusting equipment is still missing, my Ghostbusters Proton Pack. And, according to my UPS tracking number, it should be arriving on my doorstep sometime later today!

At the end of my last post, I promised to tell you the tale of how I came to own one of the coolest and most screen-accurate Ghostbusters Proton Packs ever built. It's a strange-but-epic tale, and it begins way back in 2003 with my friend Chris Stewart.

Chris is easily one of the coolest people I know, and I've still never met him in person. He's been a vocal champion of my geeky writing for almost a ...

The Geekiest Book Tour Ever: Part IV: The Light Is Green, the Trap Is Clean

[Editor's note: This is Part IV in a series of blog posts. Click here to read the entire series.]

In case you haven't been following this series of blog entries up until now, I bought a 1982 DeLorean to drive across the country on my book tour next week to promote the release of my new novel Ready Player One. But my plans for this Geek Art Car go way beyond just paying tribute to Doc Brown's Time Machine from Back to the Future. I also want to pay tribute to the classic '80s movie cars from Knight Rider, Buckaroo Banzai, and Ghostbusters. I'm converting my DMC-12 into a Time Traveling Knight Riding Ghost Busting Jet Car. A traveling geek museum nerdmobile that celebrates '80s pop culture in the same fashion as my book.

The additions/modifications that I've described so far include:

  • Installed a screen-accurate Flux Capacitor replica on the DeLorean's rear parcel shelf.
  • Installed a Knight Industries KITT scanner below the DeLorean's grille.
  • Obtained a screen-accurate Oscillation Overthruster replica.

So my car already combines elements from three out of four of ...

The Geekiest Book Tour Ever: Part III: Sined, Seeled, Delivered

[Editor's note: This is Part III is a series of blog posts. Click here to read yesterday's post.]

As I wrote in my post yesterday, I was able to obtain a stunningly accurate Oscillation Overthruster replica from a talented prop maker named Shawn, who I found online. The only problem was, my Overthruster arrived unpainted and disassembled, and I lacked the artistic skills to complete it. Everyone knows that you can't travel through solid matter with an unpainted Overthruster. I needed help, and fast, if I was going to have the Overthruster finished in time for my book tour.

I put the word out on my Facebook and Twitter pages, asking my friends if they knew of someone who could replicate the amazing paint job on Shawn's replica. Within a few hours, my friend Deanna Hoak sent me a message. Deanna copyedited Ready Player One and did an amazing job. Not only is Deanna one of the most respected copyeditors in the business, she's also been ...

The Geekiest Book Tour Ever: Part II, Team Banzai!

[Editor's note: This is Part II is a series of blog posts. Click here to read yesterday's post.]

I'm a really big fan of the 1984 cult film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. It's a movie about a physicist/brain surgeon/rock star/test pilot/adventurer who invents a device called an "Oscillation Overthruster," which allows his rocket-powered Jet Car to travel through solid matter by entering the 8th dimension. I love this movie so much I actually wrote a sequel to it, just for fun. So when I began conceptualizing my 1980s Nerdmobile Art Car, I knew I wanted to pay tribute to Dr. Banzai's Jet Car by installing an Oscillation Overthruster inside it (right next to the Flux Capacitor).

The question was, where the heck was I going to find an Oscillation Overthruster? Here's a screencap of what Dr. Banzai's Overthruster looked like in the movie:

When I googled "Oscillation Overthruster replica," one of the first links to pop up was for this Christie's auction from five years ago, where two ...

The Geekiest Book Tour Ever

I bought this DeLorean to drive across the country on my book tour. No kidding.

Of course, that's not the only reason I bought it. I've wanted to own a DeLorean since I was 10 years old. It's always been my dream car, but I never really thought I'd be able to actually own one. That is, not until I sold my first novel, Ready Player One. The protagonist in my novel is obsessed with 1980s pop culture, and that's why he drives a DeLorean. But his DeLorean Time Machine isn't just tricked out with a Flux Capacitor. He's also converted it into a Ghostbusting Ectomobile with a KITT scanner from Knight Rider installed above the grille. And, as if that weren't enough, he also has Buckaroo Banzai's Oscillation Overthruster installed, so that his Ghostbusting Knight Riding time machine can also travel through solid matter. As a finishing touch, his personalized plates read ECTO88. Pretty much the geekiest car every imagined right?

After I sold my novel to Random House, I started to think about getting to ...

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