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Author Archive: "Josh Kilmer-Purcell"

Man Cannot Live on Candy Alone

First, a special "thanks" to Powell's, and also to everyone reading this blog this week. It's been great fun. I've resolved to make this summer my 'summer of fun'. I typically tend to take on too many projects — I still work full-time in advertising, write books and columns, and own a goat farm. The last few years have been a blur, and I'm determined to get into a better balance this summer. Don't ask me how. Perhaps if I put a million goats in a room with typewriters...

Candy Everybody Wants was fun to write. And I wrote it to be a fun summer read. I purposely set out to write what I would consider the perfect beach book — fast-paced, funny, and unpredictable. Harper Perennial even clad it in a reflective cover, so if you don't like the insides you can just flip it over and use it as a tanning reflector.

But, like all writers, I was using the book to comment on something bigger as well. Or at least trying to. Candy Everybody Wants is chockablock ...

Back on the Road with Candy for Strangers

The tomatoes are dead. Well, most of them, anyway. I woke up early this morning to water the garden before I left for the airport to continue my book tour for Candy Everybody Wants. I knew from the second I opened the kitchen door that they were doomed. It was unseasonably cold last night — the low 30s, according to While I didn't spot any frost, I've been in the country just long enough to know which garden plants can survive the weather, and which can't.

Sure enough, most of the tomatoes looked like limp, slimy pieces of seaweed in the dirt where I'd planted them two days ago. And I was leaving for two more weeks. I'd have to start over — late — when I returned.

A few of the tomatoes, however, looked stronger than ever — like their character had been stiffened by the bracing weather. I comforted myself with the idea that these few survivors must be somehow bionic, and would reward me with an overabundance of fruit.

As sad ...

Even Though the Boy’s Seen Paris, It’s Easy to Get Him to Stay Down on the Farm

Even though book touring is quite fun, it was nice to have a little break at halftime. "Break," however, is a relative term. While many of my friends head to the beach for the Memorial Day weekend, I head to my goat farm in upstate New York.

Yes, that's right. A goat farm. I would wager my next advance that I just might be the only ex-drag queen goat farmer in the world. How I got into this situation is anyone's guess, but if you're trying to picture it, Eva Gabor in Green Acres is probably as good an image as any.

It all started two years ago when I was upstate on an apple picking weekend with my partner, Brent Ridge. (Some of you may know him as "Dr. Brent" from Martha Stewart's show and magazines.) We drove by what we considered to be the archetypal farm. It was positively Disney-esque. I half expected bluebirds to drape our rental car with ribbons as we drove by.

Better yet, it was for sale. One bucolic dream... now reduced for quick sale.

It ...

I Left My Phone in San Francisco

Yesterday I blogged about the kick-off of my tour for Candy Everybody Wants. Today, I'll talk about the last few stops of the first half of the tour — San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. These were, thankfully, less chaotic than the first couple of stops.

In San Francisco, James Frey and I read at Slim's — again, accompanied by a heavy metal band. This heavy metal band, luckily, had a much better behaved group of fans than the one in L.A. (I'm beginning to sound like my father.) We were also joined by the terrific author Stephen Elliot. The only disturbance at this reading was rather disappointing in its paltriness. James had been tipped off that there would be a protest at the reading by a group called Down With Frey.

Both James and I were excited about a real, live protest. Authors hardly ever get that sort of attention. Well, okay, maybe James does. But I was really looking ...

Whiskey A Go-Go, Uh-Oh!

I'm currently on a little break between the first and second halves of my book tour for Candy Everybody Wants. I like to think of as an actual half-time, like in a baseball game... or, um, basketball game... or, well, whatever game it is that has a halftime.

This is when I get a chance to go over what worked in the the first half of the tour, and what didn't work , and what I'd like to completely forget about during this Memorial Day break before I head out again.

Now, I've only been on one tour before, for I Am Not Myself These Days. But when I say that this latest tour has got to go down in history as one of the strangest weeks ever, I'm not just comparing it to other tours — I'm comparing it to the recent history of mankind.

Months ago, it was decided that I would tour with James Frey, who (for ...

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