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Author Archive: "Steven Hall"

A Rare Attempt at Clarity

First up, a rare attempt at clarity. I feel like I should say that when I started off my first blog on Monday like this —

Ahhh blogging, that fantastic digital mash-up of random thoughts, half-baked product placement, free stuff and alcohol-induced slander.

— I was talking about how I approach my own blog writing (or, more accurately, how my own blogs always seem to turn out!), I was speaking about myself, not passing judgement on anyone else!

As anyone who keeps an eye on my MySpace page knows, I've been happily blogging away there for the past 6 months and my blogs on the whole are pretty much as advertised above (with the exemption of the slander, which is something I'm still working my way up to.).

So sorry for any confusion, and a special sorry to the nice folks at who despite taking those comments to heart a little bit, still gave my book a very decent plug. Thanks guys, I have a kitten blood special edition here on my desk waiting for you if you want it. Give me a shout :)

So — I made my train yesterday, with all the ...

In Haste…

Today I am mainly rushing around. I'll be mainly rushing around tomorrow, too. After I finish this blog I've got to get myself over to Manchester for a reading there tonight, then get myself down to London for an interview tomorrow lunchtime then get myself back to Manchester for another book signing there on Saturday.

Not that I'm complaining, it's so amazing that my book is out there and people want to talk to me about it. But somehow I never seem to have quite enough time to do the things I'm supposed to do. Maybe it's a little known offshoot of Einstein's Theory or Relativity — that time speeds up approaching any big or important event, actually because of that event's importance pressing down on the fabric of space-time. A sort of event gravity. Or maybe I'm just disorganised and late all the time.

Sometimes, I seem to be only able to actually move and get going with things on the razor edge of possibly still managing whatever it is I'm supposed to do. I think, secretly, I might even get a buzz out of it. Maybe I crave the adrenalin like some sort of ...

The Number 31 — What Does It Mean?

For Jim Carrey it was the number 23, for Douglas Adams it was 42. And for me, weirdly, it's the number 31.

The number 31 keeps showing up in my life at the moment, especially in relation to my novel, The Raw Shark Texts. Don't believe me? Okay, check this out — I am 31 years old now, this year, at the time my first novel is released. At the time of its release, Raw Shark had sold into a total of 31 counties. The day after its release, it hit its highest sales rank to date on a certain other bookselling website: Sales rank 31. And proceeded to enter the UK hardback fiction chart at, you guessed it, No. 31.

All of which is just unusual rather than creepy or significant, of course, but, if the universe is trying to speak to me, then I suppose I should at least take a second to tune in the radio. As a fun experiment then, I'm just about to type '31 Steven Hall' into Google and see what happens. The secret to life the universe and everything? Well, let's see...

Questions and Answers

Q) So what are you listening to at the moment?

A) DangerDoom, The Mouse and the Mask. It's a fantastic album — smart, funny, great beats, great production. I discovered Danger Mouse through the Gray Album recently and was totally blown away. I'm tracking down his other stuff now.

Q) So you're mainly listening to hip hop?

A) At the moment yeah, but I like a bit of everything. I'm a bit suspicious of people who are narrow in their musical tastes. We've got some friends who are in a guitar band, which is cool, but it does mean that I spend a lot of time listening to Muse. I said that Muse sound a bit like Queen the other night. Didn't go down too well.

Q) Does music influence your writing?

A) Yeah, for Raw Shark I put a soundtrack together which really helped me find and focus on the mood of the book.

Q) What was on it?

A) Actually, I shouldn't answer that because I'm in the process of writing it up for

Q) ...

Hello America. (Ha. I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Welcome to another five days of guest blogging. Ahhh blogging, that fantastic digital mash-up of random thoughts, half-baked product placement, free stuff and alcohol-induced slander.

Actually, don't expect too much in terms of alcohol-induced slander this week. I'm kinda new to writing so I don't really know very many slanderous things yet. Well, I do, but not about famous people, only about people I know and you probably don't, so there wouldn't be too much fun in that. Unless you want me to spill some stuff about my mate Colin. That might be funny.


My name is Steven Hall and my first novel, The Raw Shark Texts, was published in the UK a couple of weeks ago and will be arriving on American shores any time now. It's been getting the UK critics all loud and vocal in various ways which is all good and exciting. If you want to, you can find out more about me, the book, the reviews, the feature film, the Tilda Swinton minifilm and everything else on my myspace here (

So, what's on my mind at the moment? Well, to be honest, I'm mainly ...

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